Planning Your Next Golf Vacation? Use My Method: Vintage Posters

If you ask me, golf and travel just go together.

Sure, playing at the local course is a great way to get started with your game and make friends. But there is nothing like heading out on a golf vacation with your friends or significant other to really get out and enjoy the game.

Plus, beyond just playing golf, there is plenty of opportunity to explore new places, eat some great meals and just get in a bit of relaxation time on your golf vacation.

And who doesn’t like that?

Whenever I start dreaming about going on vacation I love looking at vintage posters to get my creative juices flowing. Besides looking awesome, they really do give a fun and whimsical look at the very best of a destination.

So why not do the same for golf?

My Dream Golf Vacation Destinations

st andrews golf vacation

Who doesn’t have a trip to St. Andrews on their bucket list?

St. Andrews, Scotland

Probably no ultimate bucket list for golf vacations are complete without adding the famous St. Andrews to the list. And, after our recent interview with the luckiest guy in the world, Graylyn Loomis about living as a links golfer in St. Andrews, I felt a little bit more than a pang of jealousy.

This poster captures the spirit of St. Andrews perfectly. Strolling the Old Course, the sea on one side, the historic clubhouse on the other, does it get much better than that?

manoir richelieu quebec golf

Quebec offers stunning and rugged beauty.

Manoir Richelieu, Quebec

In the world of golf, I feel like we forget about our friends to the North sometimes. But, Canada does have some spectacular courses, especially the famous Manoir Richelieu.

Set on the rugged banks of the St. Lawrence river and in operation since 1925, this course has seen generations of great play. With miles of mountains and canyons nearby, you can punctuate your golf vacation with hiking and trail running on those “off mornings” when you don’t feel like playing. Wait, who are we kidding here?

northern island royal portrush golf vacation

Who doesn’t want to play a true Irish links course?

Royal Portrush, Northern Ireland

One of the premier courses in the world, if you are looking to have a true links experience outside of Great Britain, head to the Royal Portrush Golf Club in Northern Ireland.

It’s the only course to hold a major championship outside of England and Scotland, hosting both The Open and more recently The Irish Open. The beautiful course showcases those famous rolling green hills of Ireland, the white cliffs and the deep blue sea all right from the tee box. Pretty spectacular.

Where Are You Headed Next?

Now that you’ve seen a few of my secret dream golf vacation destinations, where are you headed to next?

Augusta? Pinehurst? St. Andrews?

Where have you always wanted to go, I love to hear about your dream trip. Leave a comment and let me know.


Photo credits: St. Andrews, Manoir Richelieu, Northern Ireland

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