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10 Best Fairway Woods: Distance, Consistency, Feel – It’s All Here!

I play a lot of golf with a lot of different types of players. And from what I can observe, fairway woods, more than any other type of golf club, cause the most second-guessing for the biggest variety of golfers.

Sure, many of us struggle with our driver. But almost all of us continue to bash away without any second thought. It may not be working great, but we generally don’t bother to consider an alternative option on most Par 4 and 5 tee boxes. And when we do? That’s right: It’s a fairway wood.

And, yes, a lot of us are inconsistent with our putters. But once we reach the green, there’s really no choice to be made.

The same goes with chipping and pitching. Sure, we can choose from several different clubs, but we’re either hitting a low shot or a high shot. And we’re likely going to select the same club that we always do for that situation (whether it’s actually the right choice or not.)

But fairway woods? That’s a different story.

I see all kinds of second-guessing, including in my own average-at-best game.

There’s so much risk-reward that comes with hitting fairway woods, so finding a club that exudes confidence and is the right fit for your game is essential.

What to Look for in a Fairway Wood?

When considering the best fairway woods for your game you’ll want to be honest with yourself and your game. 

What’s best for Rory is probably not going to best for you.

So here are a few questions to think about before making a final decision:

  • What loft do you need? Do you have trouble getting the ball up in the air? Is an easier-to-hit club more important than maximum distance? If this is you, consider a 5 wood or 7 wood rather than a 3 wood.
  • Do you tend to slice the ball? Some fairway woods will be better than others in helping you compensate for swing flaws that lead to a severe slice or hook.
  • What shaft type do you need? Choosing shafts can get overwhelming very quickly. But you should at least get an idea of whether you want steel or graphite, and what the stiffness should be. Graphite tends to be more forgiving, and stiff shafts should be reserved for better golfers with higher swing speeds.

In a perfect world, you’d go get a proper club fitting so that you can truly figure out which club is best for you game and swing. But if that’s not an option than this list of the best fairways woods for 2024 should give you an excellent starting point for choosing the best clubs for your game!

Most Forgiving Golf Fairway Wood: Callaway Paradym Series

At the beginning of 2024, Callaway announced a reimagined line of golf clubs engineered in large part with the express purpose of allowing for more consistency with mishits. The new construction eliminates weight from the body and repositions it in the front of the sole for gains in MOI and speed. The clubface technology is optimized using artificial intelligence that allows for more flexing in the hitting area. The point is to improve consistency regardless of where you make contact.

Callaway designed three distinct club types for three different levels of player. If you’re chasing consistency, lining up your game with the right Paradym fairway wood could turn your longer clubs from lightning rods into trusted tools.

The basic Paradym model features a shallow face and easier launch. There’s even 9 wood and 11 woods to go along with 3, 5, 7. For a draw bias, choose the X option. And better players will likely favor the low-spinning triple diamond model.

Most Forgiving Fairway Wood
Callaway Paradym Fairway Wood

Looking for a fairway wood that's easy to hit and makes mishits just a little bit more friendly? Definitely consider the Paradym Series from Callaway.

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Best Fairway Wood for Low Handicappers: Ping G430 LST

This is a low-spinning, tour-style club that is only available as a 3 wood. State-of-the-art materials like a 2041 Beta-Ti face and a Ti 8-1-1 body combine with a high-density tungsten sole plate to position CG low and back. This results in faster ball speeds, reduced spin and significant distance gains. The high-strength titanium face extends into the crown and sole, enhancing flexing for increased speed, and its Spinsistency feature ensures improved performance across the face, especially benefitting thin shots.

The G430 LST is customizable with Trajectory Tuning 2.0, offering eight loft and lie positions. And this 3 wood comes with a range of shaft options.

For higher handicaps, this might be a tough club to hit consistently. But for better players who have their swings honed, this is as likely as any club to help you maximize your fairway wood efficiency. Just be prepared to open up your wallet, at $549 this one ain’t cheap.

Best 3 Wood for Low Handicappers
Ping G430 LST Fairway Wood

Looking for a low-spin, tour-level wood that can provide super-fast ball speeds and crazy distance? Look no further than the G430 LST.

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Best Fairway Wood for Women: Taylormade Kalea Premier

A specialized golf club specifically fit for women, TaylorMade’s Kalea Premier is packed with engineering that is supposed to mean gains in distance with improvements in forgiveness. Of course, that’s what pretty much every golf club marketing pitch claims. But actual user reviews of this line of clubs have been outstanding.

The club is designed for high-MOI performance, with a carbon crown and low-profile shape providing an ultra-low center of gravity. This ensures high launch and maximum forgiveness, making it especially suited for women players looking for increased versatility in their game.

The Kalea Premier fairway wood — available as a 3, 5 or 7 — comes with a stock 40-gram graphite shaft and a Lamkin Sonar grip.

The V Steel Sole, TaylorMade’s signature design, enables the club to glide through the turf with minimal friction and enhancing versatility from tight or difficult lies. The Twist Face technology provides corrective face curvature to increase consistency on shots that are hit low on the heel or high on the toe, common mishit areas.

Best Fairway Wood for Women
Taylormade Kalea Premier Fairway Wood

Looking for a high-launch wood with maximum forgiveness and distance? The Taylormade Kalea Premier is one to conisder. Not to mention the fact you can customize the look of it!

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Best Golf Fairway Woods Value: Srixon ZX MK II

I’m not saying that $279.99 for a single fairway wood is cheap by any means, but considering that many of the models on this list cost nearly $350 or more, the Srixon ZX MK II looks like a bit of a bargain.

But it wouldn’t make the list if it didn’t actually offer some value, meaning it’s got to perform. In this case, the ZX MK II is actually quite juiced and may be a great option for the player who wants to find a few more yards. Its lower backspin and shot height make it ideal for stronger players, but it’s not like you have to swing at tour speeds to get some benefit. It’s just that this probably is not the club for slower swing speeds.

The Srixon ZX MK II comes in 3, 5 and 7 woods and includes more shaft and grip options than what you find with most other manufacturers. That’s another reason we like it as a best value candidate for a variety of golfers.

Best Value Fairway Wood
Srixon ZX mk ii Fairway Wood

If you're looking for an under-the-radar pick for best "price to performance" clubs on the market. Srixon is absolutely a company you should consider. They're latest line of clubs are excellent.

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Best 2024 Fairway Wood for Slower Swing Speeds: Cobra Aerojet

This is likely the best fairway wood option for people with average to below-average swing speeds who want to maximize distance without sacrificing forgiveness. Generally speaking, the more forgiving a club, the less it’s going to be maxed out for ball speed. So there is some give and take. But the Cobra Aerojet does a very good job of finding the sweet spot in that elusive search for distance and forgiveness.

The Aerojet’s shallower face height, coupled with a standard, lighter and higher-launching shaft, make it easier to launch the ball higher and come into greens from a steeper angle. For slower swing speeds, this club can be a great option for keeping the ball in the air longer to optimize carry distance.

In the wrong hands, the Cobra Aerojet is going to be too spinny and too short. It’s not designed to help higher swing speeds achieve the most distance. For that, look at something like the Ping G430 LST. But if you don’t quite crank it up to super fast, this Cobra club — available as 3, 5 and 7 — should help you get the most out of your fairway wood shots.

Best Fairway Wood for Slower Swing Speeds
Cobra Aerojet Fairway Wood

Looking for a fairway wood that can still provide great distance, even with slower swing speeds? Look no further than the Cobra Aerojet.

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Best Draw-Biased Fairway Wood of 2024: Taylormade Stealth 2 HD

If you like to work it right to left (for a right-handed golfer), this club, either as a 3, 5 or 7 wood, should be on your radar.

The TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD (HD stands for “high draw”) features a 200cc oversized head and low-profile design and boasts the highest MOI ever seen in a TaylorMade fairway wood. The 2023 advancements saw a face design that’s thinnest at the true center and around the edges but thicker surrounding the center of the face, maximizing speed across the face and improving durability. This, combined with a larger, low-profile sole, allows for an easier high launch and encourages a draw-bias ball flight.

Best Draw Bias Woods
Taylormade Stealth 2 HD Fairway Wood

Do you favor a draw and want a club that's going to work with you rather than fight you? The "HD" stands for High Draw and is absolutely a fairway wood worth checking out.

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Longest Fairway Wood: Taylormade Stealth 2 Plus

The ball just explodes off of the clubface of the TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus. It’s ridiculous how far it’ll fly with the correct swing and contact. Of course, nailing that ideal swing path and impact consistently is an entirely different story. But suffice it to say, when you flush it with the Stealth 2 Plus, it’s longer than any other fairway wood. In fact, for many golfers, it may end up being longer than their driver.

Whereas the other TaylorMade Stealth 2 fairway wood models, including the HD that we recommend for a draw bias, all feature a steel face, the Plus model face is made of titanium while the crown is carbon. This allows them to put a huge adjustable weight in the sole of the club, and the unique weight distribution seems to equate to rocket fuel. This is a lower spin club than its Stealth 2 counterparts. Also, the Plus model is only available in 3 and 5 woods.

If you want this extra distance, it’s going to cost you. The TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus is among the most expensive clubs on our list, retailing for $449.99.

Longest Fairway Wood
Taylormade Stealth 2 Plus Fairway Wood

Looking for the longest club possible? Then the Stealth 2 Plus should be on your short list. You just better be willing to open up your wallet as it's among the priciest fairway woods out there.

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Best Looking Golf Fairway Wood of 2024: Titleist TSR2

I know, I know… This is completely subjective. I get it. But to my eye, the Titleist TSR2 just looks… I’ll stop short of saying “sexy,” cause that might sound a bit strange. But, damn, this is one nice-looking golf club. Again, that’s to my eyes. Something about that all-black, super-clean look with just the white “Titleist” cursive lettering and small splash of red in the “2” on the sole near the heel… Be still, my heart. Maybe you feel differently. Drop a comment.

And it’s not like the TSR2 is some slouch when it comes to performance. In fact, it’s a legitimate contender for more than one category on this list. The TSR2 features Titleist’s lowest-ever CG, which aids in speed and launch without creating excessive backspin. And for our audiophiles, the new Open Hosel Construction creates a powerful new sound that you’ve got to hear to fully appreciate.

Say what you will about appealing to the psyche of a golfer, but I’ll argue that it’s important to like the looks of the clubs you’re playing. Somehow, the right fit and finish can inspire confidence. And a confident swing is definitely more likely to hit a good golf shot than a timid one. So, yeah, looks do count. And the TSR2 is a beauty!

Best Looking Fairway Woods
Titlelist TSR2 Fairway Wood

Sure, this is extremely subjective. But you can't deny the Titlelist TSR2 clubs look good. Also, you can never really go too far wrong with Titleist clubs, can you?

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Best Premium Direct-to-Consumer Fairway Woods: PXG 0311 Gen 6

Direct-to-consumer golf clubs, those not sold via traditional retail outlets, are quickly gobbling up more and more market share. By offering free over-the-phone fittings to try to help golfers find the right clubs for their style of swing, companies like PXG are seriously disrupting what has long been a limited marketplace.

But PXG and other brands like Stix Golf wouldn’t get very far if their products didn’t perform. And the PXG 0311 GEN6 is most definitely a gamer. 

The standard 0311 GEN6 model features a more compact head shape profile and is designed to maximize distance. The flatter sole design helps keep the mass low and pushes the weighting to the perimeter so that there is some increased forgiveness to go with that distance. 

The 0311 XF GEN6, on the other hand, features a larger head profile and is set up for maximum forgiveness and a higher trajectory. It has a railed sole geometry that helps to create a low-friction interaction with the turf, which might help when you hit the ball just a tad fat.

The PXG 0311 GEN6 is available as a 2, 3, 5 and 7 wood, while the XF model comes in 3, 4, 5 and 7.

Best Premium Direct to Consumer Woods
PXG 0311 XF GEN6 Fairway Wood

Fewer brands have made a bigger splash in golf over the last decade than PXG. And their new 0311 Gen 6 woods may be their best fairway woods yet.

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Best Budget Direct-to-Consumer Fairway Wood: Stix Golf 

When I first tested out Stix Golf late last year, I wasn’t expecting much. But for the price? The clubs absolutely blew me away. A full set of legitimate clubs for under a grand?

That’s a deal.

And their 3 and 5 wood are among the best of the bunch. They’re easy to hit, and if you’re a beginner to intermediate golfer, they do a wonderful job of compensating for an over-the-top slice.

These are definitely the best value when bought as a set, but if you’re just looking for an affordable 5-wood, at $150 this is a great option. Even cooler, they’ve just released their first set of steel shaft clubs. But at this time, those are only available as a full set.

Best Clubs for Beginners
Stix Golf Clubs: 14 Club Full Set - Use code "BE50" to Save $50!

Stix has what we believe is the best complete set of clubs for under $1k. If you're a new golfer up to a mid-handicap - you should absolutely consider Stix for you next set of clubs.

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Editor’s Choice – Best Overall Golf Fairway Wood: Wilson Dynapower

This club could have ended up in a number of categories, which is why it gets the nod for best overall. For starters, at $249.99 it’s a strong contender for Best Value. It also fairs quite well in comparisons having to do with length and accuracy. The long and short of it is, just as they did with their Dynapower Titanium driver, Wilson killed it with this product.

Available as a 3, 5 and 7 wood, the Dynapower brings together rear weighting and variable face thickness to deliver increased ball speeds across the entire face. Wilson employed AI technology to analyze the optimal thickness for each section of the thin face, which is intended to allow for maximum forgiveness with the least amount of sacrifice to speed possible.

As for ball flight, this one tends to err on the higher, soaring side so may not be a fit for those looking for a more piercing, lower-shot shape.

Best Overall Fairway Wood
Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood

Is this the best club in golf? Not necessarily. But when you factor in price, value, and performance, the Dynapower fairway woods are an underrated set of clubs that perform beautifully.

Buy from Wilson Buy from Amazon
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Final Thoughts on the Best Golf Fairway Woods of 2024

There you have it: 10 excellent fairway wood options for a variety of golfers. I hope you’ve found something on this list that sounds like it fits your game.

Whether you’re looking for max distance, something more forgiving, an option that’s a little easier on the wallet or just the best-looking club you can find, we’ve tried to give you plenty to consider.

Are these the only golf fairway woods worth trying in 2024? Of course not! If you’ve got a favorite that we haven’t listed here, we’d love to hear about it.

But whatever you do, don’t overlook the importance of your fairway woods. We all love to obsess about the driver. But the right-fitting 3, 5, 7 or even 2, 9 or 11 woods really can transform your game and remove all the second-guessing that so often comes with taking off those headcovers.

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