How to Club Twirl

How to Club Twirl (aka The Most Important Lesson in Golf)

If you were asked what the most important aspect of golf is, you might have any number of replies.

A strong mental game and ability to keep a level head…

Be able to hit the ball straight…

Avoiding three putts…

Sure those are all elements of becoming a successful golfer, but those pale in comparison to what is truly the most important lesson in the game.

Obviously I’m talking about…the club twirl.

If you pop your drive dead center down the middle of the fairway, and don’t pull of the obligatory club twirl, then did it even matter?

Of course not.

Unfortunately for my solidly mediocre golf game, this a lesson I learned late in my golfing career.

I was standing on the 2nd teebox at Spyglass Hill for the 2019 Lexus Champions for Charity Golf Tournament.

As one does, I hit a fantastic shot landing right in the middle of the fairway.

“Bingo! Shoulda club twirled,” said Kyle Maze of Cart Barn Guys fame.

“I don’t know how to club twirl!” I responded.

And then from out of nowhere, Fredrik Lindblom (who is the KING of the club twirl) comes running up to give a lesson.

So dear golfer, today you get the same lesson that I did on that fateful morning. 

A lesson in the art of the club twirl.


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