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Radmor Golf: A New Sustainable Golf Lifestyle Brand

Updated August 2022 to include the Five-O shorts, and notes about hoodie sizing.

I hate to admit this, but in 2021 I didn’t play nearly as much golf as I normally do.

For years I was at 100+ rounds a year. 

In 2021, I think I might have hit 35.

Something about a pandemic, 3 businesses, and most significantly, a new baby will do that to you.

Why tell you this now?

Because where historically I’d be wearing 3-4 golf polos a week and constantly on the hunt for the best golf pants, this past year I’ve been needing a little more balance.

Golf is still a huge part my life and my aesthetic, but I’m not the guy that’s going to be rolling into the bar with a tucked-in polo and golf shorts.

So I’ve been drawn to brands that are offering products for off the golf course too.

Or perhaps, more hybrid clothes that work both on and off the course.

So when I came across Radmor Golf, I was intrigued.

Then when I found out about their sustainability angle? I became even more so.

What is Radmor Golf?

Radmor Golf is a new company founded by two guys who were looking to make a change in the golf industry.

Let’s face it, despite being played outside in nature, golf is not the most sustainable or environmentally friendly industry out there.

Both from course maintenance practices and to the products that we as golfers are constantly consuming.

Most golfers (myself included), have a plethora of polyester clothing. As I dug more into Radmor, I learned that polyester is actually a form of plastic, and takes decades to decompose in a landfill.

And if you’re anything like me, I can’t imagine how many articles of clothes I get rid of a year.

So Scott and Bob set out to make a change, and thus Radmor was born.

(I like what they’re doing, so I’m going to overlook the fact that they’re Washington Huskies! #goducks #gobeavs)

Radmor Golf Higgins BobRad Hoodie

Higgins BobRad Hoodie

As I mentioned, these days I’m all about brands that offer both golf and lifestyle apparel. For my intro to Radmor I picked up a Higgins BobRad hoodie and a Baty BobRad polo.

We’ll get to the unique naming in a second.

First, let’s talk about the Hoodie.

From the moment I picked it up, I could tell this is a nice article of clothing.

They construct it using a proprietary cotton blend of BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), and it feels great.

It’s soft, and the navy has a nice subtle fade to it that I like. The hoodie also has a good weight to it, which helps it to feel high-end.

Higgins BobRad Hoodie

Since receiving it a couple months ago (yes, I’m behind on my reviews), it’s earned a spot in my weekly wardrobe rotation.

And despite what you may think about hoodies on a golf course, I even took it out for a round, and can confirm that their design which was built to maximize range of motion for golfers, does indeed give you room to swing a golf club.

My only knock is more of a personal issue, and that’s sizing.

I’ve always had a difficult time buying clothes online without trying them on.

I have a long torso, long arms, and despite my good intentions, a bit of a dad bod going.

So for me personally, I generally like more slim fit clothes (but not too slim fit), with longer arms and body.

I picked up a medium hoodie, and it fits well – but barely. The arm length is great, but it’s just not quite long enough in the body to be a perfect fit.

I’ve liked this sweatshirt so much that I also snagged a large as well. Unfortunately, it adds space widthwise but doesn’t add a whole lot of length in the arms, which is what I personally was looking for.

To be clear, it still fits, I still wear it all the time, and I’m still a huge fan! But if you have long arms and a long torso, just be aware that this is a little bit on the shorter side.

Radmor Golf Polos: A Sustainable Option

Baty BobRad Golf Polo

Here’s the thing about sustainability in golf, or any other performance attire.

While polyester may not be the most eco-friendly, there’s no denying that it can make your life much more comfortable when you’re being active.

I’ve often found I like the look of cotton golf polos, but when it’s 90 degrees out and you’re sweating through your shirt by the 3rd hole? That’s not fun for anyone.

Radmor Golf Polo

Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t had a chance to wear this polo during a warm round of golf. It’s Portland in the winter, after all.

But during the two rounds I’ve worn it on the course, it performed admirably on all other accounts.

I picked up a large in the polo, and the fit is great. The sleeves are a nice length and arent’t too short, and the collar stays up nicely and has a great cut to it.

This shirt does feel fantastic and is very soft.

Radmor Five-O Knit Shorts

Radmor FIve-O Golf Shorts

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of golf shorts for years now, and haven’t quite found the absolute best pair for my fit and style.

Redvanly’s pull-on shorts are about the closest thing I’ve come to for the best fit for me, but they may be just half an inch too short for total comfort.

The Five-O from Radmor is nothing like that Redvanly pair of shorts, but it’s fantastic in its own way.

Most golf shorts are either khaki or some proprietary performance material. That makes this knit pair made of cotton and elastane, different than most other golf shorts I’ve worn.

It wears slightly more casual, so I’ve been enjoying these shorts just as much off the course as I have on it.

And while you’re golfing in them they keep you cool, while also providing plenty of mobility.

These Five-O shorts are a big departure from traditional golf shorts, but so is everything about the Radmor brand, and I love it.

These shorts win the award for my “Most Worn” pair of shorts over the Summer of 2022, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

The only knock or thing I’d point out about them is that due to the light “Seattle Mist” colorway and cotton construction, they do get dirty easier than other golf shorts I’ve worn.

Final Thoughts on Radmor Golf

One of my favorite aspects of the Radmor clothes themselves is the “BobRad” logo. It’s what appears to be a little eye-balled golf ball peeking out of the hole – and it gets noticed.

A lot of new brands I feel like miss the mark with branding and logos. They’ll sell graphic tees with their brand name emblazoned over it in huge fonts.

I’m of the mindset that no one really cares about your logo or name until you hit a certain critical mass of attention.

So the subtle golf ball logo? I think is perfect. It distinguishes itself from others out there, it’s playful, and honestly? It’s gotten a lot of comments.

I feel like every time I wear their garments someone asks “hey, what’s that?”

All that to say, I’ve been really impressed by what I’ve seen from Radmor so far. The clothes look good, the pricepoint is in line with other premium boutique golf apparel brands, and they’re doing a lot of good for the environment and giving golf a better name.

Seems like a pretty winning combo to me.

Check out more from Radmor golf on their website.

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