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Best Golf Irons of 2024: 10 Irons for Every Type of Player

Choosing the right set of irons is one of the most critical decisions a golfer can make.

Drivers, putters and wedges are the most celebrated, cursed, and discussed. They tend to get a lot of the attention – not to mention marketing dollars.

But your irons are to your golf game what your engine is to your car. They may not be the first thing you see, but good luck getting where you’re going on the golf course without the right ones. Your irons are the most versatile clubs in your bag.

And like popping the hood on an automobile, it’s your irons that tell those who are looking into your bag the most about your game.

Are they blades? There tends to be an assumption that you’re a serious player.

Cavity backs? Welcome to the club to which a lot of amateur golfers belong (or should belong).

Are you carrying a 3 iron, or do you leave that job to a hybrid? Once again, more clues about your game.

All this to say that choosing the right set of irons is paramount to not only playing your best golf but also representing yourself as a golfer.

Lucky for all of us, there is no shortage of excellent golf iron options as we head into 2024. Manufacturers continue to refine their products, using evolving technology and materials to create constant improvements. Today’s irons are far superior to the tools available to the golfers of yesteryear. They’re easier to hit and they make the ball fly straighter and further. That is if you choose the model that fits your individual game.

And that’s the downside. So many options means that there are wrong choices available.

So that’s what we’re going to address in this post. We’ve selected the nine best irons for late 2023 and early 2024, organized by what type of golfer each model is going to help most. Find the category that best describes you and your game, and you’ll have a very good likelihood of a successful fit.

What To Look For in a Set of Golf Irons

Like with everything golf club-related, choosing the right set of irons is a very personal decision. There is no one-size-fits-all “best”. Finding the right fit is all about finding the clubs that match your swing and style.

Yes, style. That is very much a thing when it comes to choosing the right irons. You want a club that looks good to your eye. When you’re addressing the ball, the right-looking club for your individual taste is the one that’s going to inspire the most confidence and therefore give you the best chance of hitting a great shot. Head shape, color, design, and brand loyalty are all considerations that are subject to individual stylistic taste.

Another style consideration is whether or not you want an offset clubhead. Offset refers to a clubhead design where the hosel or neck is positioned ahead of the clubface, making the face seem slightly recessed from the club’s neck. For the right type of golf swing, an offset can help you hit the ball straighter. But beyond mechanics, there’s an aesthetic consideration in play. Some people love the look of an offset club, while for others it looks, well, off.

Here are some other factors to consider when shopping for golf irons:

  • Clubhead design: Are the irons blade, muscle back, cavity back, or game-improvement style, and which is best suited for you?
  • Shaft options: What types of shafts are available, and which flex options (regular, stiff, extra-stiff, etc.) is best for your swing?
  • Length and lie: Can these irons be custom-fitted for your height and swing type?
  • Cost and value: How does the cost of these irons compare to their features and to comparable sets?

Some of these questions can only be answered by you, the individual. But there’s a lot of universal knowledge to share. The goal here is to either get you spot on with the correct selection, or at least close enough that you can use this as a guideline from which to tweak to your specific taste and needs.

We’re not going to specifically address hybrids in this post. Some of the clubs on our list could be considered hybrids depending on your definition. But for the most part, we’ll save hybrids for their own list, as in today’s game, they’ve become a full product class of their own.

Ready to start striping it? Let’s find your best golf irons.

Note: These are our picks for the best golf irons currently available for a wide range of golfers. In early 2024 brands will start announcing their latest models. We’ll update this post as releases come out and we’re able to get our hands on new products.

Best Irons for Scratch Players: TaylorMade P7MB Blades

For the best ball strikers, there’s no substitute for the feel and precision of blades.

For higher handicaps, the small sweet spots of blades won’t be forgiving enough. But when you watch the golfers on TV, every single one of them will be playing a thin blade-type iron. Why? Because they offer the maximum potential for speed, distance and feel.

And our favorite blade irons of 2024 are the TaylorMade P7MB. As TaylorMade says about these irons: “The all-new P7MB was designed for the best ball strikers in the world who demand surgical control and precision shot making. A shorter blade length, narrower sole width, and progressive offset create a minimalist profile that’s designed to control shot shape and trajectory.”

If you’ve got the game, these are some damn fine sticks. However, you better be able to consistently find the center of the clubface, because there’s not a lot of forgiveness with these clubs. But when you flush one, very few clubs will perform as well as these. Available in sets ranging from 3i to PW.

Taylormade P-7MB Irons
$185.71 - $1,485.68

Want a players iron that looks good and feels even better? Look no further than the Taylormade P-7MB. Just make sure you're a solid player, otherwise these are good clubs that will just make you look bad.

Buy from Golf Galaxy
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Best Golf Irons for Above Average Ball Strikers: Mizuno Pro 221 Muscle Back Irons

Muscle-back irons are typically a fit for very good ball strikers who aren’t quite at an elite level. They are the middle ground between blades and cavity backs. You get a bit of the feel and speed of a blade, but with a larger sweet spot that makes it a bit easier to hit. And you get some of the forgiveness of a cavity back but with a little less bulk.

Available in sets of 3i through PW, the Mizuno Pro 221 strikes that perfect balance between feel and forgiveness. While these irons boast a beveled look for a sleeker face profile and slimmer top line, they retain the mass in the upper blade. Forged in Hiroshima, Japan, with a Grain Flow method, they incorporate a soft copper underlay, ensuring the signature Mizuno feel.

If you’re a good player looking for forged irons but don’t want to go all the way to super thin blades, these Mizunos are a pretty sweet place to land.

Mizuno Pro 221 Custom Irons
$187.50 - $1,874.99 (Depending on Configuration)

Good-but-not-elite ball strikers will find a lot to like with these muscle back Mizuno Pro 221s. 

Buy from Golf Galaxy
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Best Irons for Middle Handicappers: Ping G425 Cavity Back Irons

It’s hard to envision any legitimate best golf irons list not including a set of Pings. They’ve held a special place for a lot of golfers for a lot of years, always renowned for their looks and build quality. Most consumers just assume that Ping’s latest irons include the best technology. But do they?

Well, in the case of the G425 cavity backs, I think so. These are forgiving and easy to hit. The internal geometry is structured to accentuate ball speed while still promoting an easy launch thanks to its expanded clubhead perimeter weighting. 

Plus, to the right type of golfer, there’s just a certain sex appeal to Ping irons. And remember, you can’t overestimate the power of feeling good about the club that you’re pulling.

Available in 4i-9i, PW, UW, SW and LW.

Ping G425 Irons

The G425 cavity back irons are a great choice for mid-handicappers and Ping loyalists.

Buy from Golf Galaxy
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Best Golf Irons for Beginners: Wilson Launch Pad Irons

Back in the day, all irons were thin blades with very little forgiveness. You either learned how to hit the ball with the center of the clubface or you probably gave up the game.

But as things have progressed and technology has improved, more and more game-improvement tweaks (muscle backs, cavity backs, etc.) have been added to manufacturers’ club offerings. Relatively recently, we started to see super game-improvement irons.

These are obviously an extension of regular game-improvement irons. All of the attributes that aid forgiveness and allow for more consistency (things like weight distribution and clubface stability) are that much more beefed up in the super game-improvement class. Of course, that inevitably means more limitations to maximum speed and distance. You can never quite have it all.

But for high handicappers or beginners who want maximum forgiveness with still their best chance of hitting that perfect shot, we like the Wilson Launch Pad irons. Available in sets ranging from 4 iron to pitching wedge, these clubs aren’t quite hybrids, but they’re close. The heads are huge and hollow. It’s a unique-looking club to be sure, but Wilson has done a lot with these to help them get the ball in the air and feel more confident about their golf shots.

Wilson Launch Pad Irons

Are you a new golfer who needs help getting the ball up in the air? These may be the very best irons on the market for helping you do that. You've just gotta be cool with their unique styling...

Buy from Wilson Buy from Amazon
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Honorable Mention Game-Improvement Irons: Wilson D9

The magic of the D9 series, especially attractive to those struggling with consistency, lies in Wilson’s innovative “power-hole” technology. Without getting too in the jargon weeds, it offers golfers an expanded sweet spot, leading to better shot outcomes.

The D9 series isn’t trying to be a hybrid, but its unique design and forgiving nature bring that category to mind. With the set ranging from 5 iron to gap wedge, I think this should be on the short list for high-handicappers and maybe even some mid-handicappers.

I’ve played several rounds with these irons, and I have to say that Wilson continues to up their game. These irons also look great and much better than previous Wilson models. I’m not crazy about the long irons in this set and didn’t find them especially easy to hit, but that could very well be a “me” problem.

Another contender for best Game-Improvement irons are the Wilson D9 cavity backs. Wilson is steadily gaining in relevancy and the D9 irons are one of their flagships.

Wilson D9 Steel Irons

Despite coming out in 2021, the D9 still continues to be a very good game-improvement iron set. And considering you can usually pick up for $500 off the retail of $750 - they're a great value as well.

Buy from Wilson Buy from Amazon
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Best Golf Irons for Fixing a Slice: Stix Irons

The issue that plagues more golfers than any other is the dreaded slice. Especially common with beginning golfers, there’s a natural tendency in many people to come over the top and create a huge out-to-in swing path that imparts tons of side spin on the ball and produces that big banana ball that we all hate to see.

When I tried out these Stix clubs, one of the first things I noticed was that my natural tendency to go from fade to slice was tremendously minimized. In fact, on many shots, I actually started to draw the ball.

Look, there are no magic cures in golf, despite what a lot of marketers want you to believe. But I can attest: These clubs will help you tame your slice.

And the real beauty is that they don’t cost a fortune. Compared to most new sets of irons, these are downright cheap. But don’t sleep on them. They’re legit!

Considering they also just released the ability to get their “Perform” series with Steel shafts, these will appeal to more than just the brand new golfer.

Best Clubs for Beginners
Stix Golf Clubs: 14 Club Full Set - Use code "BE50" to Save $50!

Stix has what we believe is the best complete set of clubs for under $1k. If you're a new golfer up to a mid-handicap - you should absolutely consider Stix for you next set of clubs.

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Best Women’s Golf Irons 2024: TaylorMade Stealth HD

Featuring TaylorMade’s Cap Back design (another term for “cavity back”) and toe wrap construction, these irons are engineered to improve face flexibility and deliver faster ball speeds. They also boast an enhanced sweet spot.

TaylorMade took some of the mass from the toe and repositioned it in the sole for lower CG and increased launch angle. Hit well, the ball flight should be towering and allow for longer carry distances and good stopping power.

We also loved the TaylorMade Stealth HD 2 driver for women as well.

Best Irons for Women
Taylormade Women's Stealth HD Irons

Women golfers who are looking for a towering ball flight, and increased carry distances but in a club that’s on the forgiving side, look no further than the TaylorMade Stealth HD.

Buy from Golf Galaxy
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Best Driving Iron: Titleist U•505

Some golfers prefer to forgo driver or wood off the tee in favor of something they feel gives them more control. Today’s driving irons, or utility irons, give you that option. Typically designed to offer higher ball speeds and launch angles than traditional long irons, these clubs are usually available as either a 1 iron, 2 iron or 3 iron.

The Titleist U•505, which retails for $269 with 1 iron (16 degrees), 2 iron (18 degrees), 3 iron (20 degrees) or 4 iron (22 degrees) options features a lower center of gravity position for greater off-center accuracy. In other words, this club is engineered to be more forgiving.

That said, it’s still a blade (albeit a bit thicker) and is probably best suited for golfers who can make consistently solid contact.

The sole of this club is inspired by the famed Titleist Vokey wedge design. The Variable Bounce Sole softens the trailing edge to allow the club to get through the turf faster so that ball speed is maximized.

If you’re inconsistent with your driver but are able to hit long irons well, a driving iron might be a good thing to consider adding to your bag. Hey, it’s worked for Tiger Woods through the years.

Best Driving Iron
Titleist U505 Driving Iron

Looking for an alternative off the tee? A driving iron might be the answer, and the Titleist U•505 could be the perfect fit.

Buy from Golf Galaxy
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Most Underrated Irons: Takomo Irons

Takomo may be the best golf brand you’ve not yet heard about. But they are quickly turning heads as another direct-to-consumer option that’s offering quality clubs at affordable prices. And their irons in particular are sweet! This brand might not be a sleeper for long, but for now, they are an easy choice for most underrated.

Takomo offers four different sets of irons, each coming in 4i-PW. The Iron 101 is meant to maximize forgiveness. The 101T offers more of a player’s feel with a shorter blade length, less offset and a thinner topline. The 201 aids feel and workability. And the 301 is designed for the low handicap or scratch player.

Beyond the value of these clubs, I think the look and feel is on par with the best of the big-name brands. I’m telling you, don’t sleep on Takomo – especially if you’re on a budget.

Most Underrated Irons
Takomo 201 Irons

If you want a really solid set of irons without paying the big-brand prices, Takomo is worth your attention.

Buy from Takomo Golf
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Best Golf Irons 2024: A Recap

There are a lot of great golf clubs out there, including irons designed for every type of golfer. So while this list is by no means exhaustive, I do think we’ve identified nine great options. If you pick the choice that best aligns with your swing and skill level, I think you’re going to find something on this list that’s going to help your game.

To recap:

  • Best Irons for Scratch Players: TaylorMade P7MB Blades
  • Best Irons for Above Average Ball Strikers: Mizuno Pro 221 Muscle Back Irons
  • Best Irons for Middle Handicappers: Ping G425 Cavity Back Irons
  • Best Irons for Beginners and High Handicappers: Wilson Launch Pad Irons
  • Honorable Mention Game-Improvement Irons: Wilson D9
  • Best Irons for Fixing a Slice: Stix Irons
  • Best Women’s Irons: TaylorMade Stealth HD
  • Best Driving Iron: Titleist U•505
  • Most Underrated Irons: Takomo Irons

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