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Fore Friday: Tiger Cashes In, Ladies Can’t Catch a Break, and the US Open Preview

Each Friday, we scour the internet looking for the very best and most interesting in the golf news and stories circulating online that week. This way,  you can always be up to date with the latest chatter when you hit the links on the weekend.

Here’s what’s happening this week in the world of golf.

Tiger Cashes In

Tiger Woods to Re-Up with Nike, Says ESPN

Looks like Tiger’s issues last week doesn’t give Nike much pause, as the athletic giant is on it’s way to inking a new (and massive) contract with Woods.

Since Tiger has grown up being a Nike man it doesn’t surprise he would continue on that way.

The Ladies Can’t Catch a Break

Rain Postpones 1st Round of LPGA Championship

On the ladies side, the LPGA has been underwater for the past two weeks. First the Bahamas LPGA classic had to be shortened because of a tropical storm that blew feet of water onto the course. Now a similar situation is happening this week at Locust Hill.

Maybe a few tournaments in Arizona could be in the cards?

us open contenders espnUS Open Preview

The Killer Bunny Rabbit

ESPN has a look at the upcoming US Open. By conventional standards Merion is a shorter course, but that doesn’t mean the drama is going to be any less, especially since the course organizers notoriously love to have some fun with the groupings.

Watch out for this trio who are paired up the first two rounds: Tiger Woods, Adam Scott and Rory McIlroy.

An Excuse to Nap More

Study: Golfers Are a Well Rested Bunch

Did you know that the average professional golfer gets 7 hours of sleep a night? Turns out a recent study by Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts found that the respondents had a 10:30 pm bed time.

Looks like that’s just another reason why the afternoon power nap is so important.

Photo credit: Nike, ESPN

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