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Redvanly Golf: A Unique Take on Golf Apparel in 2022

Since starting Breaking Eighty in 2012, I’ve seen a lot of brands come and go.

I don’t think people realize just how difficult it actually is to build a successful apparel business in the golf industry.

It’s even more difficult to build an apparel brand that’s bucking trends, doing things differently than other companies, and most importantly – doing it well.

This is what continues to impress me most about Redvanly Golf.

I’ve known Andrew Redvanly for over 7 years now. 

Each year I check out their latest line of clothes, and without fail, every year since 2014 – it’s continued to improve.

I’ve learned that in most cases with apparel brands, it takes at least 3 years to get some of the basics right.

Lots of brands can design a cool-looking shirt. But it usually takes a few years to nail things like fit, durability, and market positioning.

Redvanly was no different. I struggled with how their golf polos fit in the early days, and the quality was nowhere near what it is now.

But it had tons of potential.

Now in 2022, it feels like Redvanly has fully embraced who they are, where they’re going, and what they want to do. 

And you know what? They’re doing something different than every other golf brand I’ve seen out there, which is what makes it so damn appealing to me.

What exactly is different about it? That’s what I’m going to tell you about today.

A Move Beyond Golf

We’ll get to Redvanly’s golf clothes in a second, but first I wanted to talk about their latest foray into athleisure.

Here’s a question for the guys out there: have you ever worn any apparel from LuLu Lemon?

Their clothes in general? Super comfortable.

But LuLu is by and large seen as brand for women.

The latest lifestyle apparel from Redvanly is basically LuLu Lemon for dudes.

Over the last 7+ years Redvanly has perfected their fabric. They call it “Polyknit” for their polos, and “StretchKnit” for pants, hoodies, and the like – and it’s phenomenal.

It’s a combination of polyester and spandex, that may not sound that comfortable. But the exact opposite is true. Redvanly’s material is legit the softest performance material I’ve ever worn from any brand.

Whether you’re out for a run, at the gym, or on the golf course, you can move easily in it due to the give and stretch of their material.

I mentioned in my recent Radmor Golf write-up that I’ve personally been looking at brands that have moved beyond just golf. 

For years I played 100+ rounds a year and lived in golf polos. But these days I have a 1-year-old, 3 businesses, and am simply in a phase of life where golf has become a little bit more limited.

So finding brands that I can wear both on the course and off has been great. Redvanly is at the forefront of that with their athleisure line of clothes.

I got my first pair of their Donahue Joggers two years ago. They aren’t cheap at $125, but they look and feel much more expensive than that. Chrome tips on the drawstrings add a little bit of high-end flair, and the fit is really dialed in.

More than nearly any other piece of clothing I wear, people will ask me about these joggers.

Donahue Jogger Redvanly

Redvanly Donahue Jogger

They’ve continued to refine the Larkin Hoodie as well. Made with the similar, super soft, stretchy fabric I’ve been living in this hoodie since I received it last week. I also have one in green from a couple years ago, and the 2022 model feels a little bit lighter, a little bit softer, and just as warm and easy to move in.

Larkin Hoodie - Redvanly

The Larkin Hoodie

When Redvanly first started out, the improvements in quality were pretty major from year to year.

By 2018, they’d cracked the code with their fit and materials.

When they rolled out the lifestyle stuff, they got it right from the beginning. Now in 2022, while the improvements continue to come, they’re not quite as major. Now it’s the small, subtle things that make a great product, world-class.

And I’m loving it.

Redvanly Golf Polos: Something for Everyone

One of the hallmarks across the entirety of Redvanly’s collection is that their apparel stands out. The polos have their own distinct style, and whether it’s their geometric patterns, vibrant colors, or even the more subtle designs – you can always spot a Redvanly polo from a mile away.

With years of refinement under their belt, I’ve found Redvanly shirts to be among the best fitting in golf. There’s a nice length to them, so they always stay tucked in, and once again, the fabric is a joy to wear and golf in. Even on the hottest days, it keeps you as comfortable as any golf polo I’ve worn – if not more so.

You’ll find most of Redvanly polos to be very bold. This won’t always be for everyone, but it’s also why I appreciate that they include something for everyone each season.

Want in your face? Try the Ryerson:

Redvanly Golf Ryerson Polo

The “Birdies” polo is one of my favorites and is a bit more subdued:

Redvanly Birdies Polo

If you can’t read it, it spells out “birdies” on the polo

And if you just want to stick with subtle and more traditional, try the Filbert:

Redvanly Filbert Golf Polo

The Filbert is a personal favorite of mine for 2022.

Pull-on Golf Shorts. Wait, What?

I mentioned Redvanly has done a good job of expanding out beyond just their core business of golf polos, and one of the best examples of this are the Hanover pull-on golf shorts.

Wait, what? Pull-on golf pants? That seems weird.

Redvanly Pull on Shorts

Or at least it did at first, until I thought about it.

You almost always have a belt on, so the look wouldn’t be any different than your typical golf shorts.

After a dozen rounds, and two pairs of these shorts, I’ve gotta say: I love them.

They have a modern fit, which is to say they’re a bit shorter with a 9.5 inch inseam. 

Redvanly Golf Shorts

The waistband has a nice stretch to it, and does a good job keeping your shirt tucked in.

The modern tech blend fabric I keep raving about keeps you dry, but still looks like a pair of traditional golf shorts.

They’re comfortable, have a better range of motion than some of my less flexible or more traditional shorts, and they look great.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that Redvanly would do something like this – it’s just a little bit different than everything else you see.

And I feel like that’s a common thread in all of their apparel.

Final Thoughts on Redvanly in 2022

The bottom line here is that Redvanly is not only pushing the boundaries with what a “golf brand” should be, but they’re doing it with the utmost attention to detail and quality.

It’s been so much fun to see a few of these brands that started around the same time Breaking Eighty did, continue to grow and really nail down who they are and who they’re for.

Redvanly continues to be not just one of my favorite brands in golf, but one of my favorite apparel brands, period. The clothes look great, perform impeccably, and are super comfortable in the process.

Put all that together, and you’ve got a brand worth supporting.

Check out the entirety of Redvanly’s 2022 line on their website here.

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