Fore Friday: Tiger Losing His Edge, Introducing Golf Shot Clocks, and All About Shanks

Each Friday, we scour the internet looking for the very best and most interesting in the golf news and stories circulating online that week. This way,  you can always be up to date with the latest chatter when you hit the links on the weekend.

Here’s what’s happening this week in the world of golf.

Tiger Lost His Touch?

Tiger Woods Still Chasing to End Major Drought

We all know that Phil Mickelson played a round to end all rounds last Friday to win the British Open. However, those who weren’t talking about Phil were focused on Tiger, who yet again, was not able to close the gap and come through for a win. Stephanie Wei, from Wei Under Par, followed him for a number of holes last week, and offers her impressions of his game.

Do you think Tiger has lost it, or will he get that winning edge back?

Colin Montgomerie

Golf Shot Clocks

Colin Montgomerie: Shot Clock Could Solve Golf’s Slow Play Problem

Slow play has been a constant grip for the last few years in golf. And the drumbeat to do something about it has been rising. One guy leading the charge is Colin Montgomerie, who this past week on the Senior Tour discussed with reporters that the use of a shot clock was an interesting concept.

Do you have any ideas for how golf can speed up the game?

All About Shanks

Shank: Golf’s Most Misused Word

Sure every sport has its own special terminology, and golf is no different. But, as Grantland reports, shank is one of the misused golf terms in all of sports. To prove the example, they showcase commentary from a number of golf sites and professionals all discussing shots that were not shanks, as shanks. Whoops?

Have you ever really shanked a shot? 

sand green golf courses

Sand Green Golf Courses

Golf Courses Photo Essay: Sand-Green Courses

It might sound completely counter-intuitive, but there are certain areas of the country where golfers put on sand greens. What? Yup, greens that are made out of sand. In this photo essay from Golf Digest, we can look at a number of photos from a sand green golf course in Nebraska, where we learn the special rules of sand green golf courses.

Have you ever played on a sand green course?

Photo credit: AP, Golf.comGolfDigest

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