Chippo Golf – Golf Cornhole

Chippo Golf Review: Yes, it’s Golf Cornhole at it’s Finest

In my opinion, there are few things better than spending a day on the course with your buddies, having some beers and playing some games.

However, thanks to games like Chippo Golf, the coalescence of friends, alcohol, and competition doesn’t have to end when your round does.

Branded as “the glorious lovechild of golf and cornhole”, the founders of Chippo wanted to find a way to experience the aforementioned fun parts of golf without having to deal with a five-hour round and all of the guaranteed self-loathing.

Easily set up at a backyard barbecue, the beach, or on a camping trip, Chippo is a great way for lawn game enthusiasts and golfers of all skill levels to have some fun with a beer in hand.

So does Chippo Golf live up to its reputation as being the best golf cornhole game out there, and the ultimate backyard party game?

Let’s take a look.

Chippo Golf: What to Expect Out of the box

Chippo Golf comes with two durable plastic boards, two chipping mats, and six foam golf balls.

Chippo Golf - Golf Cornhole

What you get with the Chippo Golf package (better photos forthcoming)

Other than that, all you need to get going is an old wedge or two and you’re ready to start. The boards are covered in artificial turf and each have three netted holes, one large hole towards the bottom middle and two smaller holes towards the top corners. The quality of the boards and equipment is really high, and you can tell this isn’t some cheap knockoff product.

The boards are solid, the collapsible metal legs seem like they’re built to last, and the chipping mats seem durable with a thick rubber sole to keep them in place.

CHIPPO - Golf Meets Cornhole

Love to throw parties, bbqs, and play golf? This is the ultimate backyard game for golf lovers.

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Golf Cornhole: How Chippo Golf Works

The setup is very similar to cornhole or horseshoes. The boards are set up 15 feet apart with a chipping mat in front of each board. Teams are split up so that one partner is on each side with a member of the other team. 

There are multiple ways to play, which keeps the game entertaining, and the scoring is as follows: Hitting the board at all scores a player one point, making a shot in the large hole will earn 3 points, and landing a shot in either of the smaller holes will earn 5 points. A player can also earn a 2X point bonus if their shot bounces off the opposing side chipping mat first.

I liked the scoring, especially the option to bounce the ball off the opposing mat which adds to the challenge. Additionally, I liked that there are multiple ways to play the game, some of which are better for bigger groups and some are catered towards playing one-on-one. 

Chippo Golf Review: Is it Really The World’s Best Backyard Party Game?

As a golfer, I’m not going to lie, I loved Chippo Golf and is an excellent addition to any backyard lawn game collection. If you’re hanging out and day drinking with your buddies, this could easily lead to a multi-hour, raucous competition – and that’s exactly what this game is made for.

I have no doubt that Chippo will be a huge hit at your annual guy’s golf weekend, and I’m definitely planning to take it to mine. 

Other than being a fun way to get drunk and heckle your friends, there were additional benefits that I saw during my testing. The first is that this gives a person the potential to practice chipping indoors or at home. Obviously, the boards don’t react like a real green and you don’t use real balls, but it does allow for a person to work on their technique and aim.

The second benefit is that this is potentially a great way to introduce others, especially kids, to the game of golf. 

That said, there’s one big issue with Chippo Golf. If you’re a total non-golfer, and have a limited interest in golf, you’ll find the game to be pretty difficult. I tried this out first hand with my girlfriend who isn’t a golfer, and it definitely proved tough for her to score points and led to some frustration.

But obviously that’s no different than if you took someone out to a real course to play.

Ultimately, I’m not sold on Chippo’s promotion of being the “best backyard game of all-time”. That’s a little too broad, I mean, let’s be real regular cornhole simply has a broad appeal that can’t be matched.

But, and this is a big but, I think you could easily say that Chippo Golf is the “best backyard golf game of all time.” It’s a ton of fun to play, and I honestly can’t think of a better way to hang with friends and drink beer, short of actually being on the golf course.

 If you love golf and playing games with friends, and you don’t mind the $190 price tag, then Chippo would be a great addition to your backyard game arsenal.

CHIPPO - Golf Meets Cornhole

Love to throw parties, bbqs, and play golf? This is the ultimate backyard game for golf lovers.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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Good Things

  • The ultimate golf party game
  • Works great, if you know how to play golf
  • Very durable and high quality construction

Bad Things

  • Expensive for what it is
  • Could prove frustrating for non golfers

The Breakdown

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