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Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker: 4 Fantastic Speakers for the Course

These days, I’ve got music going during most of the rounds of golf I play.

I’m a casual golfer.

I mean, I golf a lot. But casually.

I very rarely play tournaments, there are usually a couple beers involved, and aside from my duties reviewing products for Breaking Eighty, my whole goal with golf is to have fun.

And music helps with that.

I get it, music on the golf course isn’t for everyone. But if you’re a fan of Breaking Eighty, chances are you don’t take things too seriously, and you also enjoy some tunes on the course.

So today we’re looking at the best bluetooth speakers for golf.

Whether you’re looking for a golf cart bluetooth speaker or one you can clip to your bag, we’re going to cover the best options out there, and I’ll give you some insights into my personal favorite golf Bluetooth speakers.


Let’s go.

Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker: Precision Pro Ace

Precision Pro Ace Speaker

Over the last year or two Precision Pro has been closing the gap on industry veteran Bushnell in more ways than one.

Their new R1 rangefinder is excellent, and they took dead aim with Bushnell when they released their Ace golf speaker.

Bushnell essentially created a whole new market when they released their golf speaker the Wingman in 2020. 

Precision Pro took some cues from the Wingman, but also added a few extra features that specifically make it a better option as a golf cart Bluetooth speaker.

Specifically, it has an LCD screen with GPS distances to the front back and center of the green. You can use the powerful magnet, stick it right on the golf cart, and not only listen to your tunes, but you’ve got solid GPS data as well.

Factor in the additional info from the Precision Pro app, and the remote that will call out exact distances with the push of a button, and you’ve got a solid combo.

Most Versatile Golf Bluetooth Speaker: Bushnell Wingman

Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

This might seem like the most minor addition of features, but it makes a big difference: a hook.

On the bottom of the Bushnell Wingman, there’s a little loop hook that you can use to clip the Wingman to your bag. It also has a built-in magnet for attaching the device to a golf cart.

The Precision Pro Ace doesn’t have that hook, and honestly, because of this there isn’t a great way to use it if you’re carrying your bag.

So if you’re someone who often switches off between carrying and riding, the Wingman may be the better option.

Sound quality and Bluetooth range are similar on both the Precision Pro and Bushnell.

Our Review: Bushnell Wingman Review: The First Golf Specific Bluetooth Speaker

Best Golf Bluetooth Speaker for Walkers: JBL Clip 3

JBL Clip 3 side view

While the JBL Clip 3 wasn’t specifically made for golfers, it might as well have been.

This doesn’t have all of the extra golf GPS features as the previous two devices we mentioned, but it does have two very good features going for it:

Size and Price.

The Clip 3 is tiny, and as the name suggests, it has a carabiner built into the design which allows you to clip it to…well, anything!

If you’re a walking golfer who carries their clubs, this is an extremely lightweight and unobtrusive Bluetooth speaker that works perfectly, without the added complication of having to pair it to an app.

There’s a newer version out in the Clip 4, but considering you can get the 3 for just $40? I’m not sure there’s a huge reason to upgrade.

Our review: The JBL Clip 3 is the Best Speaker for Walking Golfers.

JBL CLIP 3 Bluetooth Speaker

It may not techncially be a "golf speaker" but it might as well be. No speaker has the same combo of sound quality, convenience for golfers, and price, as the JBL Clip 3. This is a no brainer.

Buy on Amazon
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11/26/2022 10:37 pm GMT

Wild Card Speaker: Blue Tees Player Golf Speaker

There aren’t that many Bluetooth speakers on the market specifically marketed to golfers.

But the Blue Tees Player Speaker is the latest. 

We’ll be reviewing it soon, but there are some intriguing features.

One I’m most curious about is the “dual pairing” feature.

You’re able to sync up two Player Speakers together, so if you’re really looking to get a party going – this might be the best way to do it.

As with the Wingman, you’re also able to use it to charge your other devices on the course as well.

It comes in $30 cheaper retail than other similar products, but it lacks the app compatibility and LCD screen of the Ace.

Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker
Blue Tees Player Golf Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for a versatile golf speaker that won't break the bank? The new Player Speaker is our favorite golf Bluetooth speaker - especially if you ride in a cart.

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Final Thoughts On Golf Bluetooth Speakers

Obviously, there are dozens of Bluetooth speakers out there. 

And you can certainly take your standard Bose, or even Sonos speaker, throw it in your bag, and use it on the course.

But if you’re looking for added versatility specifically for making music easier to enjoy while golfing? These are the speakers we’ve found to be the best for that.

Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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