A Winter Weekend at Bandon Dunes (Video)

I’ve been telling people for years that a trip to Bandon Dunes in the off season may not be such a bad idea.

While still full, you’re not dealing with the same level of crowds that you will in the summer, and it’s a fraction of the price – especially if you’re an Oregon resident.

As an example, in February my buddy Nick and I went down there for a weekend, and to play all 5 courses and have a 2 nights lodging, we each paid just over $500.

In July that’d be a round and a half – with no lodging!

December and January this last year had been beautiful. We thought for sure that we’d gotten lucky and would have another amazing Bandon experience.

That’s until the freak snowstorm hit that was the biggest we’d seen in the Willamette Valley in 5 years.

We almost didn’t go.

It was 3 hours through snow packed roads down I5 – I’ve never driven that road with snow, because it never has any!

What waited for us at the coast was, well, a lot of wind and rain.

Here’s what happened:

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