True Linkswear Lux Sport Golf Shoe

TRUE Linkswear Lux Sport Review: My Favorite Pair of Trues

Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of wearing a bunch of different pairs of TRUE Linkswear golf shoes.

From the sexy leather OG Premium, to the svelte summer Knit iis – I’ve always been genuinely impressed.

Recently, I took a little gamble though.

This past week I took my first flight in 20 months to head down to Georgia for half a dozen rounds at Reynolds Lake Oconee and around Atlanta.

I brought the new TRUE Linkswear Lux Sport straight out of the box (er, bag as it were).

No break-in period. 

No warming them up.

Straight to the course.

So how did they do during my Georgia gauntlet of golf?

Read on to find out.

First Impressions of the TRUE Linkswear Lux Sport

One of the first things you notice when you pick up a pair of TRUE shoes is that there’s no box.

True Linkswear Lux Sport golf shoe in bag

The “Box” your pair of TRUE Linkswear shoes will come in. Kind of a fun touch.

This reinforces their direct-to-consumer model, and is a cool piece of marketing to boot. Not to mention the reusable shoe bag can actually come in handy if you don’t already have one you use.

TRUE Linkswear designs can be a bit polarizing. I know some people who have worn nothing but the OG shoes for the last few years, and I know others who think they’re a little boxy and not their style.

Personally, I think the True Linkswear Knit iis are one of the best-looking golf shoes out there. So I was excited to see what the Lux Sport looked like in person.

Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed.

Upon taking the shoes out of the bag, they immediately feel like premium golf shoes. Their “Wanderlux” sole looks great, and the knit mesh pattern of the upper is unique in a good way.

The "Wanderlux" TRUE Linkswear Sole.

The “Wanderlux” TRUE Linkswear Sole.

I don’t like the looks quite as much as the Knits, but that is all very much a personal preference.

What really matters is how they perform on the course.

Our Current Favorite Shoe
TRUE Linkswear Lux Sport

I'm loving the Lux Sport right now. It's incredibly comfortable and despite the mesh uppers, is actually waterproof. A fantastic shoe.

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TRUE Linkswear Lux Sport Performance

Shoes like the TRUE Linkswear Lux Sport are my favorite to take on busy trips. 

I can put them on the morning and not take them off until the evening, and as a “do it all” shoe these things perform really well.

True Linkswear Lux Sport Golf Shoe

Are you likely to wear them out for drinks with friends when you’re not golfing?

Probably not.

But you could. And that versatility is really nice to have.

One of my only complaints about this shoe is getting it on.

Their “Sock Fit Flexible Opening” is nice when you’re wearing it, but I found it a little more difficult than usual to get on. Although, I’ve found that to be the case with most of the TRUE Linkswear shoes I’ve worn.

Once they’re on however, I was seriously impressed with how comfortable they are.

There’s only one pair of TRUEs that haven’t worked for my feet and that is the LUX Pro. Something just rubbed the wrong way and I could never quite get it to work. These on the other hand? Clouds on your feet.

I was a little nervous heading straight into golf without having had the chance to break them in, but decided to just go for it.

18 holes later? My feet were still incredibly happy.

During a 36 hole walking day later on? After a half marathon my feet still felt great.

True Linkswear Lux Sport Golf Shoe

But there were a few more surprises as well.

Despite the “Sport Knit” upper, I found this to be a much more stable shoe than the Knit iis.

I’ve often heard about Trues: “They’re super comfy, but just not stable enough.”

I didn’t find that to be the case with these. In 4 rounds with the Lux Sport, I never slipped, and I always felt confident in being able to make a full swing.

I’m not sure if the soles are different than previous shoes in their lineup, but they felt a little more sticky to me, which gave me more confidence on the course.

True Linkswear Lux Sport Golf Shoe

The Lux Sport sole grips very well for a spikeless shoe.

What I was also surprised to learn is that these shoes are fully waterproof. By looking at them you’d think they’re more of a summer shoe.

So I rolled the dice, and on a beautiful dew-y morning round I laced them up and took a chance.

Stayed dry all day long.

Would I trust them in a torrential downpour? I’d have to see it to believe it, but in light rain or wet mornings? These will perform much better than the Knit iis.

Final Thoughts on the TRUE Linkswear Lux Sport

Overall I was extremely impressed by this shoe.

It was comfortable on the course, and easy to wear from the hotel to breakfast to the course to lunch to the course to dinner…you get the point.

At $175 it’s not a cheap golf shoe, but everything about it feels premium and I expect these will last a very long time.

While I don’t like the look quite as much as the Knit iis (I’d love to see a few more colorways), I found it to be a better fit and perform much better on the course than that shoe. Not to mention it’s more versatile with it’s 100k waterproof rating.

If you’re looking for a premium “do most things” golf shoe, then the True Linkswear Lux Sport is definitely worth taking a look at.

Our Current Favorite Shoe
TRUE Linkswear Lux Sport

I'm loving the Lux Sport right now. It's incredibly comfortable and despite the mesh uppers, is actually waterproof. A fantastic shoe.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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Gram Em!

Good Things

  • Very comfortable
  • Fully waterproof
  • On and off course versatility

Bad Things

  • Can be hard to get on
  • On the expensive side

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