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TRUE Linkswear “All-Day” Knit ii Review: A Fantastic Summer Golf Shoe

Updated March of 2023 to reflect new name and new pricing.

One of my all-time favorite golf shoes was also one of the most unexpected: the Nike Flyknit Racer G.

I’ve owned 4 pairs of the standard Flyknit Racers, so when they turned it into a golf shoe, it became a no-brainer.

However, Nike only made it for a season or two before they moved on to turning other well-known models into golf shoes.

So for the person that loves the idea of a knit shoe, and wants something that’s lightweight, comfortable, and looks good – what do you do?

Well, now you buy the Knit 2 from TRUE Linkswear.

They’re quite a bit different than the Nike Flyknit Racer in style, but they’re the closest frame of reference I have. They feel much more like a typical spikeless golf shoe with a knit upper, rather than the Flyknits which were in a category of their own at the time.

Want to know if the TRUE Knit is the right shoe for you? Read on.

True Linkswear Knit 2 Golf Shoes

First Impressions of the TRUE All Day Knit ii

If you’re not familiar, TRUE is a northwest-based golf brand focusing on high-quality and comfortable golf shoes. In the past, I’ve reviewed their TRUE OG Premium, and still get comments on how unique they are and how good they look.

But the Knit 2 is very different than their OG.

They feature the same commitment to comfort, fit, and styling but serving a completely different purpose.

The goal of this shoe was to create a comfortable summer shoe that you could wear on or off the course, and look great doing it.

And I’ve gotta say: it does look great.

When I received my box in the mail, you notice immediately that they know what they’re doing as far as presentation goes.

The packaging of the TRUE Linkswear Knit 2 shoes

The shoes come in a reusable bag that is part of their commitment to sustainability. It’s a nice touch and something you don’t generally see from other manufacturers. 

I opted for the “deep sea” colorway and was immediately impressed.

My wife (who is a footwear designer) walked in as I took them out and said “What are those? They look great!”

I concur. 

The tan soles against the blue knit looks very high-end.

True Linkswear Knit 2 Golf Shoes

Sometimes I expect the quality to be an issue with new small brands that maybe haven’t quite figured things out yet. This is absolutely not the case with TRUE. Everything from the look, feel, presentation, and quality of the shoes is first-rate.

TRUE Linkswear All Day Knit 2 Performance

You can have shoes that look great and are well made, but if they aren’t comfortable or don’t perform as advertised? Then it doesn’t matter. 

They felt right at home on my feet as soon as I put them on. They’re lightweight and extremely comfortable.

My only knock from a fit perspective is I would have liked a little bit more support in the toebox. It tends to crease quite a bit when you walk and having it be a bit more firm would have been nice.

I’ve never really found a pair of golf shoes that I would feel good about wearing off the course. Until now.

This is the first pair of golf shoes that I wouldn’t feel weird wearing around town or styling with non-golf apparel. They look great with joggers (I recommend these ones from Redvanly).

They just look and feel that good.

But are you doing so at the expense of performance on the course?

True Linkswear Knit 2 Golf Shoes

Not really.

It’s important to understand what this shoe is, and what it’s not.

This won’t be the one pair of golf shoes you own. If you’re looking for one “do anything” pair, this isn’t it.

Due to the knit construction, the shoes aren’t waterproof. So rainy days? Or even dew swept mornings? Not going to be the best option for you.

But in the summer on a dry day? They’re perfect.

Related: Want a pair of knit Trues that are waterproof? Definitely check out the new True Linkswear Lux Sport shoes. 

While they are far from the most supportive golf shoe in the world, they are more supportive than the Flyknit Racers I mentioned earlier.

That said despite a little bit more support, I feel like the Nikes do give better traction.

These certainly aren’t the grippiest spikeless shoes I’ve owned, but they also aren’t necessarily intended to be.

In good weather, I’ve had no issues. But if the course gets a little damp, then you might have an occasional slip.

Final Thoughts on the TRUE Knit 2 Golf Shoes

Overall I’m really impressed with these shoes.

They nailed the styling, they’re super comfortable, and are versatile for wearing both on and off the course. 

TRUE has recently rolled out the “All-Day” Knit iii the successor to this model. And that’s good news for you.

This shoe used to be $140. Now you can get it for $99-119 depending on the colorway you choose. That’s a wonderful deal on an incredibly versatile shoe.

Because of this we bumped up our “price” score from the 8 it was in 2021 when we first reviewed it, to a 10 today.

You may not be wearing them on the course 12 months out of the year, but if you’re looking for a pair of shoes to live in during the summer months, I’m not sure you could do much better than a pair of TRUE Knit iis. 

Throw in the attention to detail and consideration for sustainable business practices? And the result is a shoe I have zero hesitations recommending.

Check out the Knit ii on their website.

If you’re looking for another “All Day” model from TRUE, check out the Future Staples 01. Unlike these knit models, the FS-01 is leather and provides a totally different style for wearing both on and off the course.

Grab Em!

Good Things

  • Look fantastic
  • Very comfortable
  • Sustainable business practices
  • New pricing makes for a great value

Bad Things

  • Not waterproof
  • Traction occasionally an issue

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