Redvanly Larkin Hoodie

Redvanly Golf: A Golf Brand that’s Constantly Evolving

I’ve known Andrew Redvanly for at least 5 years now.

His apparel brand, Redvanly, is one of a handful that I’ve followed along with for years here at Breaking Eighty.

There are a lot of smaller businesses making some excellent golf apparel these days. Along with Redvanly, Holderness and Bourne and Rhoback come to mind.

But there’s something that stands out about what Andrew and his team have done at Redvanly.

They’ve evolved.

And I’m not just saying they’ve evolved within their lane with new a handful of new polo styles each year.

Rather, with each season Redvanly is going further out on the edge to make their brand interesting, fit the ever evolving lifestyle of the modern golfer, and pushing the boundaries of what a “golf brand” should be.

Over the years, they’ve pushed beyond golf and into tennis.

Now on top of those, they have some more lifestyle offerings, that frankly I’m loving – and were part of the impetus for this writeup.

Redvanly isn’t content to rest on it’s laurels, and this is evident in the clothes they put out in the world.

Over the last few years I’ve watched as the clothes Redvanly offers get dialed in even more. 

In the early years some of the material felt slightly off, or the sizing was just a little off-putting for me.

I’ve watched the materials evolve, the patterns evolve, and the fit evolve into what I really think is one of the most impressive brands in golf today – in part, because they’ve looked beyond just the golf course.

Redvanly Golf Polos: A Fit that Has Come Into It’s Own

The Bergen Polo from Redvanly’s last season is one of my favorite polos I own and can almost always be found in my bag on golf trips. 

The performance material is still comfortable when it gets hot out, and the fit is great.

The look also hits just the right balance of modern and bold, without making you stand out too much.

My golf game is such that I’ve learned, I don’t need to draw any extra attention to my golf swing.

I’ve checked out at least one polo from each of their last four seasons, so I’m comfortable in saying they’ve finally nailed the fit and finish. Some of their styles are more bold than others, and if you dig that, you should definitely take a look.

Here are some more thoughts on Redvanly Polos

Redvanly Hanover Pull On Golf Shorts

One of the most interesting things I saw at the 2020 PGA Show were the latest shorts and pants from Redvanly – they were pull on.

Wait, what? Pull on golf pants? That seems weird.

Redvanly Pull on Shorts

Or at least it did at first, until I thought about it.

You almost always have a belt on, so the look wouldn’t be any different than your typical golf shorts.

After trying a pair on, I’ve gotta say, I love them.

They have a modern fit, which is to say they’re a bit shorter with a 9.5 inch inseam. 

It’s a modern tech blend fabric that keeps you dry, but still looks like a traditional golf short.

The shorts are comfortable, have a better range of motion than some of my less flexible or more traditional shorts, and they look great.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that Redvanly would do something like this – it’s just a little bit different than everything else you see.

And I feel like that’s a common thread in all of their apparel.

Redvanly Pull On Shorts

Redvanly Pull On Shorts

Redvanly Donahue Jogger

Donahue Jogger Redvanly

But lately what I’ve been most impressed with is their foray into more lifestyle focused clothes.

Let’s face it, most younger golfers aren’t treating golf like their parents or grandparents did.

It’s less formal, more fun, and in most places golf isn’t necessarily all about the country club lifestyle.

I mean, just look at how many bluetooth speakers you’ll find on golf bags as a quick example of how things have changed.

So to see Redvanly recognize this, and branch out beyond clothes only meant for the golf course has been great to see.

They’ve had a few activewear options for awhile now, but this season I feel like they knocked it out of the park.

Redvanly Donahue Jogger

Take the Donahue Joggers, for instance. These things are amazing. I’ve been wearing them almost everyday. They’re comfortable, versatile, and they look even more expensive than they are.

I’m a medium, and they fit great. 

When I put them on for the first time, my wife said “oh, what brand are those?! They look great.”

I’ve since had 4 more people ask me what brand they are.

Redvanly Larkin Hoodie

The Larkin Hoodie is another obsession as well.

It’s made out of their proprietary fabric called Stretchknit, which is a blend of weighted polyester and spandex.

When you put it on it has a nice weight to it. It’s substantial, but not so much so that you couldn’t be comfortable working out in it.

There’s a slight sheen to it that gives it this high end look and feel that you also get with the joggers, and I love it.

This photo was a little underexposed. Actual color is in the image above.

My only slight knock, is I’m not sure I’m crazy about the racing stripe on the hood – but it’s minor, and frankly the look just ties it back to the rest of Redvanly’s line.

This is a new staple in my wardrobe. And I’m glad to see them take so many of the things I love about their golf clothes and bring it into my day to day life.

Final Thoughts on Redvanly’s 2020 Line

Overall I’ve loved everything I’ve seen from the brand this year. They’ve evolved and branched out, without forgetting their roots, or alienating their target market.

They’ve targeted their brand at a specific consumer, and this becomes more and more clear each season.

They modern styling won’t be for everyone, but for the discriminating golfer who wants to wear something different than what everyone else in their foursome has? Redvanly is a fantastic brand to consider.

Check out more of what they have to offer on their website.

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