Rhoback Fog Horn Quarter Zip

Rhoback Shirts: The New Kid on the Golf Apparel Block

This review has been a long time coming. 

It was probably close to a year ago, I first got hit up by the guys at Rhoback to tell me what they were up to and to ask if they could send me a couple shirts.

Now I get requests like this all the time, and usually, especially in the apparel market, I’m not overly impressed with the offerings.

But something about Rhoback was intriguing, so I decided to give a couple of their polos a shot – and man, I’m glad I did.

What is Rhoback Golf?

The first thing you might be thinking is “hmmmm, interesting name, what’s that all about?”

Rhoback got their name (and logo) from their dog, Bunker, who is a Rhodesian Ridgeback – hence the name, Rhoback.

Bunker, the Rhoback Mascot

They’re a lifestyle golf brand with an emphasis on comfortable clothes for an active lifestyle – and as you’ll see later, I love the fact they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Rhoback Polos: Finding a Sweet Spot in the Golf Polo Niche

It was funny, literally a couple days after I received my Rhoback package in the mail, my buddy Collin (who occasionally writes for us here), was like “hey man, I just picked up these Rhoback shirts off an Instagram post…have you seen them? I love them!”

Within a week I saw another friend wearing them as well.

It didn’t take long to see why they were starting to make a splash in the industry.

First off, even though it’s gotten better over the last 5 years – golf can still be a pretty stodgy sport.

From the moment you check out Rhoback’s website and talk to the guys behind it, you can tell they’re anything but stodgy.

I believe golf, at times, should be much more casual than it is. You should be able to go out on the course with music (every golf bag should have one of these). Want to play in a t shirt? Go for it. 

It should be fun.

And Rhoback is a brand that very clearly exudes this mentality.

The best photo I had of me in my Rhoback gear just happened to be from the 18th at Pebble. With Johnny. NBD.

A golf polo can be a pretty personal thing. Golfers come in all shapes and sizes, and finding one that fits both your body, and your style, can be a challenge.

Fortunately these days we’re spoiled for choice. Recently, we’ve seen both old and new companies alike branch out to try and cater to a different demographic.

Want performance oriented shirts for an athletic body, and a recognized brand? Try Nike.

Not as athletic, and want a more traditional golf polo? Peter Millar.

Want a tailored fit that’s modern but still leans towards more traditional? Holderness and Bourne.

I could go on like that with another two dozen brands.

So with all of those options? Why Rhoback?

Well, so far they’ve hit a little niche that is a good fit for me, that I haven’t seen many others nail yet.

Why I Like Rhoback Golf Polos

Occasionally, I like a little pop in my apparel. Nothing over the top or too flashy, but you know, just something a little different and more unique.

Something you can wear on the course, and then be able to easily transition into a backyard BBQ with friends.

Rhoback has that. Some of their patterns are a little less traditional, and for the most part they look good.

Rhoback Birdie Golf Polo

Rhoback style range from traditional, like the “Birdie” here.

Rhoback Golf Out of Office Polo

…to bolder styles like the “Out of Office”

They also have a great fit for different body types. Sometimes the Holderness and Bourne or Redvanly can lean a little too hard on the athletic body types. 

And I found myself having a little bit more room in the Rhoback shirts, without them feeling too baggy. Depending on how much I ate the night before, it can be nice to have a little leeway when your shirt is tucked in if you know what I mean – and I feel like Rhoback hits that fit perfectly.

At this point all of their polos have the same fit, so you can be confident that if one fits well, the rest of the line will as well. This is underrated in the world of online sales. No one once to constantly be sending back returns for things that don’t fit.

My Favorite Performance Quarter Zip

On top of a handful of polos I have their Fog Horn quarter zip as well. In fact, I’m wearing it right now.

Foghorn Quarter Zip from Rhoback Golf

At some point I’ll get someone to take some glamor shots of me actually wearing the clothes. This is the Fog Horn quarter zip.

This quarter zip is definitely a true performance piece of apparel. It’s super soft, and it’s material blend of 54% polyester, 32% nylon, and 14% spandex, feels very stretchy.

It’s not as warm as say the Robbins from Holderness and Bourne, and I wouldn’t wear it out to a fancy dinner like I would that one, but I’d wear it around town, wear it to the gym, and certainly out on the golf course.

A big part of what I love is the versatility of Rhoback’s stuff. Clearly they created it for people with an active lifestyle, so it fits right in for my day to day.

2 Other Random Reasons I Love Rhoback

There’s a few things about the brand that are super unique to them, and I felt they deserved to be mentioned.

1) The Break Up Shirt

Ever have a friend who has gone through a break up, was down in the dumps, and needed something to kickstart his self esteem?

Insert, The Break Up Shirt.

Send Rhoback a story about your friend and why they could use a little love, and they might get chosen to receive a free polo.

Companies don’t do enough stuff like this. It costs them next to nothing, and is kind of a fun easter egg that makes you smile when you stumble across it.

2) They Have a Blog

This seems weird right? Who cares if a clothing company has a blog. But in my mind, this is what sets small businesses apart from the big guys. It’s that personality and transparency that makes me even more excited to support them.

They use it to tell stories about some of the products, or to try and support the community at large. It’s such a simple thing to do, but goes a long way for actually building trust with your customers.

Final Thoughts on Rhoback Golf

In many ways a golf polo is a golf polo, there’s only so much you can do – especially when there’s so many companies out there making them.

But honestly? I’m a big fan of what Rhoback is doing. They have a ton of different skus, so you have options based on your personal style – including plenty of stuff for off the course (like t shirts).

The team has injected their personality in both the clothes and the brand as a whole, and has someone who has built their livelihood around a personal brand – I dig this.

So if you haven’t checked them out yet, go take a look at Rhoback and what they’re doing. The vibe is great, and the clothes are even better.

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