Sun Mountain Cirque Rain Jacket

Sun Mountain May Have the Best Golf Rain Gear for 2023

Updated in August 2023 to give feedback on performance in the rain and add the Sun Mountain Colter Vest.

For years I’ve used a Gore-Tex Galvin Green rain jacket for my wet rounds on the course, and overall it’s been great. 

The problem with Galvin Green however is that not only is it very expensive, but the European fit, may not be the best fit for your body. This is especially true if you don’t consider yourself a very athletic person.

My rain jacket has been going on 6 years now, so the time has come to try something else.

The more research I did, the more intrigued I became with Sun Mountain rain gear.

I’ve been familiar with Sun Mountain forever, and even used to use one of their golf bags as my main bag on the course for a few years.

They also have a great reputation for their travel bags, but apparel? I really knew nothing about it.

Sun Mountain Cirque Jacket

Sun Mountain Cirque Jacket

After more research, the Sun Mountain Cirque jacket and pants seemed like everything I was looking for in rain gear: breathable, waterproof, decent looking, and not “break-the-bank” expensive.

So the question remains, does Sun Mountain have the best golf rain gear on the market right now? Let’s find out.

First Impressions of Sun Mountain Golf Rain Gear

I got a full set of rain gear from Sun Mountain: a navy blue Cirque jacket, and black Cirque pants.

And the first thing I thought when I put the jacket on was “is this really that waterproof?”

I was surprised that something with such a high waterproof rating was so light, and frankly comfortable.

My Galvin Green Ace jacket that I’ve used for years, feels thick. Almost like ski jacket material. That means the water-proofness and durability is second to none. But it was bulky to pack, and at times felt a little restrictive on the course.

The new Sun Mountain Cirque Jacket allows me to feel more mobile and isn’t quite as slim fit as the Galvin Green jacket, which has a more athletic European style.

At the same time, it’s not boxy either. I recently tried out a jacket from Galway Bay that I felt like I was swimming in. There’s a fine line between style and mobility, and it’s extra tough to find that balance with a rain jacket. It has to make you comfortable in conditions that are likely miserable, and allow you to feel good at the same time.

The Cirque from Sun Mountain hits those boxes for me. It fits well without being overly tailored, while also not being too boxy either.

That’s a solid combination right there.

Another feature I love are the pass-through zippers in the pants. We’ve all had that moment where we need to reach something in our pants pocket, but after throwing on rain gear it gets nearly impossible to fish out. The pass-through pockets help with that.

Best Rain Gear
Sun Mountain Men's Cirque Golf Jacket

Sun Mountain has created an extremely comfortable and waterproof rain jacket at a very reasonable price for the quality you're getting. Highly recommended.

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Sun Mountain Rain Gear Performance

Both the jacket and pants from Sun Mountain feel well made. All of the seams are taped, the YKK zippers work well, and as I’ll mention below the waterproof coating works very well.

Sun Mountain Cirque Jacket

Good attention to detail with the zipper pulls on the pocket

Sun Mountain Cirque Jacket

Taped seams in both the jacket and pants.

None of this really matters however, if it doesn’t feel good on the golf course and keep you dry in the rain.

While I haven’t taken it out for a full 18 in soggy conditions, I have had it in the rain, and I have spent time swinging the clubs while wearing the rain gear.

First off, rain.

You know when you put on a fresh coat of Rain-x on your car windshield, and water just beads up and flows off of it like magic?

That’s pretty much how this jacket works. 

It was almost mesmerizing to watch the raindrops bead up and then slide off the jacket as if there were no friction at all.

Sun Mountain Cirque Jacket

Water beading up on the Cirque Jacket

I haven’t had this rain gear out for hours of torrential rain, but after walking around town for 20 minutes in a fairly significant downpour, I’m happy to report that I stayed comfortable the whole time.

There wasn’t the slightest hint of water seeping through, and even on a warm summer day, I never felt too hot. The breathability on this jacket is excellent and lives up to its reputation.

This is jacket is more of a shell, so it’ll be great for keeping you dry and it’s fantastic in windy conditions. But if it’s super cold out? Might want to plan on bringing an extra layer or two.

Second, how does it feel while swinging the clubs?

Short answer? Great.

I felt like I had a great range of mobility, and because it’s not too snug, you can easily add layers underneath if you’re enduring one of those 40 degree, rainy days at Bandon Dunes or North Berwick.

One of my biggest pet peeves with golf rain jackets is when the sleeves are too long. When the sleeves are too long, it gets in the way of your grip on the club, and this jacket for me is a good size. The sleeves might be a little longer than I personally like, but I doubt this will be an issue for anyone else.

And the velco works really well, so you can cinch it down and keep this from being an issue.

The pants have a similar fit to the jacket in that there’s plenty of room to put over your regular golf pants, and mobility is very good. Waterproofness is just as impressive, as well.

Sun Mountain Cirque Pants

Pass through zippers on the Cirque Pants.

Sun Mountain Cirque Rain Gear: Final Thoughts

So far, I’ve been extremely impressed with the Cirque Rain Gear. 

The Sun Mountain rain gear combo is in my opinion one step below the highest-end Galvin Green rainwear. But that’s not a slight to Sun Mountain.

Right now, the most expensive Galvin Green jacket is $699 and the pants are $599. So, $1300 for their top-of-the-line products.

The Cirque jacket is $320 and the pants $259. So for less than half the price of Galvin’s models, you’re getting world-class golf rain gear. For the average person? That’s a savings worth taking advantage of.

Sun Mountain Cirque Pants

Both zippers and snaps on the pants, to ensure you’re legs stay dry in the rain.

The waterproof properties are guaranteed for two years. They use a waterproof coating they call “DWR” so I’m curious to see just how durable this is, and how waterproof it will be 5 years from now.

For instance, my Galvin Green jacket from 2015 cost $449 at the time, and is still fully waterproof. I’m extremely impressed with Sun Mountain so far, and will update my review as I spend more time with it on the course to see how it holds up.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for the best waterproof golf rain gear the Cirque collection from Sun Mountain is an excellent choice. It will be much better than the off-the-rack $50 stuff that only lasts a handful of rounds, but won’t break the bank like other more expensive brands.

Update August 2023: Still Love Them.

I initially reviewed the Cirque Rain Gear in the Summer of 2021. As of August 2023, the Cirque lineup is still the main rain gear option from Sun Mountain.

Over the last two years I’ve had multiple trips to Bandon and been caught in torrential rain on numerous occasions.

Two years later, the Cirque gear is still just as good as it was the day I got it.

For a fraction of the price of Galvin Green, you’re getting extremely high-performing gear that will work in even the gnarliest of golf conditions.

I’m a fan, and will be continuing to personally wear this jacket, pant combo for a long time to come.

Best Rain Gear
Sun Mountain Men's Cirque Golf Jacket

Sun Mountain has created an extremely comfortable and waterproof rain jacket at a very reasonable price for the quality you're getting. Highly recommended.

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The Sun Mountain Colter Vest

Colter Vest from Sun Mountain

This feels like a reasonable place to add an update, as recently I had the chance to test out the new Sun Mountain Colter vest.

This vest uses “37.5 Insulation” to help regulate heat as both the outside temperatures change and your body temperature changes.

I recently took this fest up to Canada to play Banff Springs and Jasper Park Lodge, and it was the perfect layer. The mornings were cold, but they could heat up quickly. The vest helped keep me warm enough during the early mornings, and I was still able to keep it on well into my rounds, as it helped regulate heat so well.

You can pick up the Colter Vest for between $99-119 depending on where you look. This is honestly a really solid deal considering the tech built into it and the quality it provides. If you’re in the market for a shoulder season layer, this is definitely one to check out.

Best Golf Vest
Sun Mountain Men's Colter Vest

This vest does a great job of regulating your temperature, so that you're comfortable regardless of whether it's hot or cold. And at only $119, it's a solid deal as well.

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