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Bradley Allan: The Modern Golf Apparel Company to Watch in 2017

To say that I’m a fashionable person, would be like saying Pine Valley is a terrible golf course – it’s just not going to happen.

Growing up in Oregon where jeans and t shirts are perfectly acceptable attire anywhere, I never quite got the skill for putting clothes together in a presentable way. Ironic considering my wife is an apparel designer.

But then something happened…

I started playing golf.

Now, there are a variety of different golfers out there. You have the weekend duffers at the local muni that are totally content in their Levis and their rack of Coors Light.

You have most golfers in off the rack big name brands like Nike and Under Armor, where the product fit can be anywhere from perfect, to well, not, depending on your body type (although I will say, Nike has stepped up their game. Their modern fit pants are amazing).

But the more I’ve traveled and the more I’ve been able to play at some nicer courses I’ve discovered a subset of generally younger guys dressing in what I can only describe as modern tradition.

There are a handful of companies taking styling and design cues from the history of golf, but then putting a modern, tailored spin on it.

And this has become my style.

Tailored polos, quarter zip pullovers, and pants that actually fit.

While I’m still most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans, I’ve found that I’ve started adopting these modern tradition styling cues off the course as well.

Enter Bradley Allan.

I first met Brad at the PGA show in 2016, where he told me about a vision for a new golf inspired apparel company that I really resonated with.

Brad has worked as a designer in a number of the big name golf apparel companies, so he’s been around the block. He knows what it takes to make good clothes, and if the first iterations I’ve seen from them are any indication, he’s positioned the company to do big things over the next few years.

High quality materials, an emphasis on fit, all while giving a nod to tradition and still creating something you’d want to be seen wearing in 2017.

I wouldn’t call Bradley Allangolf company per say, but rather I’d call it men’s fashion that is golf inspired.

There are a variety of companies out there that are marketing lifestyle and a seamless transition from the course to real life.

Companies like Linksoul do this on a corporate, more casual level, but Bradley Allan I think nailed this concept.

The perfect example of this is with their Merino Wool Quarter Zip sweater.

Bradley Allan Sweater

One of these days I’ll step up my product photography 🙂


This might be my favorite piece of clothing I own right now.

It’s incredibly soft and it both looks and feels expensive.

It’s much thinner than I expected it to be, so it’s light and very easy to move around in.

I’ve found it to be perfect for the spring or fall day where you’re golfing in 60 degree weather and you want something that isn’t too warm, but also won’t let you freeze.

More often than not however, I find myself wearing it off the course. Like I said before, with my new found golf inspired style, the sweater with a polo or collared shirt actually makes me look like I know what I’m doing when dressing myself – a feeling I’ve rarely been able to have over the years.

In fact I like this sweater so much, I’m about to go buy the same one in black. The only downside is it’s hand wash only, and I’m not exactly easy on clothes – so it’s taken a little bit of discipline to take proper care of it.

Final Thoughts on Bradley Allan and Golf Apparel

There are a handful of companies out there that are really hitting a sweet spot for me personally.

Some of the characteristics of these are:

  • Golf inspired clothing that doesn’t scream “I’m on a golf course!”
  • Apparel and accessories I can wear and use both on and off the course
  • Excellent price to quality ratio. Meaning, not necessarily inexpensive, but much higher quality than the price would suggest.

Holderness and Bourne polos and bags fit this. Seamus Golf does this with their products. Maide does this with their pants. And Bradley Allan is the latest one that I’ve been excited about.

I’ve yet to try shorts or pants, and the only shirt I’ve seen was a pretty early prototype, but if their sweater is any indication of what’s to come, Bradley Allan has a bright future ahead of them – and I’m personally excited to go buy more of their clothes.

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