Holderness and Bourne Perry Vest

5 Best Golf Vests to Keep You Warm this Offseason

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we truly experience 4 distinct seasons. 

We get hot, we get cold, and we get everything in between.

Because of this, it’s important to have a versatile golf wardrobe.

And one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your arsenal? A golf vest.

Whether you’re laying it with a jacket to stay extra warm, or just need something to take the bite off of those early morning shoulder season rounds – every golfer should have a high-quality golf vest in their locker.

Full disclosure? Up until the last couple of years, I’ve never been much of a vest guy. I just went straight to the jacket or sweatshirt.

But the more often I wear a vest, the more I enjoy the comfort, versatility, and style they provide.

In this article, I’m going to share with you my picks for the 5 best golf vests that I’ve used. Regardless of whether you’re looking for water resistance, warmth, or something super packable – chances are, one of these golf vests will be right for you.

Best Wet Weather Golf Vest: G/FORE Repller Vest

Repeller Vest

It took me a while to come around on G/FORE, but now that I have? Man, I’m a fan. They simply make products that aren’t just fashionable, but they’re very high quality as well.

Their shoes have become a go-to for me on the course, and their pants and polos are among my favorite pieces of golf apparel out there. So it should come as no surprise that their layering pieces are excellent as well.

If you’re in a full-blown monsoon, you’re best bet is to get a full waterproof jacket, but for light to moderate weather, or simply just to add a little warmth to your round – the Repeller Vest is one of the best out there.

Note: You can use the G/FORE coupon code “G4BREAKING8010” to save 10% off your first G/FORE purchase.

Best Wet Weather Vest
G/FORE Repeller Vest

G/FORE continually makes high quality products. If you're looking for a stylish way to stay dry in light to moderate weather, the Repller Vest is an excellent choice.

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Most Packable Vest: Sun Mountain Colter II

Sun Mountain Colter Vest

Sun Mountain isn’t as flashy of a brand like G/FORE above, but they’ve been making fantastic golf products for decades. Whether it’s their Mid-Stripe golf bag, or Cirque rain gear, I’ve been impressed.

This carries over to the latest product I’ve reviewed from them: the Colter II Vest.

It uses 37.5 insulation to help keep you warmer when it’s cold and cooler when it’s warm – and it genuinely works really well.

But the best part about it? It packs down to nothing. So if you’re looking for a layering piece that won’t take up a ton of space in your bag? Look no further.

Best Golf Vest
Sun Mountain Men's Colter Vest

This vest does a great job of regulating your temperature, so that you're comfortable regardless of whether it's hot or cold. And at only $119, it's a solid deal as well.

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Best Fleece Vest: Holderness and Bourne Perry Vest

I’ve been a huge fan of Holderness and Bourne for the better part of a decade. 

From humble beginnings just making polos, they’ve now fully branched out and produce a wide variety of golf apparel.

One of my favorites is the Perry Vest. It’s a high-end fleece vest for a new era. It’s heavier and less performance-oriented than some of the other vests on this list. But that makes it a great option for dressier settings or if just you prefer a more classic versus sporty look.

I have the heather grey version, but the new herringbone models are particularly attractive as well.

Most Stylish Vest
Holderness and Bourne Perry Vest

Not only is it warm, but it's athletic fit will help you look good and play better on the golf course.

Buy from H&B

Best Cold Weather Vest: Holderness and Bourne King

Holderness and Bourne currently has 3 different vests they offer, and the King is another personal favorite. If you still want that classic style, but want something that uses lightweight insulation that will keep you warm on the golf course? This is the vest to get.

Not only is it my go-to for cold weather, it also does a good job wicking moisture in the case of light rain, This allows it to be a good middle ground for those drizzly mornings where a full-blown rain jacket feels like too much.

Best Cool Weather Vest
Holderness and Bourne King Vest

Looking for classic style, comfort, and super warm insulation? Look no further than the King Vest from Holderness and Bourne. This is my go to for cooler weather.

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Best Sustainable Vest: Radmor High-Performance Hybrid

Best golf vests: Radmor Anderson

Radmor Golf has been making noise for their sustainably produced golf products, and I’m here for it.

Based out of Seattle, I’ve been really pleased with the quality of materials used on all of their golf products I’ve tested.

With their Hybrid Performance vest, they use recycled bottle insulation to provide warmth and wind resistance while also keeping the environment in mind.

I’ve found their sizing to run a little small, so size up with this one if you pick one up.

Most Sustainable Vest
Radmor Anderson Hybrid Performance Vest

Looking for style and sustainability? That's exactly what Radmor is known for. And the Anderson Vest delivers on both.

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What Do YOU Think are the Best Golf Vests Out There?

I’ll be continuing to update this list of the best vests in golf as I get hands-on with more models. Do you have a golf vest that you absolutely love that I should be considering for this list? 

If so, drop a comment and let me know!

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