Callaway Oceanside Golf Shoe

Callaway Golf Shoes: Is the Oceanside the Next Great Spikeless Shoe?

I don’t know about you, but when I think about what my next pair of golf shoes is going to be, Callaway isn’t usually the first brand that comes to mind.

Buying a new driver? Sure, the Epic Flash is fantastic.

But Callaway Golf Shoes? I was a bit skeptical.

Recently I got sent a pair of Callaway Oceanside Golf Shoes. They’re spikeless which is what I usually wear these days, and off the bat, I can’t say I was totally drawn to the style.

But after a couple days on the feet?

I must admit, I’m pleasantly surprised at how well they perform, and frankly, look.

Callaway Oceanside Golf Shoe

First Impressions of the Oceanside Callaway Golf Shoes

Being from Portland, and with a wife who works at Nike, I tend to be drawn to golf shoes that are a little, well, bold.

The Flyknit Racer G is a great example of this.

But I’m also realistic in the sense that those are not, everyday golf shoes.

Over the past year for casual rounds, I’ve found myself using the Footjoy Flex quite a bit, but if the ground gets a little wet, the traction can definitely suffer, and they haven’t ever been my favorite from a looks perspective.

These Callaway shoes didn’t grab me at first with their looks, but once I put them on, I was actually pretty pleased with the style. They’ve grown on me each time I’ve worn them, a well.

Callaway Oceanside Golf Shoe

They’re spikeless shoes, but they almost look more like a traditional golf shoe.

The grey color-way looks good with just about anything, and you can use them with both shorts and pants easily.

So after being initially skeptical, they started to grow on me pretty quickly.  But that doesn’t mean much unless they’re comfortable and actually perform.

Callaway Spikeless Golf Shoes: How Do They Perform?

From the moment I put these shoes on, my feet were happy. They were comfortable, and very supportive while still being easy to walk in.

After my first round and nearly 8 hours of wear time, they were still as comfortable as when I first put them on, which I’ve found can be a pretty rare thing when it comes to golf shoes. You know, unless they’re ECCO, those things are super comfy.

Callaway Oceanside Golf Shoe

The other pleasant surprise was how much traction they gave despite being spikeless shoes.

Some of the recent models I’ve seen, like specifically the Footjoy’s I mentioned before, at times don’t provide as much traction as you’d like to see, especially when really going for a drive.

Another recent shoe I’ve checked out is the TRUE Linkswear Eco Knit, which is a beautiful and super comfy shoe, but it toes the line pretty hard between golf shoe and casual shoe.

So if you were truly playing a competitive round of golf, I’m not sure that’s what you’d slip on your feet.

The Callaway Oceanside Shoe however has fantastic traction for a spikeless shoe, and you can feel it when you look at and feel the soles of the shoe. It’s a very tough and durable plastic that you can tell will have you planted on all but the slipperiest of days.

Callaway Oceanside Golf Shoe

Callaway Oceanside Golf Shoes Final Thoughts

I’ll be honest, I was a little unsure of the style when I first put them on. Pretty standard grey color-way, that certainly isn’t reinventing golf style or anything.

But after wearing them for a couple days, I really found myself enjoying these shoes.

They’re very comfortable, they perform great, and if you’re like most golfers who aren’t looking for a golf shoe to make a personal style statement? 

Then I think you’ll be really happy with these shoes.

So if you’re looking for a spikeless golf shoe that performs well, and is comfortable, but doesn’t creep up into the ECCO price range of over $200? Then this Callaway Golf Shoe is absolutely one you should take a look at.

Buy the Callaway Oceanside Golf Shoes on Amazon Here.

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Buy em!

Good Things

  • Good traction for spikeless shoe
  • Solid price point
  • Neutral styling can go with anything

Bad Things

  • Not exactly the "cool" shoe to buy

The Breakdown

Presentation (Looks)
Personal Affinity

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  1. Corey Molan

    Nice little write up. After getting a pair of Calloways in a SP4 box last year I pretty much had written them off. I wasn’t impressed and ended up giving them to my brother. Good to know they make others that just might be OK.

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