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10 Reasons Why Stix Makes the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

For many people, the thought of buying your first set of clubs is super daunting.

All the brands pretty much look the same…

All the price tags are weirdly high…

And something just doesn’t feel right about picking up a box set of clubs from Costco that may or may not actually be any good.

Trying to find the best golf clubs for beginners used to be really difficult, but these days, it’s gotten much easier for me to make recommendations.


Because Stix Golf exists.

10 Reasons Why Stix Makes the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

In my opinion, Stix Golf clubs are the best fit for most beginning golfers who want a decent set of clubs, but don’t want to break the bank.

What makes them worth investing in if you’re a beginner to mid-handicap golfer? Keep reading and I’ll tell you.

1. Limited options keep you from getting overwhelmed

If you’ve never been fit for golf clubs, it can be an intense process. Lots of numbers, angles, distances – it’s most likely going to sound like Greek to a new golfer.

Even as someone who has spent the last decade working in the golf industry, I find aspects of it overwhelming.

And guess what? When you’re a beginning golfer, you won’t have enough consistency to know which club is truly right for you. So while a fitting like True Spec is wonderful for many golfers, when you’re just starting out, I think it’s an overkill expense.

Stix makes it easy.

  • Are you right or left-handed?
  • Do you want black or silver?
  • Do you want steel or graphite shafts?
  • How tall are you? 
  • Do you drive it under 200 yards, between 200 and 230, or over 230?

These questions will ensure you get the right club length and the right shaft flex for where your game is at.

Related: Check out my full Stix golf review to learn more about the buying process and my individual thoughts on the clubs themselves.

2. They’ll help you minimize your slice

As many new golfers inevitably discover, the most common miss in golf is a slice. New golfers especially have a tendency to come over the top, resulting in a shot that slices from left to right.

I’ve been golfing for 20 years and this is still my natural shot shape, and when I’m not hitting the ball well, my slice can get pretty ugly.

It only took a few holes of playing with Stix clubs to notice something was different.

Not only was my slice greatly minimized, but on many shots, I was actually drawing the ball (which means hitting it from right to left instead of left to right.)

In fact, it took me a few rounds to adjust my swing because I was no longer having to compensate for my big slice.

I’m not saying it will fix your slice overnight, but both the stix irons and driver have been by far the best clubs I’ve tested for minimizing my slice.

3. They look great

In all my years of doing product reviews, I’ve received more questions about Stix than any other golf club.


Part of the reason is the design. They’re a sleek matte black that looks fantastic and sets them apart from other traditional club manufacturers.

Stix makes the best clubs for beginners.

My set of Stix Clubs.

Just about every time I have them out on the course I get at least one question along the lines of:

“Ooh, what are those?”

Or for the people already familiar with the brand “Are Stix actually any good??”

Most matte black golf clubs look cool at first, but within a round or two they start to show their wear. So far in 10 rounds with the full set of Stix golf clubs, the black coating is looking as good as the day I received them – which is a pleasant surprise.

They also have the option to get the clubs in traditional silver, but keep in mind this will be for the clubhead only. The shafts will still be black.

4. The putter is fantastic

Stix Golf Club Putter

Stix golf putter.

The very first putt I rolled with the Stix Putter I drained a nerve-wracking 5-footer for birdie.

Six months later I’m still personally using the Stix Putter. The weight, the feel, everything about it inspires confidence.

This is one area where you’re going to see a huge upgrade vs. other box sets of clubs.

Best Clubs for Beginners
Stix Golf Clubs: 14 Club Full Set - Use code "BE50" to Save $50!

Stix has what we believe is the best complete set of clubs for under $1k. If you're a new golfer up to a mid-handicap - you should absolutely consider Stix for you next set of clubs.

Buy from Stix Buy from Play Better
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

5. A Set You Can Grow Into

Honestly, if you’ve never hit a golf ball before, then there are going to be some super-game improvement sets that will be easier for you to hit. The Wilson Launch Pads for instance come to mind.

But if you’re serious about golf, then you’re going to grow out of those sets pretty quickly.

Even as a 10 handicap, I’ve found Stix clubs to be great to use. They’ve helped my slice, and they have way more feel than most beginner’s golf clubs.

So not being forced to buy a new set in 18 months once you catch the golf bug, is a huge bonus. They’re still incredibly forgiving, and they’ll only make you a better golfer as you spend more time working on your game.

6. The Driver is Better than in Most Box Sets

Stix Golf Driver

The Stix Driver at address.

You might think that because the Stix driver doesn’t have fancy weights and sliders like the $600 flagship drivers from major brands, that it won’t be a good club.

You’d be wrong.

The Stix driver is a wonderful club for the majority of golfers out there.

For me, I found that I was hitting it nearly as far as my Callaway Mavrik, but that it tended to be straighter as well.

I love the fact it doesn’t have the added complexity of those more expensive drivers. I hate to admit this, but I had about 6 rounds this season where I lost 3-4 drives each, because the settings got messed up on my driver head.

You won’t make that (stupid) mistake here.

7. You Have the Option for Either Graphite or Steel Shafts

For the first few years Stix was around, you only had one option for shaft material: graphite.

Well as of late 2023, you now also have the option to get steel shafts for the Perform series of clubs.

Steel shafts will give you more feedback and control, while also allowing you to hit the ball consistently at higher swing speeds.

But if you’re just starting out? Graphite is lighter, more forgiving, and will help you hit the ball further when compared to a comparable steel shaft.

When buying clubs you’ll usually find the graphite clubs are a bit more expensive. But with Stix, it’s the same price regardless of which model you get. And considering you can get a set of clubs for under $1k? That’s a pretty killer deal.

Speaking of which…

8. A Full Set of Good Clubs for Under $1,000

This might be the best selling point there is.

Right now you can get a set of 14 clubs for $999 at Stix. If you use our Breaking Eighty code “BE50” you’ll save another $50, bringing the price down to $949.

To put this in perspective, between the fitting, the club, and the shaft – my driver alone cost nearly that much.

That box set you found for $500 at Costco or Dicks Sporting goods? It’ll likely be made with poor materials, won’t be very forgiving, and will be more difficult for you to hit. And there’s a good chance it won’t come with a full set, either.

Buying a boxed set is the easiest way for new golfers to get into the game without getting stressed out, and this is the best-boxed set of golf clubs you’ll find, at a price that’s a fraction of what you’d pay for something similar from a major brand.

Oh, and shipping is free for all orders over $500 – so you won’t have the extra expense there.

Quick Note: When I first started writing this post last week, it seemed Stix had raised the price to $1,099 for a full set of clubs. I’m not sure if they’ve permanently lowered it back down, or if they’re currently running a sale – s0 just keep an eye on the price. I’ll do my best to keep this post updated with the latest as well.

9. Wonderful Wedges and Woods

Stix Golf Clubs Driver

The bottom of the driver and woods is done in a shiny metallic finish.

I’ve personally played 10 rounds with the full set of Stix Clubs over the last 6 months. I’ve enjoyed them so much that I even took the full set on a recent golf trip down to Reynolds Lake Oconee.

Currently, I’ve got a mix of clubs in my bag. I’m mostly using my older Mizuno irons, because while they’re not as forgiving as the Stix, when you hit them well, they give you a more control and better feel.

I’m also bordering on a single-digit handicap, and that’s the upper limit of the type of golfer I’d recommend Stix for.

That said, I’ve still got Stix 3 and 5 woods, putter, and 60-degree wedge in my bag.

The woods are super forgiving and easy to hit. I’ve never had a 5 wood before, but it’s quickly become one of my favorite clubs.

And the wedge? It’s fantastic from every spot on the course: fairway, rough, and especially out of the bunker – it feels great.

10. You Can Buy Gently Used Sets

If you’re looking for even more of a discount, you can buy gently used sets of clubs from Stix at a solid 15% discount. So you can get a full set of 14 clubs for about $850.

That said, considering with our code “BE50”, you can get a full set of clubs for $950 right now? I’d spend the extra $100 on a new set. 

The biggest reason is that used sets are “final sale.” So if you get them, and don’t like them? You’re out of luck.

Whereas with a new set, there’s a 30-day return policy. 

That said, if you’re on a tighter budget, you’ve got the option to save some extra money here.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Stix Clubs

By now you can probably tell I’m a fan of Stix. I was pretty skeptical of the clubs before using them, but I’ve had a truly wonderful experience in using these clubs over the last 6 months.

But there are a handful of things I think you should know before buying Stix. None of these would be dealbreakers for me, but they are absolutely things to be aware of before your purchase.

The Return Policy isn’t as Generous as I’d Like to See

For a company like this to work, you have to have a solid return policy. Golf clubs can be a personal thing, and for people to take a chance and buy them without hitting them first – you need to have the reassurance that in a worst-case scenario, you’re able to return them.

With Stix there’s a 30-day return policy. 

But in order to qualify, you can’t have used more than 5 clubs, and you’ll have to pay the return fee to ship them back.

They recommend you use a driver, a wood, an iron, a wedge, and the putter to test. And honestly, that should give you a great representation of the clubs and help you make a good decision.

But most of us will unpackage everything as soon as we receive them, head to the course and play a round of golf! 

So I’d recommend holding your excitement and have a range session first, to make sure you’re happy with the clubs.

Considering Golf Galaxy has a 90 day return policy, I would have liked to see something similar.

Any Alteration Voids the Warranty

I had a blog reader let me know that they had an issue with one of their clubs, but when they tried to get it fixed via warranty, they were denied because they had added an aftermarket grip to the clubs.

So for instance, if you add Arccos Caddie Smart Grips after your purchase, both your 6-month warranty and 30-day return option will be voided.

I get that the company has to protect themselves, but I’d like to see a little more leniency here. If your clubhead flies off, it’s probably not because you regripped the club…

You’ll Still Need to Get a Bag

Stix Golf Clubs Stand Bag

One benefit to buying your typical box set, is that they often come with a bag. Not necessarily a good bag, but you’ll have a way to hold your clubs.

A bag is extra here. 

You can add a bag to any full set for $200.

The bag is actually better than I expected it to be! It’s a nice heather grey color, has great storage, and feels well-built.

But personally?  I don’t need all the Stix branding, and I’d likely go for something else. Jones Sports Co has some great options at a similar price. And if you want some other ideas, here are my other recommendations for best golf bags on the market.

Final Thoughts on the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Are there other great options out there when considering the best golf clubs for beginners? 

Of course there is.

Every major brand makes some wonderful golf clubs these days, so if you’re picking a reputable brand, you can’t go too far wrong.

Frankly, there are more important things for beginner golfers than the clubs you get.

But that’s exactly why I like Stix.

If you’re looking for a full set of 14 clubs, then other brands will either be more expensive or lack quality.

Stix golf hits that sweet spot. They’re forgiving enough for people brand new to the game, but they’re good enough that it’s a set you’ll be able to grow into for many rounds to come.

Their whole concept is direct to consumer. So they can create golf clubs just as good as other companies, but price them lower since they cut out the typical retailer.

Full disclosure, I get a commission if you click one of these links and buy a set of Stix. But here’s the thing, I can get similar links for every other club manufacturer out there.

These truly get my recommendation for best clubs for beginners, and as I mentioned earlier, these are what I’ve recommended to close friends getting into the game.

Are they the only good option? Nope. But do they get my recommendation as the best golf clubs for most beginning golfers? Absolutely.

Best Clubs for Beginners
Stix Golf Clubs: 14 Club Full Set - Use code "BE50" to Save $50!

Stix has what we believe is the best complete set of clubs for under $1k. If you're a new golfer up to a mid-handicap - you should absolutely consider Stix for you next set of clubs.

Buy from Stix Buy from Play Better
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

More About Why Stix Makes the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners:

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