Club Glove Last Bag Review: The Best Golf Travel Bag Out There?

Highly Recommended

Over the past year or so I’ve started doing a lot more traveling with golf clubs.

And we’re not talking throw them in the back of the car and head out for a long weekend a few hours away. Since I started this top 100 quest I’ve been flying all over the world playing top 100 golf clubs – and I needed a golf travel bag that would live up to the constant abuse I’ve been throwing at it.

Up until recently, I’d been using the Tour Trek GTS 3 bag, which I bought before my first trip last year.

That bag sucked.

Granted, it was less than $100, so far from top of the line, but I got about 4 trips out of it before the holes were too much to handle. My golf bag also never quite fit right, so that was a constant frustration.

Back to the drawing board

After asking around, and getting a few reader emails, I finally settled on the Club Glove Last Bag Collegiate with wheels.

This thing is like going from a bottle of Cooks to drinking a nice Veuve Clicquot.

My Last Bag arrived just in time for my recent Scotland trip, and I was excited to load it up and see how it worked.

Note: My original review was for a Club Glove “Burst Proof 2” that has been discontinued and as I understand it, renamed the Last Bag Collegiate. So there might be a few discrepancies in photos, but all of the important stuff is the same.

First Impressions of the Club Glove Last Bag Collegiate

When the bag arrived it was literally in the Club Glove branded box, wrapped in a plastic bag – so if left on the porch it’d be pretty clear what was sitting there.

That being said, once I got it out of the box, I was immediately impressed with the build quality of the bag.

The canvas felt about twice as thick as my previous bag, the rivets seemed extremely secure – and let’s face it, the bag just looks cool.

Club Glove Burst Proof 1

Club Glove Burst Proof 2

Club Glove is known as being the leader in travel bags, and they claim that the vast majority of Tour Pros use their bag – and after one trip with it, it isn’t hard to see why.

Last Bag Collegiate Performance

The Club Glove Last Bag has one big space for your golf bag, and inside that has two separate compartments for shoes or accessories. I always pack two pairs of golf shoes, one on each side, and never have any issues with it fitting.

The rollerblade wheels they have on this thing are fantastic, and the whole bag rolled smoothly whether it was on the streets of Edinburgh or the airport terminal.

Club Glove Burst Proof 3

The thick plastic casing on the bottom of the bag was also an extremely welcome change when compared to my Tour Trek which started to wear out after only the second trip.

There are three security straps on the outside that are well built, and allowed me to cinch down the entire bag before flying with it.

The padded top also made my feel safe that my driver and woods would arrive in the same shape as they were when I left.

Downsides to the Last Bag Collegiate

My only real complaint is that it didn’t have quite as much space as I was thinking it would. I’m not one of those golf minimalists, so my bag is not the smallest, and while it fit, when I tried to cram 3 pairs of shoes and a few other misc. items, it definitely got a little snug and made getting it zipped a slight challenge.

Luckily the zipper seems extremely high quality, and worst-case scenario there’s a limited lifetime warranty which should cover and major defects.

Final Thoughts on the Club Glove Last Bag Collegiate

Even despite not having a ton of extra space, this bag rocks. Going back, I might consider paying a little bit more and getting The Last Bag in a larger size – considering my travel partner had one, and I was pretty jealous – but for all intents and purposes, this will do me just fine for the next couple years of travel.

The Burst Proof also comes in a ton of different colorways, and if you’re particularly concerned about club damage for an extra fee you can get a stiff arm for extra protection.

Bottom line, if you’re in the market for a golf bag, get a Club Glove. You won’t regret it.

Grab The Last Bag on Amazon Here

Good Things

  • Extremely Well Built
  • Looks Great
  • Lots of Colorways

Bad Things

  • Not Quite as Big as I Hoped
  • A Little Spendy

The Breakdown

Presentation (Looks)
Personal Affinity

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