Maide Golf Pants Review – “The Best Golf Pants in the World”

Over the last couple years my good friend Dan Jarvis has traveled all over the world to play golf with me.

He’s the one guy I can call up on a moments notice and say “hey, wanna go to Scotland in 10 days?”

And his response will be “just tell me when and where and I’ll book the car and hotels.”

So needless to say throughout our time traveling all over the place, we’ve developed our fair share of inside jokes.

One of the most common recurring ones is the story of the world’s best pair of golf pants.

It started on a trip a couple years ago when we were on the course and he said “Dude, these are the best freaking golf pants I’ve ever owned. They’re amazing!”

Then during nearly every round of golf we’ve played since, something comes up about the amazing golf pants.

My initial reaction, naturally was to ask where they were from…

“Ummm, I don’t know, they have a little “m” on the pocket. My pro recommended them.”

After doing a little bit of research I found that this “m” stood for “Maide” which was the golf line of clothing from the company Bonobos – and the staple in their line was called the Highland golf pant.

Hands on With Maide Golf Pants

So clearly these pants had been on my radar for awhile, but I hadn’t actually gotten around to trying them out for myself.

Until this year’s PGA show. Maide Golf Pants

Before the Show I was golfing with my friend Ashley Mayo and asking her who I should track down and talk to at the Show.

Her response?

Maide. “The people behind it are really cool, and their product is awesome.”

That’s all it took, I was sold.

I setup a meeting with their PR person Erin, and proceeded to have her tell me how great the pants were, and offer me a pair to try out.

At this point, you’ve gotta understand how high my expectations were.

Usually I’m just rocking a basic pair of Nike Golf pants, which have always been suitable, but have never really blown me away, persay.

After two rounds playing in my Maide pants, I can safely say, they truly are the best golf pants I’ve ever worn.

What Sets Maide Pants Apart?

So what really sets Maide pants apart – I mean after all, how unique can pants be?

There are a few key things that make all the difference for me.

1) Perfect Fit

The first is the fit. Bonobos is known for making excellent pants that provide a bit of a tailored fit.

My Maide pants, fit me perfectly. The legs are slightly skinnier than my typical pants which I wouldn’t necessarily describe as baggy, but they certainly don’t feel tailored.

They provide a high end feel, and I found myself feeling more confident and stylish as I walked around the course in them. And we all know when it comes to golf, confidence is everything.

2) Golf Specific Touches

One of the biggest struggles many golfers face is their shirt becoming untucked in the middle of the round. Well, to solve this problem, the Maide pants have a ring of rubber around the inside of the waste pant to keep your shirt firmly in place.

Other companies have certainly done this, but 75% of the pants I own do not have this feature, and it makes all the difference. Pair that with a nice shirt from Holderness and Bourne – and you’ll be screaming class, without sacrificing function.

Other nice golf touches are zipper adjustable hems on some of their pants, and the option for the traditional Highland golf pant, or a lighter-weight summer Highland pant – so you have options regardless of the time of year.

3) Water Resistant 

How many times have you been on the course, and have just enough rain hit to get your pants wet before you can throw on your rain clothes?

Maybe it’s just me, but this happens in Portland a lot and often it’s not warm enough to make it dry quickly.

One of the major benefits of the Maide pants is that they are water resistant. While at the show, Erin showed me a demo where she poured water directly on the pants – and it beaded up immediately a

Some fun patterns on the Highland Golf Pant

Some fun patterns on the Highland Golf Pant

nd could be brushed off leaving the pants completely dry.

All for show? Nope, I was able to repeat it at home with my pants, and had a similar experience on the course during my first round in them – where there was some light rain, but my pants stayed totally dry.

Final Thoughts?

I love these pants. It’s cool to see that they’ve been expanding their line lately to include different weight pants, shorts, and even some tops as well – although I haven’t had the chance to really get hands on with these.

The pants are a little bit more than your typical Nike or Adidas pant (at little over $100), but the quality makes it more than worth the price – especially if you’re the kind of person who would rather invest in one or two nice clothing items, rather than having a bunch of mediocre ones.

The only knock I’d have on them, is due to the tailored fit, I’m not sure they would be perfect for all body types – however that’s very much speculation rather than hands on experience.

In true Bonobos form, the pants come in quite a few different colorway and pattern options, so regardless of whether you’re looking for a little flash, or to just be the cool kid in perfectly tailored clothes – the Highland pant by Maide Golf is a fantastic option.

Buy Them!

Good Things

  • Tailored Fit
  • Water Resistant
  • Lots of Color/Pattern Options

Bad Things

  • Not many...

The Breakdown

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  1. Bob D

    I am sure your Maide pants are great, but you have to try LuluLemon ABC pants. They might simply be the best pants in the world. You can dress them up, down on and off the course. So comfortable. They are like wearing sweatpants. I was skeptical at first, but my wife bought them for me and I love them. I need a few more pairs so i can wear them every day. In case you are curious, “ABC” stands for;
    ABC (anti-ball crushing) engineering gives you and the family jewels room to breathe!

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