3 Other Golfers on a Golf Quest

With the launch of our Breaking Eighty Ultimate Golf Road Trip kicking off this week, we figured why not feature some of the other golfers out there who are also working on playing some pretty epic golf quests?

The Top 100 Golfer 

If you think playing the Top 100 courses in the US is pretty sweet, imagine playing the Top 100 courses in the world! Well, John, from the Top 100 Golf blog has been spending years doing just that.

His blog started waaaaaay back in the prehistoric internet times of 2006 and used Golf Magazine’s 2003 Top 100 list as the basis for the quest. The first course was Royal Dornoch way up in the Scottish Highlands, and the last, was Augusta just this past May 2013.

Talk about saving the best for last!

He has played literally every course you could dream of, and writes some really incredible reviews on his site filled with tons of cool information including  tons of photos and fun little facts about the clubs. It’s really cool to get a perspective of some of the famous courses located outside the US like Royal Liverpool and Kawana.

The Itinerant Golfer

15th hole boston golf club www.golftripper.com

The 15th hole at Boston Golf Club.

We first met up with Steve from the Itinerant Golfer (now known as the Golf Tripper), in an interview we conducted with him last week. In it, we touched a bit upon his quest to hit up each of the Top 100 courses in the US.

It’s pretty safe to say that Steve is killing it in his goal, at 88 courses out of 100, he has managed to play at some of the very best courses the US has to offer like Cypress Point, Merion and the Olympic Club.

Needless to say, his site was a major source of inspiration for when we started to get excited about reaching the same goal.

One of the best features about his site is the amazing details Steve goes into when covering a course, giving a hole by hole recap on most of the Top 100, which can give you a really great picture of exactly what to expect should you get on the course.

Aussie Golf Quest

2nd fairway royal melbourne gc http://www.aussiegolfquest.com/

View from the 2nd fairway, Royal Melbourne GC.

Australia is one of the biggest hot spots for golf in the world, and those Aussies do love their golf. With so many courses, it shouldn’t be surprising to find out that there is a list of the Top 100 golf courses in Australia as well.

So, what’s an Aussie golfer to do other than try to play each of the Top 100?

That’s exactly what this blog is all about. Based on the 2010 Golf Digest list, this site is dedicated to reviews of each of the Top 100.

The reviews are awesome, filled with literally dozens of different pictures from not only the courses themselves but also inside the club house and even the saunas. We’d love to get down to Australia some day to play, and this blog is going to provide the perfect guide to get started.

Have any of your own golf quests? Let us know what they are!

Photos courtesy of Top 100 GolferGolf Tripper and Aussie Golf Quest.

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