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True All Day Pants Review: Damn Good (Golf) Pants.

Note: TRUE is currently running a Black Friday sale on these pants and they’re $100 instead of $125. They rarely do sales, so this is likely the best time of the year to pick them up.

I’ve learned over the years that golf pants are a very personal thing.

We’re seeing more variety than ever in the market, and finding a pair that works for your style, preferences, and body type can be more challenging than you might expect.

Recently I tried on a pair of modern golf pants from a popular brand and my wife said “those look pants a figure skater would wear.”

Probably not wearing those again.

Others can be too baggy, too tight, too…pleated?

Ok, I usually don’t have to worry about that last one these days.

My point is, I’ve found it difficult to find golf pants I love.

Honestly, my favorite pair of golf pants over the last 5 years aren’t even golf pants at all.

They’re by a brand of travel pants called Bluffworks.

I’ve worn these pants countless times on the golf course. I’ve worn them to nice dinners. I’ve worn them backpacking through the Dolomites.

However, in recent years they updated that particular model, and I’m not quite as big of a fan of the changes. Still great, mind you, but not perfect.

This has led me to seek out another pair of those “do anything” pants that are also excellent on the golf course.

Enter, the True Linkswear “All-Day” Pants.

Well, for starters, they got the name right. This is truly (ha) what I’m looking for.

But are the All Day pants any good? What’s better, the chinos or the 5 pockets? And are they worth the $125 they’re charging for them?

I’ll answer all of these questions and more in this review.

First Impressions of the TRUE Linkswear All-Day Pants

One thing I’ve always been impressed with when it comes to TRUE is how well they do their packaging. 

Most of their shoes come in reusable shoe bags, that are both environmentally conscious, and unique among shoe brands.

Whether you get the All-Day Chinos or 5-Pockets they come in a nice reusable plastic bag, that sticks with their emphasis on high-quality presentation.

It feels like a minor thing, but it immediately gives you a sense of “this brand pays attention to the details,” which they do.

Fortunately, this also carries over to the pants themselves.

True All-Day Chinos

I picked up a pair in olive, and another in charcoal, but across the board, I’m a big fan of the neutral colorways they provide.

I immediately noticed little things when I put them on, such as the cell phone pocket on the side, and the fact the back pockets have a zipper.

Touches like these are one of the things I’m looking for in “all-day” pants. I usually wear these types of pants most when I’m traveling, since I can wear them anywhere from the golf course, to a bar, to dinner – or anywhere else.

If I’m in a big city and on a subway or in a crowded space, having the zippered back pocket gives me a little extra piece of mind that I won’t be pickpocketed.

Comfort and Performance

The pants themselves are very comfortable and are the perfect balance of breathable and movable, while still generally feeling like a pair of chinos.

When I wear 5 pocket pants, I usually expect them to be a bit stiffer and more denim-esque, so these took a little bit of adjusting for me.

True All Day 5 Pocket pants.

One major thing I noticed about both pants is that there’s no elasticity to the waist. A few different brands with these styles of pants have gone towards a more elastic waistband (and even Levis offers this with some of their denim jeans).

Personally, I prefer having that flexibility and a little extra space – especially if I’ve been out of my workout routine for a few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

So keep in mind, that the sizing should be pretty true (there it is again), and not give you a ton of flexibility.

I’m a 34×32 and they fit perfectly at present.

One thing I noted is that it says all of their pants have a 32″ inseam. I totally get why they do this from a manufacturing standpoint, as it significantly cuts down on the number of SKUs they have to have.

And for a small company making their first foray into pants? It makes sense.

Fortunately, I’ve worn a 34×32 for the last decade.

I’m 6″1, but if you’re significantly taller or shorter than that, then you may find yourself running into issues with the length of the pants.

The Five Pocket and the Chinos are honestly very similar in a lot of ways.

The chinos are straight, whereas the 5 pockets are tapered. And obviously, the pocket styling is different.

But overall it’s the exact same material and a similar fit between the two models.

Final Thoughts on the TRUE Linskwear All-Day Pants

Honestly, I’m super impressed with these pants.

I’m always skeptical of brands in the midst of their first foray into apparel.

I regularly tell people, I feel like it usually takes at least 3 seasons for a new apparel company to get a polo to fit right.

I’d expect no difference with pants.

But straight out of the gate, TRUE has done a very good job with these.

They look good, they feel good, and you really can wear them for just about anything.

I personally prefer the chinos, I think in part because they’re the more suitable replacement for the Bluffworks pants I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

But both are high quality and fit great.

Bottom line? It’s not a stretch to say that the True All Day chinos may very well be my new favorite golf pants.

Note: I’ll get some better pictures of my own soon. Getting photos of yourself in clothing isn’t always the easiest thing to do ๐Ÿ™‚

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The TRUE Linkswear All-Day Chinos are my new favorite golf pants. Not only are they great on the course, you can wear them hiking, to dinner, on a flight - or anywhere else for that matter.  Use code "BREAKING15" to save 15%!

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Good Things

  • Extremely comfortable
  • High quality material
  • Super versatile

Bad Things

  • 32" inseam may be an issue for some.

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