The Golf Club Hole 3

The Golf Club: An Uber-Exclusive Golf Paradise in Ohio

This is where our Ohio golf trip takes a dramatic change.

Scioto Country Club was a big social club with a brutal championship golf course.

Muirfield Village is a world renowned course on an international level, with a brutal championship course, and is one of the few courses out there that both golfers, and non golfers alike have heard of.

The Golf Club has nothing in common with either of those.

Ranked 89 and 72 in the world, respectively by Digest and Golf Mag, The Golf Club is located on about 500 acres north of Columbus, and they boast a small membership of around 150 people. Everything about it is understated, classic, and it makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to a much more simple place.

Despite routinely being in the Top 100 courses in the world, unless you’re a diehard golf architecture aficionado, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of it – and that’s how they like it.

The majority of members use The Golf Club as a second or third membership, and as such, the Club sees very little play.

The Golf Club is one of Pete Dye’s original works, and in my opinion – one of his very best. You can see the beginnings of where the over the top ideas came from, but here, it’s much more subdued and reigned in – in the best way possible.

We had the first tee time of the day, and it was one of the most pure and enjoyable golf experiences I’ve ever had.

There are no homes.

No other golfers pushing you.

And a routing that is strategic, enjoyable, but not nearly as difficult as the previous courses, which was a welcome respite.

From the moment you step up to the putting green, you know you’re in for something special.

In what is easily the coolest multi-use green I’ve ever seen, the 18th green is also the practice putting green, AND it serves as the back tee box for the first hole.

Which, obviously we had to experience.

18th Green and Putting Green. Photo credit: @pjkoenig

#3 is one of the best par 3s in the world, and is historic in the sense that it was one of the first instances of using railroad ties in bunkers – which Mr. Dye has become so well known for.

The Golf Club Hole 3

The all world, third hole at The Golf Club

What struck me about this course was often it was the subtleties that made it so special – this from an architect who is anything but subtle.

For instance, the small ridge guarding the 10th green. Nothing major, but it takes the only hole on the course without a formal hazard, and makes it interesting and memorable.

Oh, and they also probably have the coolest logo in golf.

Of all the places I’ve played in my travels, this is one where I feel like I got away with something I shouldn’t have.

How I was able to score a tee time here is beyond me, and it’s one I’m not sure I’ll ever be lucky enough to finagle again.

It’s truly un-like anything I’ve experienced in the world of golf, and makes for a very special day if you’re fortunate enough to play.

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