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  1. Brad Bayerlein

    I share a passion for golf similar to yours and so far most of the courses you’ve posted I’ve either played or researched and totally agree with your synopsis…my brother Kevin lives in NC, (lucky bastard) as I live in WI, but I travel all over as well so I’ve gotten to experience so much.

    I was wondering if you played streamsong in Tampa and what you thought?

    Also a recommendation for you if you haven’t already played, Wolf Creek in NV is crazy fun and beautiful.

    Kind Regards,
    Brad Bayerlein

  2. Coble

    Sean~ Landed on your page as I saw a commercial on a stat tracking device, Arccos, Google it and your review came up. Glad I found you, great info! The Dan Plan is hilarious…I’ll shoot him an email. If you’re traveling through the Denver, CO area give me a call, 720-933-1075. I’m also in AZ a ton, playing in Tucson area and visit Scottsdale quite often. In fact headed there in three weeks for the rowdy Phoenix Open with a dozen pals, a must for you! This year it’ll coincide with the Super Bowl held across town…and Tiger is coming! A featured Blog is awaiting for sure!

  3. Shaun

    Hey Sean, you travel a ton for golf. I was wondering if you could write an article about what you pack? I don’t travel often for golf, but have a regular guys trip golf weekend. Thanks for the great site, my goal would be to break eighty as well. So far I’ve scored as well as 87.

  4. Jay

    I’m very much interested in purchasing one but I have just one concern that’s making me hold back. Is Zepp considering making it possible to view your stats thru a website using a desktop computer? If Zepp could make this happen I’m 100% for it. For now, the lack of flexibility makes me think twice.

  5. Troy


    Just reaching out to you to see if you accept guest posts on your site. I have a current blog at but would like to contribute something to yours. I can write about anything relating to golf from the latest news, tips or equipment.

    Please let me know.


  6. Mark

    I have app on iPhone. Started course in wisconsin i am now in florida. When i open app it says resume round. How do i end round so i can select new course in florida?

    Thank you for help

  7. Jack Morton

    Hey, Sean! Love the site. Leaving on June 17th for 12 day trip to Scotland & Northern Ireland. How about that packing advice article mentioned earlier? Would love to have your take at least a week out. Thanks for all you do.

  8. Charles

    Can you give me any tips for playing a private course in Cabo San Lucas. I am getting married in November and I am trying to play El Dorado Beach and Golf Club on Friday or maybe even the Dunes. We will not have to do a timeshare speech. Any tips?

    Thank you,


  9. Julien

    Hi Sean,

    I was following you on Instagram, and so I went to see your blog and I just wanted to say good job! I have started also a few years ago, and I do enjoy playing courses around the world, so can def. relate to your blog!

    Keep up the good work and if you ever stop by France, let me know, I’ll hook you up with some good course (before I move to the US).


    IG: julientizot_golf

  10. Bonac Booster Club

    Hey Golfers, East Hampton High School Athletic Bonac Booster Club is hosting a Golf Outing at the exclusive Maidstone Golf Club in East Hampton, New York.
    Come help support our Athletes and play at an Amazing course.

  11. Kai Hellberg

    Quick Question: I’m a college student in Boston right now and I’m wondering what the best public golf options are out here (i don’t mind making long drives to get places) or who I should talk to if I want to get on the private ones.

  12. Terence Egan

    Check out Ballyowen in northern NJ next time your in the NYC area. It doesnt feature on the top 100 public list but it’s nicer than Atlantic City CC and on a par with Trump Ferry Point, both of which are there. The price tag is also considerably less than Trump.

  13. Andrew Minkel


    Awesome work with the site! You really are living the golf dream.

    I am heading out west to California in June for my honeymoon. Any advice for getting on Pebble Beach? Of course, I would love to get on Cypress Point but don’t have the connections. Any idea for Cypress Point?

    Thanks and take care!

    Buffalo, NY

    • Sean Ogle


      Congratulations! Pebble Beach is easy, just book a room and a tee time 🙂 It’s just going to be expensive – and there’s really no way around that.

      You can take your chances and wait until the day off to try and score a walk up tee time, but it’s a crapshoot, and will still cost you $495.

      As for Cypress – I’m still working on that one for myself ha.

  14. Joseph

    Dear Sean,
    Ive been a follower since i randomly came upon your instagram account.
    My family and I are the owners of a private resort in Cartagena, Colombia (only 2.5 hour direct flight from Miami) (ranked # 1 in Colombia by Golf Digest
    Our course (ranked # 1 in Colombia by Golf Digest is the first TPC managed property in South America and has a beautiful track that runs parallel to the Caribbean Sea.
    We hope to have you here someday.

  15. Jason l

    Thanks for the cool website!! Great reviews. I’m from NJ but live in Charlotte currently and have been playing all the greats in pinehurst area. If your around the Roanoke VA area you should check out a course named Ballyhack, it’s a fun track!

  16. Chris Hanson

    Hi Sean,
    love your Wisconsin reviews. Especially The Bull and Erin Hills. planning a trip there next year – but what are the mosquitoes like in October? And is October an OK month for golfing weather in the Kohler/Sand Valley/Erin Hills area?

  17. Rick Weinberg


    I just got back from Bandon and have posted in your course reviews section evaluations of three of the four courses. All three get 5 stars out of 5, as does Old MacDonald, which I enjoyed almost as much as the others. Overall, I’d say my opinion of the four is exactly the same as yours: 1 Trails, 2 Pacific, 3 B. Dunes, and 4 Old Mac. And I have to say the off-course experience was as positive as the golf. The room at the Inn was great (especially with the view looking over the ravine to #18 green at B. Dunes!), the food was delicious, yet very reasonably priced, and the staff was amazing. By the way, next time you go, you may want to ask for Jeremiah (nicknamed Bullfrog, of course) as your caddie– he was wonderful. I’ll certainly be going back, especially in light of the fact that THEY’RE BUILDING A 5TH 18-HOLE COURSE!, mostly on the Sheep Ranch property. From Old Mac, one could see surveyor’s flags as well as some preliminary grading.
    The team of Coore/Crenshaw is designing, and the word is this one may surpass the other four, especially given the site.


  18. Chris Kirby

    Hi Sean, I just came across your site tonight and enjoyed it very much. I’ve been around the game for a lot of years and have opinions about many courses, as I have played over 90 of the world’s Top 100, 72 of the Top 100 in the US (I can explain that seeming anomaly another time), and all of the Top 100 in the British Isles (that may explain it). I’ve also played in 42 countries at last count.

    Re your most underrated courses, I would add Gulph Mills in King of Prussia, Pa., one of the best Donald Ross courses I’ve played and certainly one of the hilliest and toughest of his tracks. It is also very private. A couple of others: Nefyn and District in northern Wales (“poor man’s Pebble Beach”) and Pennard, a South Wales course as natural a links-style course you’ll ever play. Finally, I agree with you on Gleneagles Kings and Yale, but disagree on Castle Stuart (merit) and Pasatiempo (it is already highly rated by the golf intelligentsia. We should talk . . .

  19. robert marvin

    While it is fun to read about the most underrated golf clubs it doesn’t do most of us much good if they’re private and we’re not allowed to play. maybe you’ve already written about the 10 most underrated public courses but that would be a much more worthwhile article.

  20. Sheldon C. Lubin

    You missed the 15th hole at TPC of Cromwell, CT at the Travelers Championship. From the back tees it is 296 yards. The pond is on the left and the woods are on the right.

  21. Brian nestler

    Hi Sean!

    Just sitting here looking/reading your articles….love it!!! I’m taking a big golf trip(first time solo, only golf). So excited and loved reading about pinehurst! I’m gonna try and write about it…any tips?

    Thank you

  22. Chris

    Wondering if you if have (I searched and didn’t see any) or will do a review on electric/battery golf carts, or trolleys as the Brits call them? The kind that follow you on the course versus the human powered 3 or 4 wheelers.

  23. Todd

    Hello Sean and thanks for the info on rangefinders. Why did you not review any Leupolds? I think they may be the best. My 20 year old Leupold is better than all the Bushnells I tried. Thanks

    • Sean Ogle

      Honestly, I reached out to them to see if they wanted me to review. And we had an exchange and I never heard from them again. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them, so would love to review their latest models soon.

  24. Rick Weinberg

    Just got back from Ireland, and now there’s a 6-way(!) tie for the #1 most enjoyable course I’ve ever played. Joining Pebble Beach, the Sheep Ranch at Bandon, and the River Course at Blackwolf Run are Ballybunion, Tralee and Old Head. Ballybunion more than lived up to its reputation– especially the back nine, which goes 4-4-3-5-3-3-5-4-4, a perfect fit for the duneland it sits on. Arnie said it all when he described Tralee: “I designed the front nine, God created the back.” And to say Old Head is spectacular is an understatement– NINE cliffside holes, with the cliffs up to 200 feet high (and most of the dropoffs are very, very steep). The 12th is the best par 5 I’ve ever seen.

    The week also included rounds at Waterville and Lahinch, both of which are almost as good as the six courses listed above.

    I hope you get a chance to golf in Ireland soon. When you do, I’ll be interested in reading your course reviews. One more thing: after your round at Old Head, be sure to have a bowl of their fabulous seafood chowder!

    Rick Weinberg

  25. Rick Weinberg

    Sean– Just finished a 9-courses-in-as-many-days tour of Northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama. Six courses to add to your “Really Ought to Play” list are, in Georgia, Barnsley Gardens, Old Toccoa Farm(bring plenty of balls!) and McLemore, and, in Alabama, the Mindbreaker, Heartbreaker, and Backbreaker nines at Silver Lakes, an RTJ Trail complex (there’s also an intriguing-looking par 3 nine that I didn’t have time to play), Cider Ridge (whose first six holes are nothing spectacular, but whose last 12 are awesome), and Gunter’s Landing, which will be even better when they re-do the 3rd, 5th and 8th greens (until which time you should make SURE your approach on those holes stays BELOW the flag!).

    Rick Weinberg

  26. Billy

    Sean so glad u have rated North Berwick so high ! Have been blessed to play many courses on ur list and NB experience in my top 5 will be back there in 23 for the 6th time

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