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Redvanly Golf Apparel: Bergen Golf Polo is My Favorite of the Year

I’ve been following Redvanly golf apparel for years now.

I’ve always appreciated their take on golf shirts and golf clothes, because it’s different than everything else out there.

There are a lot of brands differentiating themselves in more subtle ways. Holderness and Bourne (another favorite here) puts more of a traditional spin on the typical golf polo.

Redvanly takes the same tailored fit approach, but does it in a more bold and modern way – which is unlike most of what I’ve seen in the industry.

It had been a couple years since I got hands on with some of their clothes, so I was stoked when Andrew called me up and asked if I wanted to take a look at some of what they’ve been up to.

Better Fit, Better Tech, Better Shirt

In the early years of Redvanly, I loved the concept but the fit wasn’t quite there for me personally.

Their mediums always felt a little too snug, and were about half an inch too short and often wouldn’t stay tucked in. Worth noting, that this is a “me” problem, not necessarily a problem on their part.

Then in 2018 they made some tweaks, and I found myself loving the shirts. It had a slightly heavier tech blend material that I hadn’t seen in other shirts before, and they changed up their sizing so that it fit me much better.

With their 2019 line, they’ve improved upon that even more.

Immediately upon taking the polo out of the bag, it felt like the softest synthetic material I’d ever seen on a golf shirt.

Putting it on, it was just as comfortable as I’d hoped.

The length is perfect. Long enough to stay tucked in, but short enough that if I wanted to wear it casually with jeans I could make that work too.

The collar is also very stable. A collar that doesn’t stay up on its own, is a deal breaker for me.

The Biggest Complement I Can Give Redvanly

I get a lot of golf shirts sent to me to review, and most of which don’t even warrant a write up, simply due to the fact that there’s nothing that unique about them.

There’s nothing that makes it stand out in the crowded world of gold apparel, or is dramatically new or different.

So usually when I do write a review it’s because I think there’s something special to share.

That said, often even after I do a review I won’t find myself personally wearing a garment all that often.

With so many polos in the closest and only so many rounds of golf I’m playing these days, I’ll usually go straight for my favorites.

Well for the last month or so, I’ve found myself pulling this Redvanly shirt out of the closest more than anything else.

Not only is it comfortable and fit well, but usually I get at least one person asking me about it, the brand, and where they can get one.

I’ve found it hard to find golf apparel that stands out, while not being totally over the top. Unique, yet subtle.

And for me, the latest polos from Redvanly nail this – and it’s why their Bergen polo has been my go to shirt this golf season. It’s also why it gets my recommendation for one of the best gifts you can give someone this holiday season.

Check out Redvanly apparel on their website here.

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