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Best Golf Podcasts of 2023: 16 Places To Get Your Golf Fix

Updated in January 2023 to include the MuniciPals podcast.

What a time for a golf junkie to be alive.

Seriously, just consider for a minute how much golf information is available for our consumption 24/7/365. It’s non-stop.

We’ve got around-the-clock television coverage, a dedicated satellite radio channel, an uncountable number of websites, magazines, books, newsletters, and yes, podcasts.

That’s what we’re going to get into today — the best golf podcasts of 2023.

Why do we need such a list?

Because there are literally hundreds of active golf podcasts that have multiple episodes. But like anything that expansive, there’s a lot of so-so content out there.

So, we’ve checked ‘em out for you. We’ve separated the treasure from the trash.

Depending on things like your taste, your style, maybe your age, possibly even your political persuasion, there’s a golf pod that’s going to resonate with you. And there’s a very good chance that it’s on this list right here.

Save yourself the hours of searching and listening and get right to the essence of what speaks to you. 

Do you want storytelling? Humor? Instruction? Tournament recaps? Tournament previews? Course architecture analysis? Interviews? History?

Whatever it is, there’s a golf podcast specific to that topic or style.

Here are the ones we think are worth your time.

15 Best Golf Podcasts in 2023


Get a look at the game from the perspective of tour pro and Masters champ Adam Scott, who shares what’s going on out on the road and on the course. It’s a cool peek behind the scenes.

New episodes, which range between 30 minutes and an hour, are a bit sporadic but are usually available at least once per month.

Check out: Fairgame Golf Podcast

2) No Laying Up

This is a casual, fun, and funny discussion between a few buddies who are deep into the game. The vibe is cool and loose, but the golf breakdowns are thorough. There is some language. The F-bombs might not fly quite as regularly as they do on Fore Play, but it’s close.

This is a near-daily podcast. Topics usually have to do with PGA headlines or tournament recaps, but there’s also a lot of talk about golf lifestyle and hanging out with buddies.

Check out: No Laying Up Podcast

3) Your Golfer’s Almanac

This is a great daily quick-hitter for anyone interested in golf history. Michael Duranko dishes interesting “on this day” facts in episodes that are usually just three to four minutes long. And dude doesn’t miss a single day. Get tons of interesting nuggets about the game’s rich history.

Check out: Your Golfer’s Almanac

4) The Rick Shiels Golf Show

Rick Shiels covers all things golf in a very casual, fun, relatable way. The Englishman gives his opinions on new golf products, tells you about his experiences playing at cool tracks and with interesting people, and covers the news in the golf world. He’s not pushy with his perspective, and his takes on things are always well researched and interesting.

New episodes, an hour in length, each Tuesday.

Check out: The Rick Shiels Golf Show

5) The Golfers Journal

Host Tim Coyne goes deep every two weeks on something interesting in the game. Each episode, lasting about an hour, features a different guest. The aim here isn’t to cover everything but instead to give solid, in-depth coverage on something specific and interesting.

Check out: The Golfers Journal Podcast

6) Fore Play by Barstool Sports

Fore Play is one of the hottest golf podcasts going right now, but it’s not for everyone. Lots of language with a very casual vibe — this one’s for golf addicts who want to be entertained as they are informed. Hosts Trent, Riggs, Frankie, and Lurch — each of them characters — give their no-holds-barred takes on everything golf, from the pro game to casual home course rounds. If you like your golf news fun and funny, here it is.

Episodes are weekly and usually go for around two hours.

Check out: Fore Play by Barstool Sports

7) The Fire Pit with Matt Ginella

The guys at the Fire Pit strike the perfect balance between serious golf journalism and unpretentious golf lifestyle. The tone here is casual but legitimately informative. The Fire Pit Collective is led by heavyweight golf journalists Matt Ginella and Alan Shipnuck, who have credits and bylines between them in Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, the Golf Channel, and Golf World. Fellow big-time golf writer Michael Bamberger is also a regular contributor.

They give round-by-round, behind-the-scenes breakdowns of each major championship in what they call their Fire Drill episodes. Other content includes feature stories and at-length interviews. The focus is generally on storytelling.

Most weeks include multiple episodes, anywhere between 15 minutes and two hours.

Check out: The Fire Pit with Matt Ginella

8) GOLF’s Subpar

Former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his buddy Drew Stoltz give their weekly takes on all things professional golf. This is an interesting look through people connected in the game. They regularly have big-time guests and often have some behind-the-scenes intel. Episodes are about an hour.

Check out: GOLF’s Subpar

9) Fairway Rollin’

Host Joe House chops it up with a bunch of different golf-world characters, many of them from the roster of talent at the Ringer. House is entertaining and loves to talk golf gambling. So, if you like a little action and are looking for picks, this podcast always has you covered. 

House posts at least one episode a week and sometimes up to three. Most of them are about an hour long.

Check out: Fairway Rollin’

10) The First Cut Golf

This is a daily podcast, with episodes ranging in length from 20 minutes to an hour. There’s a little bit of everything here for regular listeners. Sometimes the talk is news or PGA headlines, other times it’s tournament previews or recaps. And there’s usually some gambling tidbits, picks, and predictions.

Rick Gehman hosts the show and is regularly joined by Mark Immelman, Jonathan Coachman, Greg DuCharme, and others.

Check out: The First Cut Golf

11) The Fried Egg

This podcast aims to go deeper, and if you’re a golf nut, it won’t disappoint. These guys thoroughly cover things like golf course design and architecture, iconic historic moments, in-depth interviews, tour headlines, and more. New episodes typically drop every four to five days, and most are about an hour in length.

If you’re serious about all aspects of the game and want a real in-depth look, you gotta give this one a try.

Check out: The Fried Egg Podcast

12) The Tour Junkies: PGA Tour Betting & DFS

A lot of golf podcasts touch on gambling, but these guys make it their main focus. The objective here is to present regular picks in a fun and entertaining way. The Tour Junkies tout themselves as having delivered “winning golf betting picks and DraftKings strategies since 2015 all while delivering hilarious takes and segments to make the golf betting research process fun.”

There are multiple episodes per week and sometimes even per day. Length ranges from 15 minutes to around an hour.

Check Out: The Tour Junkies Betting

13) Playing a Round with Paige Renee

It’s nice to get a female perspective in the typically male-dominated world of golf podcasts. Paige Renee Spiranac is one of the most followed golf personalities in the world. This podcast doesn’t take itself too seriously and can be a bit playful. But the content is legit and often includes some of the most interesting guests in today’s golf industry.

Episodes are weekly and about an hour.

Check out: Playing a Round with Paige Renee

14) The Shotgun Start

This is an (almost) daily quick-hitter (usually about 30 minutes) dose of golf news. Topics range from news from the pro tours around the world to amusing takes on the amateur game that the rest of us play. Hosted by Andy Johnson of the Fried Egg and Brendan Porath.

Check out: The Shotgun Start

15) Me and My Golf

Here’s a golf podcast focused on instruction. PGA coaches Piers Ward and Andy Proudman help you “get up to speed with the latest trends in golf coaching, news, mindset and overall performance as they discuss and interview some of the world leaders in golf. Giving you simple tips and tools to help you take charge of your game.”

If that’s something you could use (and couldn’t we all?), you’ll usually find a few episodes per month, each lasting between 30 minutes and an hour.

Check out: Me and My Golf

16) MuniciPALS Golf Podcast

A really enjoyable show with some great guests, focusing primarily on publicly accessible golf across the country. There’s a particular focus on West Coast golf as well, which being a west coast native, I really enjoy.

Check out: Municipals Golf Podcast

What Did We Miss? What are Your Favorite Golf Podcasts?

Something on this list is sure to keep you entertained and informed. But what did we miss?

Have any favorite golf podcasts not included on this list? There are a lot of ‘em out there. Drop a comment and let us know why you like what you like.

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  1. Joe Scales

    You missed The Sweet Spot with John Sherman from Practical Golf and Adam Young from Adam Young Golf.
    No, not daily or even weekly, but close to 2 to 3 times a month. This is everything you need to know about playing better golf regardless of you playing level. Great guests also cover everything from golf fitness, to strokes gained, to correct practice, to equipment fitting, Etc.
    This site can be very analytical and has sources for following up with a wide range of approaches.
    Great balance to most of the ones mentioned.

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