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How Patrick Koenig Played 405 Unique Golf Courses in 365 Days

I first met Patrick Koenig a little over 5 years ago.

He quickly became one of my best friends and favorite travel partners in the world of golf.

There was the time I beat him for the first (and only) time while battling food poisoning…

Or the time I made a par to his bogey on one of the most famous holes in golf.

One time we even tee’d it up with pirate caddies (yes, that’s a thing).

About 3 years ago, he told me about this crazy idea he had for quitting his job, and road-tripping around the US playing golf in an RV.

2 years ago, we tee’d it up at Pumpkin Ridge in torrential rain, on the 2nd day of what he would dub the RGV Tour (Recreational Golf Vehicle Tour).

And one year ago, I joined him for the final round of the trip at Bandon Trails.

During that time he played over 450 rounds of golf on 405 different golf courses – getting dangerously close to a world record in the process.

In fact, it’s safe to say that in 2018, no one on Earth played more unique golf courses than Patrick.

When I went down to Bandon to tee it up with him, I got really excited about shooting some video and telling the story of the Tour.

We did a couple interviews, shot some footage, and had the makings of a really compelling video telling the story of what his year looked like, and why he decided to embark on the adventure.

And then for 11 months it sat 80% of the way edited on my hard drive.

Yeah, I’m a terrible friend.

But in honor of the upcoming one year anniversary of the end of the Tour, I knew it was time to finish what I’d started – and share the story of the ultimate golf road trip from a perspective you may not have seen if you followed along his adventure through his Instagram.

So, finally. A year too late, here is a recap of the ultimate golf adventure:

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