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Golf T-Shirts: Press Golf Does Golf Casual Right

Whether you believe me or not, I think golf is getting cooler.

Yes if you listen to the media and pundits, interest in golf has been dropping off at an alarming rate.

While overall numbers may be down from their peaks 15 to 20 years ago – we’re seeing a resurgence in younger people passionate about the game.

All you have to do is go follow a handful of the golf instagram accounts out there (start with mine) to see that not only is there a truly dedicated and passionate group of younger golfers out there – but they’re making golf cool again (no Trump quote intended there.)

And one of the brands that I think is doing a great job of helping lead the way with that is Press Golf.

Albatross Shirt from Press Golf

One of my personal favorites.

What is Press Golf?

Press Golf is a casual golf apparel brand that allows you to show off your love of the game when you’re not on the course.

Generally when we think of golf clothes, it’s polos, slacks, quarter zips etc.

But what about the other 95% of the time when you’re not on the course? Press Golf has you covered. Their golf t shirts are made of an extremely soft cotton poly blend that felt akin to one of American Apparel’s higher end t shirts.

The t-shirts are at their best with the slogans and graphics that aren’t overly branded or totally in your face golf:

  • “Albatross”
  • “Tipped Out”
  • “Driver, Eight Iron, Tap In”

And my personal favorite: Panda Phil:

Press Golf Shirt with Panda Phil

If you get it, you get it!

Don’t get it?

How about Panda Tiger?

Panda Tiger shirt from Press Golf

A little more obvious?

They also just launched a partnership with Seamus Golf (who you know I’m a big fan of), that features Panda Phil on their beautiful copper ball marks.

It’s shirts like this that are conversation starters. I’ve found there’s something about golf, where if you see another golfer it’s like an instant friendship.

Whether it’s seeing someone with a hat from a club you’ve played, someone wearing a witty golf t shirt, or in my most recent case: running into someone you follow on Instagram, drunk at a halloween party, who you’ve never met, but recognize because his girlfriend was a caddie with his name on the back of her bib…

Whatever it is, I’ll usually strike up a conversation and Press shirts have been great for that.

Press features a handful of hats and a couple accessories as well, but it’s the shirts that are at the core of their business.

If you’re looking for a casual, inexpensive gift for the golfer in your life, Press Golf Shirts are a great option.

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