Breaking Eighty Fathers Day Gift Guide

Best Golf Gifts: 25+ Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Golfers

I get it, trying to find the best golf gift idea for your husband, father, or any other golfer in your family can be really difficult.

There are thousands of different golf products out there, and if you listen to the marketing, they’re all touting themselves as the “latest and greatest”.

But most of them? Aren’t very good.

Luckily I’ve used and reviewed dozens of the best golf products on the market. So whether you’re looking for a gift for Christmas, Father’s Day or a birthday, I’m going help you find the very best golf gifts for the golfer in your family – regardless of budget.

Being that it’s that time of year again, we’ve updated this post for June of 2020 to include all of our favorite gift ideas for Father’s Day. We have something for every price point and type of golfer in year life.

And the good news? This year there’s more great golfing gifts out there than ever before.

The Very Best Golf Gift: Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors ($180)

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors App

For the last three years my best gift recommendation has come from Arccos Golf.

This isn’t just me picking a random product, either.

This is legitimately my most gifted golf product of the past few years – I’ve probably given a half dozen of them as gifts to different people in my life.

Their Arccos Caddie Sensors and Smart Grips are honestly the coolest and most useful golf product on the market.


Essentially they track every shot you hit, so that you get statistics about your game that were previously only available to Tour players.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a gadget lover, scratch golfer, or for the person just getting going – this will help all of them.

They have two products to choose from the Smart Sensors and Smart Grips.

For the diehard, better golfer, the Grips are more seamless and it’s what I personally use.

But as a gift or if you’re unsure of what to get, the sensors may be a better bet.

You can add them to any club without having to re-grip them, and they don’t have the $99 annual fee that the grips have.

Who is it for? The person who plays at least once a week and love to geek out about stats and review every shot of every round they play.

Who is it not for? The device is super simple to use, but I wouldn’t recommend it for people who are totally tech-illiterate.

Solid Alternative? Their Arccos Driver product is a stripped down version focusing just on your driver stats. ($30 on Amazon)


Best Golf Travel Gift: Holderness and Bourne Byers Duffel Bag ($275)

Holderness and Bourne Byers Duffel

The guys at Holderness and Bourne truly get what golf is all about. Their products are the perfect blend of style and tradition, and they all add a slight modern flair.

love their polos ($90) and am rocking them during at least 80% of the rounds I play, but it’s their Byers Duffel Bag that will make the best gift.

I have two of them, and I get compliments on them everywhere.

The new Ballistic Navy duffel is even more durable than previous versions, and has a waterproof compartment for your golf shoes. The fit and finish on the updated model make it look like a designer bag that should be twice the price, and if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for the person who does a lot of travel and weekend trips away?

This is the most impressive golf gift I know of.

The Marston by H&B ($160) is also a fantastic looking bag and even more affordable, if you want something a little less expensive.

Who is it for? The person who frequently takes weekend trips, and wants something a little classier than your standard athletic duffel bag.

Who isn’t it for? The person who could care less about style and cares about affordability more than anything else.

Solid Alternative? Club Glove Last Bag ($299). I’ve hauled my clubs all over the world in my Club Glove and it’s held up against the total beating I’ve unleashed on it. Update for 2020: Another year, another half dozen golf trips, and it’s still performing like a champ.


Best Golf Training Gift: Blast Motion Golf Sensor ($149)

Blast Motion Sensor on a 7 iron

Blast Motion Sensor on a 7 iron

Have you ever watched the pros and wondered how their swing tempo looks so effortless? Or how they manage to hit the ball straight every time they want to?

Yeah, me too. And the Blast Motion Golf Swing Sensor may be the single best device I’ve tested to help you improve your tempo, square up your club at impact, and give you an obscene amount of club data for when you’re practicing on the range or putting green.

This will help not only hit straighter, more consistent shots, but it’ll help you drain more putts as well, leading to lower scores.

And considering that many of us are still under quarantine heading into this Father’s Day? This might be the best way to improve your putting stroke or swing at home.

Who is it for? The person who likes to dissect every part of their golf swing in order to improve it based on real data.

Who isn’t it for? The person doesn’t like to practice and who just wants to hit a few balls, and head straight out to the course.

Solid Alternative: The Zepp 2 Swing Sensor. A similar concept to the Blast Motion sensor, but it attaches to your glove, rather than the club.


Best Golf Gadget: Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor ($499)

Standard non-camera view of the Rapsodo MLM.

Standard non-camera view of the Rapsodo MLM.

In previous years, my recommendation for best golf gadget was the Swing Caddie Portable Launch Monitor. At around $300 that’s still a solid option for the golfer who loves to grind away on the range.

But now after testing the Rapsodo MLM? I have a new driving range love affair.

The Rapsodo Launch Monitor not only tracks and stores every shot you hit, but it also turns your camera phone into an incredible training aid as well.

The fact this device integrates with the app via your smart phone, takes accessibility to a whole new level, and makes the Rapsodo stand far above the other entry-level launch monitors we’ve tested.

It uses the same doppler radar technology that devices 20 times the price use, so accuracy is very good.

Who is it for? The person who wants to practice more, but usually gets too bored to make any progress.

Who isn’t it for? Once again, the person who has no interest in practicing.

Solid Alternative? Optishot 2 Golf Simulator ($299). Optishot, moves up on my list of 2020 gifts, considering it’s now $200 less than it was when it first came out! If you’ve got some space at your house, anyone would love this golf simulator. Don’t expect 100% accuracy, but it works well enough to both have solid practice sessions or to play a round on a notable course in the dead of winter. Get Swing Caddie for the more serious golfer, or Optishot for the person who just wants to have some fun with friends.


Best Golf Rangefinder: Bushnell Pro XE ($450)


I’ve found that a rangefinder is one of the most asked for golf gifts you can find. Why? Because to know exactly how far away you are from the pin on any given spot on the golf course will give you a huge advantage.

This is an absolute must for any regular golfer.

My personal favorite is far and away the Bushnell Pro XE.

It’s the latest from the most recognized brand in golf rangefinders, and it has my favorite feature: jolt. As soon as it locks onto the flag it will vibrate to let you know with absolute certainty you have the right distance.

But not only that, it takes it a step farther and incorporates temperature and barometric pressure (altitude) into it’s “plays like” readings, making it one of the most technologically advanced rangefinders ever made.

Not to mention the magnet feature, which was a surprisingly nice addition.

This is without a doubt the very best rangefinder I’ve ever reviewed, and is a noticeable upgrade from last year’s X2. It isn’t cheap, but if you want a product that will last for years – this is it.

That said, it’s currently about $100 off it’s MSRP online, so this is a GREAT time to pick one up.

Who is it for? The regular golfer who wants a rangefinder that will last for many seasons to come.

Who isn’t it for? The person who already has one they love. While small things have been improved with newer models, the chances are if they’ve bought one in the last few years, it will still do the trick.

Solid alternative? Bushnell Tour V5. The V5 is one step down from the Pro XE, but I found myself falling in love with it. It’s fast, accurate and lightweight. And if you go with the non-slope version? It’s only $300. Here’s my full Bushnell Tour V5 Review.

See our full list of the best golf rangefinders here.


Best Affordable Rangefinder: Precision Pro NX9 HD ($269)

Precision Pro NX9 Grip

The better way for me to hold the NX9 to make it easiest to use.

Use the code BREAKINGEIGHTY for $10 off any Precision Pro Product on their website.

The Bushnell I listed above I believe to be the best rangefinder on the market – assuming cost isn’t a factor. But let’s be real, most of us don’t want to drop over $500 on a rangefinder!

That’s where the Precision Pro NX9 comes in.

This rangefinder will give you the exact same distance as the Bushnell, it will do it just as fast as the Bushnell, and it even has a built in magnet to make it even more convenient to use.

And it does all of this by being close to half the price. The fit and finish may not quite be as high end, but Precision Pro makes a fantastic product and they have world class customer service if anything were to happen to your device.

Who is it for? The person who wants a high quality rangefinder and cares more about a great product than a name brand.

Who isn’t it for? The person who always wants the very best of the best, regardless of price.

Solid alternative? The Precision Pro NX7 is still for sale and is also an excellent rangefinder at an even cheaper price. It isn’t quite as fast and doesn’t have the built in magnet, but you won’t be disappointed.


Best Rangefinder Alternative: Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

Bushnell Phantom

Looking for a gift a round $100 that will be incredibly useful for the golfer in your life?

Then look no further than the Bushnell Phantom GPS. This is for the golfer who generally rides in a cart, and it’s ease of use is very impressive.

It automatically detects the course you’re on, and then you you just attach it to any metal surface on the cart (it’s magnetic), and away you go.

There’s also a clip that allows you to attach it to a golf bag or belt, but this is primarily for cart riders.

Who is it for? The golfer who predominantly rides in a cart and who doesn’t need distances down to the centimeter, but is happy with front, back, and center of the green.

Who isn’t it for? Golfers that carry their bags, and are good enough to go truly flag hunting and need rangefinder level accuracy.

Solid Alternative? Bushnell iON2 Golf Watch. Similar to the Phantom, but for your wrist!


Best Golf Bag: Jones Utility Trouper

The Jones Golf Utility Trouper Bag

I love the idea of a Jones Golf Bag as a gift. If the golfer in your life is looking for a new bag, this is a fantastic option. Not only does it have a nod to the history of golf, but it looks way better than most golf bags on the market, while still having all of the modern features a golfer wants.

This is what I’m personally using these days, and I absolutely love it. It feels more like something that will last and have for years to come than your typical golf bag – making it a great gift.

Who is it for? A golfer that wants something a little more unique than your typical golf bag.

Who isn’t it for? People who only ride in carts and never walk

Solid Alternative? MacKenzie Golf Bag. They’re smaller and serve a slightly different market, but make a better gift than most bags out there.


Best Golf Gift for the Partier: Chippo Golf Set

Chippo Golf

Who doesn’t love a game of cornhole with a red solo cup in hand, during a summer night’s BBQ?

The only thing missing? Golf, duh.

Chippo is the answer for that.

It’s cornhole, but it’s golf – and it’s awesome.

Who is it for? If you’re someone who ever has BBQs, parties, tailgaters or any other gathering of golfers, this is one game you’re going to want to have in your arsenal.

Who isn’t it for? People without friends. Sorry, just callin’ it like it is.


Best Gift for a Hot (or Cold Day): SIC Cups ($20)

SIC stands for “Seriously Ice Cold” and I’ve gotta say – they live up to the name.

The founder hit me up awhile back asking if I wanted to check one of his “golf ball coolers” out.

And I gotta say, I was skeptical – on a lot of levels.

But after receiving a few, and using them, I gotta say I’m impressed!

The cups keep drinks hot or cold just as well as my Yeti tumblers do, and do it for less money.

The ones I received also have a golf ball design on them, that is more subtle than it sounds and is a perfect nod to golf for the golfer in your life.

They have a variety of sizes and styles to choose from as well.


Best Golf Pants: Bluffworks Original Chinos ($125)

Bluffworks Original Chino Pants

Me wearing my Bluffworks pants while hiking in the Dolomites.

These are a bit left field, because they aren’t technically golf pants – but rather, travel pants.

And they’re my favorite travel pants.


Because they’re incredibly versatile, comfortable, and durable. You can dress them up and wear them to dinner, they’re perfect on the golf course, or you can take take them on a hike (like I did in the Dolomites above).

I wear these for at least half of my golf rounds when I’m on the road, and like them more than any of my pants from actual golf brands.

Who is it for? The traveling golfer who wants versatile clothes that also look good.

Who isn’t it for? Honestly, I’m not sure. These pants are GREAT. And they come in a variety of different cuts and styles for all body types.

Solid Alternative? Nike Flex Slim Golf Pants. These pants from Nike are my other go to these days. A little bit more slim than a traditional golf pant, and look great.


Best Golf Glove: North Coast Golf Gloves ($25)

North Coast Golf Gloves

I love supporting smaller and lesser known companies, and North Coast is one of my favorites I’ve come across this year.

They make leather golf gloves that fit well, look good, and are durable. I’ve been using the same glove for going on 20 rounds now and it has continued to hold up better than gloves from many of the name brands that I’ve had.

This is one of those gifts that is great because the golfer in your life may not be familiar with North Coast, but they’ll be glad you did your research when they find their new favorite golf accessory.

Who is it for? Any golfer who wears a glove when they golf.

Who isn’t it for? The person who is already married to a particular brand and isn’t open to something new.


Best Golf Polo: Holderness and BourneMaxwell ($90)

Holderness and Bourne Maxwell


There’s more competition than ever these days in the golf polo market, and many of them are VERY good options.

But of all the polos I have, the one I find myself reaching for most often is the Maxwell by Holderness and Bourne.

They have close to a dozen other styles, but for me this hits the right balance of fit, look, and performance – while still maintaining its roots in golf tradition.

You can’t go wrong with any of their polos though.

Who it’s for? Someone who loves the tradition of golf, but still likes a little modern flare.

Who isn’t it for? The person who is happy buying a polo from a big box store.

Solid Alternatives? Looking for a consistent fit and a ton of print options? Rhoback. Want bolder styling? Redvanly


Best Lifestyle Apparel: Redvanly 

Larkin Hoodie - Redvanly

I knew Redvanly was branching out into some more lifestyle oriented styles for 2020, but I didn’t realize just how good they’d be.

Just this week I got my hands on their on their Larkin Hoodie, and wow. It’s comfortable, fits perfect, and the performance material just feels high end.

I can already tell many hours are going to be spent in this hoodie.


Best Golf Shoes: Footjoy Flex

Footjoy Flex Golf Shoes

The Footjoy Flex Golf Shoes

Hands down my favorite shoes that I reviewed this past year were the Footjoy Flex. They have so much going for them. They’re incredibly comfortable, you can wear them off the course easily if necessary, and the best part? They’re incredibly affordable coming in at under $100 – which is tough to do for golf shoes these days.

The only draw back is they aren’t waterproof, so if you’re looking for a golf gift for the golfer who plays a lot in inclement weather, these may not be the best fit.

But if you want a solid fair weather golf shoe, you won’t find many better options than this.

Who it’s for? Golfers who want to be comfortable on the course.

Who isn’t it for? Golfers who play a lot in the rain, or early morning dew swept rounds.

Solid Alternative? Nike Roshe G. Another excellent golf shoe, at a similar price, with the Nike name.


Best Golf Books for a Gift

Let’s face it, in terms of something that’s easy and affordable, there probably isn’t a better golf gift than a golf book.

Here are a few of my favorites that I’d recommend:

Need more? Check out my recommendation for the best golf books on the market in 2020.

Best Golf Books for a Gift

Let’s face it, in terms of something that’s easy and affordable, there probably isn’t a better golf gift than a golf book.

Here are a few of my favorites that I’d recommend:

Need more? Check out my recommendation for the best golf books on the market in 2020.

Best Golf Instruction Course: RotarySwing 


There are a lot of golf trainings out there, but I’m not sure there’s a single better one for perfecting the golf swing than RotarySwing.

Chuck does an amazing job of breaking down every single aspect of the swing, and they provide custom swing video swing reviews – so you’re basically getting a private lesson from the comfort of your own home. His weight shift video alone was enough to help me start making solid contact again after months of swing regression.

Who is it for? The golfer who wants to get better without always having to go to the range

Who isn’t it for? Golfers who don’t want to practice at home.

Solid Alternative: GOLFPASS – The all inclusive membership from Golf Channel has courses from some of the best players and instructors in the world – and the production value is world class. Lots of other discounts and bonuses as well, so if you’re a fan of Golf Channel content, this is a no brainer.

Best Golf Video Game: The Golf Club 2019 ($15)

Golf Club 2019

Unfortunately EA Sports has all but let our previous pick (Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour) completely fall by the way side. Luckily, there’s “The Golf Club” series that has picked up where it’s left off. It’s hands down the best golf simulator on the market, and the course creation features are second to none.

If you’re looking for a gift for the person with a PS4 of Xbox One, this is the best golf option out there.

Who is it for? The golfer who also loves playing video games.

Who isn’t it for? The golfer who doesn’t like video games.

Solid Alternative? Everybody’s Golf for PS4 ($37). The modern take on the old Hot Shots series, this is an accessible game made to be fun for well, everybody! I’d also recommend Golf Story on Nintendo Switch. This game, while it looks like it was made in 1997 is a unique take on golf, and one of the most fun games I’ve played on Switch. So if you have a shiny new Nintendo, this is worth checking out. Only problem is it’s only available as a digital download, making it difficult to give as a gift.


Best Tour Golf Balls: Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls


For this year’s gift guide the incumbent Taylormade TP5 (which is still phenomenal) is losing our best golf ball recommendation to the Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball.

The Vice Ball is what I’ve personally been buying myself, it performs as well as any ball on the market, and is less expensive.

It also has a bit of underground cool factor that brands like Titleist and Taylormade simply don’t have – which is part of what makes it a cool gift.

The fact you can get them for $15ish less a dozen, makes it a no brainer.

  • Who is it for? The good golfer who needs a pro level golf ball.
  • Who is it not for? The weekend duffer or person who prefers the cache of having ProV1s
  • Solid Alternative? Titleist ProV1. For the average person, this is still the golf ball to have. So even if there are better balls, at cheaper prices, a box of ProV1s will always make a golfer smile – regardless of their skill.


Also check out: Our full round up of the best golf balls on the market.

Best Cheap Golf Balls: Noodle Long & Soft ($22 for 24 balls)

Noodle Long and Soft Golf Ball

Sometimes you just need a casual gift for the casual golfer, that won’t break the bank.

For so many of us, the most useful gift like that is a box of balls.

And our favorite golf balls for the average golfer who doesn’t need anything special, but doesn’t want to be hitting rocks either?

The trusty Noodle golf ball.

For $22 you get a box of 8 sleeves (24 balls), and they were good enough to have me shooting an 86 at TPC Sawgrass this past winter. I was shocked at the quality of the ball for the price, and it’s my number one recommendation for golfers who don’t need anything fancy.

  • Who is it for? The person who wants a good golf ball at a rock bottom price. We ranked it as both our best golf ball for beginners, as well as our best cheap golf ball.
  • Who is it not for? The person who has too much of an ego to play Noodle Golf balls
  • Solid Alternative? Bridgestone e6. For the same price (but 12 less balls), the E6 is my go to mid-range ball, with a name and reputation that most people shouldn’t be embarrassed gaming in their Sunday foursome.


Best Golf Gift Under $20: Golfing Gizmos Club Brush ($14)

Sometimes you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a gift, and you just need a little golf stocking stuffer. While a bag of tees is always a good stocking stuffer, I’d recommend checking out the Golfing Gizmos Club Brush.

It’s built extremely well, has a retractable cord for easy access from the bag, and even comes with a bonus divot tool and ball marker. Golfing Gizmos Club Brush

Who it is for? The person who wants to give a golf gift, not spend a fortune, and has no idea what else to get.

Who is it not for? The person who has zero interest in cleaning their clubs. Ever.

Solid Alternative? Greens Towel (Pack of 3). Every golfer needs a good towel to attach to their bag to clean clubs, balls, and whatever else gets dirty out on the course. These microfiber towels are an incredible deal and are the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the casual golfer. And at $13 for the three pack? You can’t go wrong.


Best Golf Magazine: Caddie Mag ($35 issue)

Caddie Mag

There’s been a rising trend lately premium magazines. Most of them are in the $30-40 an issue range and come out 2-4 times a year.

In the golf space Caddie Mag is probably my favorite. They do an awesome job with their photography, writing – and it simply makes you want to go out and golf.

They aren’t cheap, but unlike your typical issue Golf Digest it’s something you’ll collect and return to on a regular basis.

  • Who it is for? The golfer who is sick of the traditional golf magazines and looking for something new
  • Who isn’t it for? The people who think spending $35 on a “magazine” is stupid
  • Solid Alternative? The Golfers Journal. Very similar to Caddie and just as good.
  • Another Alternative? Hodinkee Magazine. Same concept, but covering the world of horology and watches. If the golfer in your life also has a thing for nice timepieces, this is a MUST have.


Best Thoughtful Gift: Seamus Golf Headcovers

Seamus Golf Headcovers

love Seamus Golf. When you see other people who have their head covers, you’re in the “club” – and it almost always leads to a good conversation.

I think this is a great, thoughtful gift. Because it’s something your golfer might not buy themselves, but will totally appreciate once they have them. For instance, I bought both my dad and my father-in-law driver covers for our wedding day. They also have a lot of other cool golf accessories, and most of them can be personalized.

Who is it for? The person who wants to give something a little bit more sentimental than just a box of golf balls.

Who isn’t it for? The diehard brand fanatic, that doesn’t want to see anything other than a big logo on their clubs

Solid Alternative? Custom divot tools from Tim Alpaugh. These things ooze style and class, and he makes them all himself. I have a few of them and they are one of my favorite accessories I own.


Best Gift for the Younger Golfer (Or Music Lover): JBL Clip 3

JBL Clip 3

These days it’s far more commonplace to listen to music on the golf course. I hardly remember any rounds as of late where someone didn’t have a speaker turned on.

However, finding the best speaker for the golfer in your life can be a challenge.

Well, look no more.

The JBL Clip 3 is quite possibly one of the best golfing gifts you can buy, despite not technically being a golf product.

This speaker sounds good, is louder than it looks, clips to your golf bag, and only costs $50. 

You just can’t beat that.

Who is it for? The golfer who is also a music lover

Who isn’t it for? Traditionalists who don’t think music belongs on the course

Solid Alternative? The Bushnell Wingman. It’s a bit bigger, a bit louder, and a bit more expensive than the JBL. But it has built in yardages for whatever course you’re playing. And that is truly pretty cool.


Best Gift for the Lady in Your Life: Chrysmela Earring Locks

Any of us who does anything active with women on a regular basis has probably found themselves scouring the ground looking for that one lost earring.

For lady golfers, this can happen all too often – but it doesn’t need to!

Chrysmela earring locks help keep earrings secure, and definitely gets my pick for the best golf gift your wife didn’t know she needed.


Need more golf gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend? Check out our list here.

Looking for gifts less focused on golf, but still great for the traveler in your life? Check out the 45 best gifts for travelers.

Want Even More Golf Gift Ideas?

I put together an entire book on my favorite golf resources. It’s called the Breaking Eighty Arsenal, and guess what? It’s absolutely free!

So if you haven’t found the perfect gift idea in this list, then I’ve got dozens more in the book.

This page contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and buy one of the products on this page, I may receive a commission (at no extra cost to you!) This doesn’t effect or opinions or our reviews. Everything we do is to benefit you as the reader, so all of our reviews are as honest and unbiased as possible.

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  1. Matt

    Hey Sean, I love the Arccos set, but for anyone looking, Arccos has a drastically improved hardware lineup being released soon. It’s up for preorder at their site.

    Much smaller design, better battery life, better bluetooth connectivity, etc.


      • Matt

        Just read the review. Loved it.

        I’m having such a hard time justifying the upgrade for now. I’ll probably grab it mid 2017.

        Your final thoughts on the 360 product were identical to what I was thinking:

        Nothing mind-blowing from a current-Arccos golfer perspective; having said that – 9/10. 🙂

        I like the more social aspects of GameGolf, and wish Arccos would start thinking along those lines.

        Love the list. I have the Zepp 2. It is a fantastic piece of equipment. Word to anyone thinking of using it: Grab a pro first, tell them about what the zepp does, then tailor your lessons and what to work on based on the results.

        Cheers brother. Happy Holidays.

  2. Steven

    Great List. Definitely a few things I want. I also 100% agree with the Bushnell and Golf Odyssey recommendations.

    Side note – I was wondering the other day why there isn’t an app for an iPhone that uses the Doppler radar technology. The Swing Caddie looks great, but it also looks like an iPhone. If someone could create an app that is reliable, the app would sell a ton.

    Keep up the good work.

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