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TRUE Linkswear OG Premium Review: True On/Off Course Golf Shoe?

Over the last year, I can’t tell you how many times one of my friends has brought up True Linkswear Shoes.

It’s probably been over a dozen.

For such a small company, I’ve been surprised by how many people I know swear by them, and wear them day in and day out.

And how many of them even wear them off the course as well.

I’ve been excited to check them out for myself, so when I got an email out of the blue from the company asking if I wanted a pair to review, I was pretty stoked.

First Impressions of TRUE Linkswear

For my first foray into TRUE Linkswear, I opted to go with the OG Premium.

The OG is the style that they’re most well known for and what put them on the map, and the Premium version is essentially the same shoe, just done in a nice sexy leather.

When they arrived and I first pulled them out of the box, I let out an auditory “wow.”

Honestly, they’re beautiful golf shoes. And much of the reason for this is that they don’t look like golf shoes.

They have a bit of a chunkier look to them, and also look a bit wider than a typical shoe.

The TRUE Linkswear OG Premium

This is in stark comparison to something like the Flyknit Racer G, which went the complete opposite direction and is about as svelte of a golf shoe as you’ll find.

Personally I’ve never been one to wear any kind of golf shoes off the course. But I’ve been surprised how many friends do where their Trues around town.

The OG model still feels just a little too golf focused for me, but some of their new knit lines might be the first shoes I’ve seen that I really do feel like I’d wear off the course without feeling odd.

Both the Knit iis, and the brand new True Linkswear Lux Sport are definitely worth taking a look at.

The Tread on the OG Premium

TRUE Linkswear OG Premium Performance

To put the shoes to the test I brought them on my trip to the 2019 Lexus Champions for Charity golf tournament to try them out for a few days.

From the moment I put them on I was impressed with how comfortable they were. Despite feeling like fairly chunky shoes they are easy to walk in and very comfortable.

I always felt planted on my swing, and never had any issues losing traction, even though the courses were fairly wet on the days we played.

The only issue I experienced was after a couple days of playing on pretty wet grass, I found moisture to be seeping into the shoe – which felt weird considering they were advertised very clearly as being waterproof.

I emailed the team, and they responded right away that there was a small batch of shoes that they had waterproofing issues with – and they immediately sent me another pair.

I’m very happy to report that after 3 more rounds, under even wetter winter conditions, they’ve held up beautifully and not a drop of water has penetrated the shoe.

So I’d be shocked if you had the same issue I did, but one of the things I love about working with small companies like this is the customer service.

This is one area where a small, nimble company can set themselves apart from massive brands – and the ones that embrace that are the ones I often see growing the fastest.

Precision Pro is another one who is great with their support.

Final Thoughts o the True Linkswear OG Premium

Overall it became clear really quickly why so many fellow golfers like these shoes. They’re comfortable, verstatile, and they perform great on the course.

After getting a chance to see some of their upcoming line at this year’s PGA Show, I’m even more excited for what’s to come as well.

Their Eco Knit line looks really cool, and what they’re doing with sustainability is a fantastic direction to see.

Be sure to check out TRUE if you’re in the market for a unique shoe that is also doing some good in the world.


Good Things

  • On/Off Course Versatility
  • Solid price for the quality
  • Performs Great

Bad Things

  • Had a QC issue with waterproofing on one pair

The Breakdown

Personal Affinity

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