Interview Series: The Gamification of Golf with Foursum

Hot New Golf App: Foursum

We always keep an eye out for new and interesting stuff happening in the golf world, so when we came across a story about a new app called Foursum, we perked up and paid attention.

Basically, the goal of Foursum is to combine golf analysis, social media and gamifcation all into one app. We love the concept, and the idea of gamification has been really growing a  lot in sports apps, the EpicMix app comes to mind for skiing.

So, it will be really cool if the idea takes hold in golf too, since we all love a little competition with our friends on the course anyway.

We were able to have a chat with Matt Eldridge, who is the co-founder of Foursum to learn a little bit more about the projects. Let’s get to it.

foursum friends

Foursum let’s your friends cheer on (or talk smack) at your golf game.

Breaking Eighty: Where did the idea for Foursum come from, and what’s your background as an entrepreneur?

Matt Eldridge: The idea came from being frustrated on the golf course with lackluster apps missing great user experience and awesome features.

I simply thought, I know we can build something great and then set everything  into motion. Its all about a great team so I approached Adam and Louis to get Foursum going.

My background is entrepreneur, through and through. Always have been and always will be; I thank my parents for that.

Breaking Eighty: I use Golfshot GPS religiously when I play, but I’ve been disappointed with their lack of advancement. What are the key differentiators that might make me switch from that or GolfLogix to Foursum?

Matt Eldridge: Just try us and compare, its really obvious to me but I could be a little bias.

This is v1 for us and we are just getting going. We have so many great ideas to test and we will always listen to our members.

I always respect the competition but in the end, our plan is to be #1, and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Breaking Eighty: It seems like a daunting process to GPS map over 25k courses.  How did you get the data for that?

Matt Eldridge: Yes, that would be daunting… luckily  we didn’t need to do it. We license our GPS data from a fantastic provider. Our GPS is great and we do not charge for it. The GPS is important and we want all of our members to enjoy it.

We believe in being generous with free features. You will find however that the GPS is not one of the main features, its a nice-to-have.

foursum badges

Gamification is huge now, here are some of the badges Foursum has.

Breaking Eighty: How do you think gamification is set to change the landscape of golf apps?

Matt Eldridge: Its a total game-changer when done properly. Its a natural progression as the traditional game of paper scorecards move to apps with in-app scoring experiences. I believe that there is a balance of tradition and technology on the course and within the game.

Anyone that has played Tiger Woods on xbox knows that gamification makes it more fun to play. And that’s our goal, to make the game even more fun then it already is.

Breaking Eighty: Is there a monetization plan for the app, or will it always be free?

Matt Eldridge: We will be a freemium model and will launch premium features when our members are ready to pay. Again, our plan is to be very generous with free features and have premium drip with added value.

I want our members (both free and paid) to have the most awesome experience ever. I don’t want to give too much away with respect to our plans but I assure you that premium will seem inexpensive for what you get.

Breaking Eighty: What are you most excited about with Foursum? What’s on the horizon?

Matt Eldridge: I am excited that I have the best team assembled and know that we will execute on all of our future plans. We are all so passionate about the brand we are building.

Instead of talking about what we have on the horizon, we will let our product do the talking… its really good now, but it is going to be absolutely amazing!

foursum stats

Monitor your score and track your game.

Breaking Eighty: Whats your most memorable round of golf?

Matt Eldridge: I hate to drop scores (its like dropping names) but my most memorable round is my lowest score of 68. I had never been below 70 and it felt so good to be in the 60’s.

Its all about the putting, that’s for sure. Super happy that it was on Foursum too…pretty cool.

Breaking Eighty: What else do you want to add?

Matt Eldridge: Thank you for taking the time to read this and please enjoy our app. Really looking forward to growing a legacy golf brand.

Thanks to Matt for taking the time to talk with us about Foursum, it looks like a really cool app and we are excited to check it out.

Have you had any experience with Foursum? Let us know what you think about it!

All photos courtesy of Foursum

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