Fore Friday: Ko Turns Pro, President’s Cup Streaker Speaks and a New Season Begins

Each Friday, we scour the internet looking for the very best and most interesting in the golf news and stories circulating online that week. This way,  you can always be up to date with the latest chatter when you hit the links on the weekend.

Here’s what’s happening this week in the world of golf.

A New Season Begins

PGA Tour Season Begins Anew

Didn’t it just seem like the last PGA season ended, yea that was just last week. This week, we start again. I will be interesting to see how many people end up enjoying this wrap around type of schedule.

Do you like a longer season?

Lydia Ko: 16 Yr Old LPGA Pro

Lydia Ko Turns Pro, Files Petition with LPGA

For those who keep an eye on the LPGA it was only a matter of time until teen phenom Lydia Ko was going to turn professional, after all, she’s left more than $1,000,000 on the table in winnings. Well, the wait is over she has filed with the LPGA.

Are you interested in watching Ko take on the LPGA?

President’s Cup Streaker Speaks!

Confessions of a President’s Cup Streaker

If you paid any attention to the President’s Cup last week, you know that there was an infamous President’s Cup Streaker, a woman who ran across the 18th hold. Stephanie Wie from Wei Under Par has an interview with her.

Did you find the streaker entertaining or offensive?

Tour Caddies Organize

Tour Caddies Association Seek to Organize, Not Unionize

In golf, pretty much everyone forgets about the caddie. That’s why Tour caddies have decided to give themselves a much stronger voice by forming a professional organization to provide job info and standardization among the groups.

Are tour caddies getting an organization together a good idea?

Photos: CBSSports, WeiUnderPar

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