Adipower Adidas Boost Golf Shoe

Adidas Adipower Boost Golf Shoe Review

This is my hands on review of the Adidas Adipower Boost Golf Shoe

Last week I was in Vail, Colorado on a ski trip and got a phone call from my girlfriend.

“A package arrived for you.”

I had a feeling I knew what it was, but I told her to open it and sure enough it was my brand new Adipower Adidas Boost golf shoes.

“It’s a pair of Adidas golf shoes. I hate to say it, but they look really cool!”

She works for Nike..

Adipower Adidas Boost Golf Shoe 1

Adidas Boost Golf Looks

After returning from my trip, I opened up the box and was extremely happy with what I saw.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been super enamored with an Adidas golf shoe. I like the Tour Pro 360s well enough, but other models just hadn’t really done it for me.

These do.

I got mine in the grey/black/purple color way, and they pretty much hit all the marks for what I look for in a golf shoe:

  • They stand out, but not in an obnoxious way
  • They clearly look like golf shoes
  • They’re modern looking
  • The grey color matches pretty much anything I wear out on the course.

Adipower Adidas Boost Golf Shoe 4

Lately I’ve been wearing a lot more soft spike shoes like my Lunar Waverley’s and Ecco Biom Hybrid 2s (review coming soon) – so this was the first proper cleated golf shoe I’d worn since my TW 13’s – which were unbelievably uncomfortable for me during my first few rounds.

The cleats themselves had me curious, as they were a bit smaller than I was expecting them to be, and honestly didn’t look like they would grip all that well. By the time I got on the course, however, these fears would be quickly put to rest.

Adipower Adidas Boost Golf Shoe 2

What’s notable about this new Adidas shoe is their new Boost technology, which has been the biggest push by the company I’ve seen in quite some time. It was definitely one of the bigger displays and new products unveiled at this years PGA Merchandise show.

So what exactly is ‘Boost’ and does it really do anything special?

Well accordingly to Adidas: “BOOST technology is designed to deliver maximum energy return, responsiveness and unparalleled comfort.”

The boost insert itself looks kind of like a cushy styrofoam. It’s not plastic like a Nike Air Bag, and because of that I have concerns that over time it could stain or get exceedingly dirty. After three winter rounds however, they’re still looking nice and white.

Adipower Adidas Boost Golf Shoe 5

So I like the way they look. I like the idea of the tech behind it. Now the big question though, did they perform?

My First Round with Adidas Adipower Boost Golf Shoes

For my first round with the Boost shoes I woke up early on a nice day here in Portland and was the only person on the course. I knew I wanted to play pretty quickly, so the shoes were going to have to perform – and hopefully I wouldn’t have to quit after 9 like I did with my TW shoes a while back.

As soon as I put the shoes on and I started walking around there was one word that came to mind:


Is that a word? That’s totally a word…right?

It felt kind of like I was walking on a little mini-trampoline – in a good way.

There were a couple times recently in my Lunar Waverley’s that I’ve slipped or didn’t always feel like I had the support that I wanted.

The Adidas Boost felt exceedingly stable, sturdy, and most importantly: comfortable.

I birdied the first hole in my first round with them – so maybe there was something to this technology after all!

I played my first 18 holes in less than 2.5 hours, and at the end of the round my feet felt fantastic. Seriously, the Adipower Boost Golf Shoe was just as comfortable as advertised – which I was happy to hear, because I really was hoping these shoes would live up to expectations (they did).

I’ve also found that after a few rounds in the shoes, my body feels really good after playing. I don’t know if it’s the fact I’ve been training for a 100 mile relay race and am in better shape than I have been, or if it’s simply that the super cushioned shoes are making my 18 hole walks that much easier on my body.

I’m just gonna go with the latter.

In the End?

In the end I would absolutely recommend the new Boost golf shoes to someone who is looking for a cleated golf shoe with an aggressive modern flair. They’re comfortable, I haven’t slipped once (even when playing with early morning dew on the ground), and I’ve gotten numerous comments from playing partners about how they liked the new kicks.

The only real downside is the price point. At $190 is definitely on the higher end of things for the average golfer, especially one who isn’t going to be playing multiple times a week. I would have loved to see it come in closer to $125-150.  That being said, the Adipower Sport Boost is right at $150, so this could be a good option for people who don’t want to shell out quite that much money.

Financials aside however, this shoe ticks all of the boxes for me, and I have absolutely no problem recommending them.

Recommended For: The lower handicapper who plays more than once a week, generally walks the course, and prefers traditional cleats to soft spikes.

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Good Things

  • Looks Fantastic
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Solid Grip and Durability

Bad Things

  • Pricey
  • "Boost" Look May Not Be for Everyone.

The Breakdown

Presentation (Looks)
Personal Affinity

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  1. mikeflynn

    I wore them around the house and my heel got sore after less than an hour. If you run your finger along the insole (you may need to remove it) you will feel the point where the soft “boost” piece joins the hard part of the sole. It is like having a permanent stone in your shoe.
    Shoes need to be a combination of cushioning and support. The cushioning and support are not working in this design.
    When I brought them back to the store I was told that the cushion would probably wear down in time but that means that the hard bit would be sticking up.
    Placing a boost implant in at the heel when the runners have the boost the length of the foot makes no sense.
    These are badly designed shoes.
    If only asics would introduce a gel kayano 20 series golf shoe!!!! That would be comfort beyond belief.

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