Fore Friday: Garcia Heckled, US Open Under Water, and Golf Fashion Returns

Each Friday, we scour the internet looking for the very best and most interesting in the golf news and stories circulating online that week. This way,  you can always be up to date with the latest chatter when you hit the links on the weekend.

Here’s what’s happening this week in the world of golf.

Garcia Heckled

Sergio Garcia Keeps Emotions at Bay Amidst Hecklers Opening 73 at Merion

The drama that is the Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods battle continues on, in the crowds. Although all seems good now, if not a bit frosty, between the two Garcia was heckled by the gallery throughout his play this week at Merion.

Will Tiger ask the crowds to stop? Will Garcia apologize again? Will the drama ever end? Stay tuned…

US Open Under Water

Thursday at the US Open: Mud, Sweat and Wellies

At Wei Under Par, Stephanie Wei has been covering the situation at Merion all week and notes most industry experts, seasoned golf fans and even the golfer’s own entourages found that this has been a poor event for spectators.

Seems that although Merion has that air of history to it, other courses might just be better at handling the crowds.

Golf Fashion Returns

Fashion Ref: All Hail the Return of Crazy Golf Outfits

Have you been missing seeing hot pink and electric blue out on the links lately? Well fear no more because with the return of summer bring some of the most entertaining golf fashion.

Personally, you can’t go wrong with a nice pair of plaid plus fours in my book, but I’m a traditional type of gal.

National Donut Day

For those of you who missed out on National Donut Day, this week, here is a special treat brought to you by LPGA golfer Natalie Gulbis and Lexus:


Photo credit: Golf Channel

Video Credit: LexusVehicles

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