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BedJet 3 Review: Is it a Worthy Budget Competitor to Eight Sleep?

Despite the fact this is a golf blog, I’ve accidentally become somewhat of an expert in sleep heating and cooling systems.

About 3 years ago I picked up a Sleep.Me Ooler. It was far from perfect, but definitely helped lead to more comfortable and more restful sleeps.

Fast forward to about 4 months ago when I had the chance to upgrade to an Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover.

It blows the Ooler out of the water.

It isn’t even close in terms of features, functionality, and most importantly its ability to warm and cool.

But there’s a third major competitor in the space: BedJet.

I’ve been familiar with the company for years, but had never had a chance to use their product.

BedJet has set itself apart from Sleep.Me and Eight by both having a less expensive product, and using air to regulate temperature rather than water.

The question is, does it work?

In this BedJet 3 review I’m going to share all of the details about what it’s like to setup and use a BedJet system.

I’ll also be directly comparing it to both Eight Sleep and Sleep.Me since I have experience with both and there’s a good chance if you’re thinking about buying a BedJet, you’ve considered one of the others as well.

So ready to see if BedJet is the “budget” sleep climate system of your dreams? 

Let’s do this thing.

First Impressions of the BedJet 3

One thing I want to make clear right up front: it’s a little bit unfair to compare the BedJet 3 to the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover. 


Because one costs about 4 times more than the other.

The Eight Sleep has both style and substance – it works wonderfully.

But considering most configurations of Eight can easily eclipse $2,000 – it’s going to price out a lot of people.

But guess what? You can snag a BedJet 3 and Cloud Cover sheet for just over $500. That is a really attractive option – assuming it works anywhere near as well as the Eight.

Out of the box, you definitely notice the price difference between the two products.

While Eight is a very sleek setup, the packaging for the BedJet does feel a bit cheap in comparison.

The plastic components don’t scream “high end,” and the cardboard packaging doesn’t do it any favors either.

When I first took all of the components out of the box, I was a little overwhelmed with all of the different pieces it came with.

BedJet 3 Box

Opening up the box of the BedJet 3.

Not to mention the instruction book is definitely bulkier than I’d anticipated.

However, despite some reservations with my first impressions, I’ve got good news: setup is actually very easy and in less than 15 minutes I was up and running with my BedJet 3.

For comparison’s sake, it took me about twice as long to setup the Eight Pod 3, and an extra 3 hours of “priming” before I could use it.

What is a BedJet?

Before we go any further, let’s make sure we’ve established exactly what the BedJet 3 is and what it does.

The BedJet is a sleep system that helps regulate the temperature in your bed from a low of around 67 degrees up to 109 degrees on the warm end.

As mentioned, instead of using a water-regulated mattress pad, it instead uses an air-filled top sheet to achieve this goal.

You can get it with a remote control or there’s a smartphone app you can download to heat and cool your bed, as well as set schedules based on how you sleep.

For best results, you can get the $99 “Cloud Sheet” which has discreet openings for the air tube to ensure optimal heating and cooling.

BedJet Cloud Sheet

The “Cloud Sheet”

Similar to Sleep.Me climate systems, if you sleep with a partner, you’ll need two separate BedJet units if you want to have dual climate control. 

BedJet 3 Setup: Easier than Meets the Eye

When I first opened the box, I was a little overwhelmed with all of the plastic parts of the BedJet, and then equally as overwhelmed by the beefy instruction book and 14-step process for getting everything set up.

BedJet 3 Components

Everything in the BedJet 3 box

However, once I jumped into it, I realized setup was much less intense than I expected it to be.

You can use BedJet 3 with your existing sheets, but for the best experience, it’s recommended you pick up a Cloud Sheet, which is what I’ve done.

One thing I like about the BedJet compared to the Ooler or Eight is the fact they recommend you put it under your bed. The Eight is too big to fit under your bed, and Sleep.Me recommended not to put it under the bed due to overheating issues.

BedJet vs. Eight Sleep vs. Ooler

The Ooler, BedJet 3, and Eight Sleep side by side.

So the fact that the BedJet is meant to go under there is great.

The downside is that because of the larger hose necessary for the right amount of airflow, the hose does protrude out more than the other two systems.

It’s not a huge deal, but if you love the look of a perfectly made bed, the slight bump from the hose may bother you.

BedJet 3 Hose

What the BedJet looks like with the hose connected to the Cloud Sheet. Keep in mind, this won’t be quite as obvious when you put a comforter or duvet on top of it.

I picked up a single zone system with the cloud sheet. With this configuration, it’s recommended the hose be attached in the center of the sheet. There are also openings on either side if that ends up being more convenient for your bedroom setup.

BedJet 3 Cloud Sheet Opening

Here’s an example of one of the Cloud Sheet openings for the hose vent.

Once you understand how the hose mount works, it’s very simple to assemble and size based on the height of your mattress.

BedJet 3

The components used for mounting the BedJet 3 to the bed (ignore the remote batteries).

The only hiccup I had was getting the hose vent into the sheet itself. When you unbutton the sheet to reveal the opening, at first glance the opening isn’t big enough to accommodate the vent. After a minute of finagling and trying not to tear the sheet, I was able to get it in.

You then attach the hose to the mount on one side, and to the BedJet unit on the other and you’re basically ready to go.

I downloaded the BedJet control app and had it paired to my unit in less than 2 minutes.

But I’ll talk more about the app experience in a little bit.

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BedJet 3 Performance: How Well Does it ACTUALLY Work?

The first time you turn the BedJet 3 on, it’s a bit of a surreal experience as you watch your comforter literally start hovering as the sheet fills with air.

BedJet 3 Turned Off

The Cloud Sheet with the BedJet 3 turned off.

BedJet 3 Turned On

The Cloud Sheet with the BedJet 3 turned on.

When you climb into bed it provides a distinctly different experience from the water-based systems.

When using the Eight Sleep, for instance, the feeling of hot or cold is very acute. If you turn it on while you’re in bed, you’ll immediately notice your back getting cold (or warm) as the water permeates the mattress pad.

With the BedJet it’s less dramatic. 

BedJet 3 unit

The BedJet 3 unit and controls.

I’ve found myself really enjoying having a bit of airflow under the covers, and it can change temperatures from cold to warm much faster than water-based systems. 

However, in my experience sleeping with the BedJet 3 for a week, it doesn’t do quite as good of a job of either heating or cooling as the Eight or Ooler.

Don’t get me wrong, having warm air blowing through your covers on a cold day is downright delightful.

But on its most extreme settings, if you set the Eight to its hottest or coldest settings before you get in bed – you’re getting exactly what you want: either an icy cold or burning hot bed. And obviously, you can set it anywhere in between.

Also, if you don’t have air conditioning and are in a warm bedroom (above 75-80 degrees), the BedJet will struggle to combat the heat and won’t get you much in the way of cold air.

The Ooler has similar struggles, while the Eight Sleep handles this much better.

Despite these critiques and comparisons to a different style of system, guess what?

Under normal conditions, the BedJet 3 absolutely does what it says it will do: heat or cool your bed to make sleeping conditions much more comfortable.

The fact it is more subtle and uses air versus water is definitely something some people will prefer as well. And if that’s you? Congratulations, you’re going to get exactly what you want and save a whole bunch of money over other systems in the process!

Is the BedJet 3 Loud?

After using the Eight Sleep for the last few months I’ve gotten really accustomed to a sleep system that is very quiet.

The Ooler is still fairly noticeable even on “silent” mode, and when you turn it up to high it’s borderline obnoxious.

The BedJet 3 is somewhere in between.

After having the very quiet Eight Sleep, when I turned the BedJet on to 100% for the first time I was taken aback by how loud it was.

You definitely notice it when it’s cooling the bed.

Even when you drop it down to 30% power, it’s still pretty loud.

However, when you’re heating the bed, the sound is significantly less intrusive. It seems the fans really only kick into high gear when you’re trying to make the bed colder.

BedJet 3 Under Bed

The BedJet 3 fits well under most beds.

But here’s the thing, the sound isn’t as bothersome as it is on the Ooler.

The Ooler has an annoying whirring fan.

The BedJet sounds exactly like a white noise machine.

I’ve traveled quite a bit with our toddler in close quarters this year, so I’ve gotten used to having a noise machine.

The BedJet 3 just sounds like that.

While it’s a little jarring at first if you’re not expecting it, after a few night’s sleep I’ve actually found it to be rather soothing.

So while yes it’s pretty loud, if you’re okay with white noise, it’s not as intrusive as other systems.

And if you’re primarily planning to use the BedJet to hear, rather than cool, the noise isn’t an issue.

BedJet App: Is it User-Friendly?

The BedJet app is pretty straightforward and user-friendly.

The downside is it looks like it was designed about 15 years ago. 

Compared to the very sleek and modern Eight Sleep app, this one is looking pretty long in the tooth.

BedJet App

The primary screen on the BedJet app.

But the good news is that it still works very well.

You can easily turn your BedJet 3 on, set the temperature to whatever you want, and create schedules for your hot and cool programs.

The app uses a Bluetooth connection, which is fine, but I would have really liked to see WiFi support.

The BedJet does have a WiFi connection, but as far as I can tell it’s just for updating firmware, rather than actually being able to control the unit.

For people who don’t always have their phone near them when they sleep, or those who want some extra versatility, there’s an optional remote control you can pick up.

BedJet 3 Remote

The BedJet 3 optional remote control

The remote allows you to do everything the app does, and is generally very responsive. That said, it feels like a remote you might find on a high-end AV receiver. It does all kinds of stuff when all you really want it to do is turn the device on, off, and adjust the temperature.

Using the BedJet 3 with a Partner

My wife and I are similar to many couples in that we have vastly different temperature preferences when we sleep.

I like it as cold as possible, even in the Winter. 

She likes it as warm as possible the majority of the time.

We have a single BedJet unit, and the first night I had it on, I had it set to it’s coldest setting. That lasted about an hour before she made me turn up the heat.

BedJet 3 Sheet

When you turn it on and don’t have a comforter turned off, I was surprised at how much it really did inflate!

As I mentioned earlier, in order to have dual zones with the BedJet you need to have a separate unit. 

If you’re single, this is great since you’re not paying more for a second zone you won’t need. But if you sleep with someone else, then the cost goes up dramatically for the second unit.

It’s also a requirement to have a Dual Zone Cloud Sheet if you’re using a BedJet 3 for couples.

The fact the Eight Sleep has dual zones built-in is really nice, but again, you’re paying for that convenience.

So when considering which BedJet 3 solution is right for you, just consider you’re significant other, and if you generally prefer vastly different climate settings when you sleep.

-More expensive to buy second unit

-You’ll run into issues if you prefer different temps

-Eight is nice as while the unit is expensive, you’re not paying any more for dual zone control

BedJet 3 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, I’ve found the BedJet 3 to be a solid sleep system that does exactly what it says it’s going to do.

It may not have quite the performance and flash that the Eight Sleep system does, but you shouldn’t expect it to at a fraction of the price.

There’s something about the airflow the BedJet 3 provides that makes sleeping using the system feel a little more…luxurious.

Regardless of whether you’re choosing warm or cool air, it feels great, even if I wasn’t able to get it to feel quite as hot, or quite as cold, as water-based systems.

While $500 is still a lot of money to spend, if you’re considering it, I think you’ll absolutely be happy with the purchase. It definitely helps you sleep better, and compared to its competitors, it won’t totally break the bank in the process.

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Good Things

  • Easy to setup and use with either app or remote
  • Air really does improve sleep comfort
  • Much less expensive than competitors

Bad Things

  • Presentation is lacking
  • It gets quite loud when cooling
  • App interface is more function over form

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