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TRUE Linkswear Future Staples 01: The Ultimate Casual Golf Shoe?

TRUE Linkswear is answering a question no other footwear company has been able to figure out:

How do you make a shoe that performs on the golf course, but is also wearable off the course as well?

There are plenty of apparel brands that have brought a more casual vibe to the course with “all-day” styles. But shoes?

Until recently, you were basically a weirdo if you wore golf shoes off the course.

Even Ecco shoes, for as wonderful as their spikeless models are, aren’t generally meant to be worn off the course.

Enter TRUE.

TRUE has slowly developed a killer lineup of shoes that each serve a very specific purpose.

Want a good looking, stable shoe for serious rounds? The Original is for you.

Hybrid shoe that’s breathable and extra comfortable? Check out the Lux Sport.

A “barefoot” golf shoe that’s basically the Nike Free of golf? OG Feel.

One of those use cases? Being wearable all day.

It’s a tough nut to crack, but you know what? They’ve actually done it.

TRUE is the first brand that has made a pair of shoes that perform well on the course, but also look and feel good enough to wear off the course.

Specifically, that model is their All-Day Knit. These were one of only 3 pairs of shoes I brought on a month-long trip to Australia recently, because they’re so versatile.

But in 2023 TRUE is leaning into this concept a bit more, and we’re seeing more “all-day” models.

One of the latest? The Future Staples 01.

The FS-01 looks like your classic leather sneaker. Think Adidas Stan Smith or a Nike Tennis Classic.

But you can golf in it.

The question is, does it live up to expectations?

Let’s find out. 

First Impressions of the TRUE Linkswear FS-01

Like all pairs of TRUEs the packaging is excellent. It comes in a reusable bag that not only looks good, but is functional as well.

They’re clearly a direct-to-consumer company, as you’re likely not going to see these bags on the shelves of your local shoe store.

The shoes themselves look wonderful in the all-white colorway.

Although, while beautiful, white is a bit anxiety-inducing to wear on the course since they look so clean.

I think the other colors like brown leather and black also look fantastic as well.

The clear sole with “Future Staples” underneath is a fun touch. TRUE always does a good job of adding little details that make each shoe stand out from your typical golf shoe.

Truelinks Wear Future Staples

The “Future” and “Staples” is a nice touch.

The “recycled leather” is super soft and feels high quality as well.

Overall, I had high expectations for these shoes, and they were not only met but exceeded upon first inspection.

TRUE Linkswear Future Staples 01 - Use code "BREAKING15" to save 15%!

Looking for the perfect casual golf shoe you and wear on AND off the course? The FS-01 may be exactly what you need. Use code "BREAKING15" to save 15%!

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TRUE FS-01 Performance

The shoes themselves are very comfortable to wear. Like very comfortable. The patented “Wanderlux” insole that TRUE uses for most of its shoes really shines in the FS-01.

The All-Day Knit IIs, are the other shoes I’ve been wearing off the course, and while great, they’re not the most stable.

These being leather, feel more structured and provide a totally different “all-day” experience than the knit models.

But what about on the course?

Yes, technically these are golf shoes.

You could play a casual 18 holes in them on a summer day and be totally fine.

But for most people, these will not be your primary golf shoes.

They work for golf, but they’re not as stable and supportive enough for most golfers day in and day out.

For as great as all TRUE models are, they’re still a step behind Ecco when it comes to performance and durability on the course.

That said, this shoe isn’t trying to compete with say the Ecco C4.

TRUE is creating a category in and of itself with models like the FS-01.

This is the shoe you wear when you’re heading out to the putting green with your kid.

When you’re going to go play an emergency 9 after a summer bbq.

When you’re doing a post-round horse race at a member guest with a beer in your hand.

These shoes ooze that casual vibe where you’re enjoying the social aspects of golf, as opposed to grinding it out in an 18-hole match.

And that’s what I love about them.

Note: Use the TRUE Linkswear discount code “BREAKING15” to save 15%!

Final Thoughts on the TRUE Linkswear Future Staples 01 Golf Shoes

I’m a huge fan of these shoes, but they’re not cheap. At $175 they’re moving into the upper echelon of golf shoes, and since they likely won’t be your primary pair, the cost could be a lot to swallow for some.

That said, you could make the argument that they’ll end up getting more use since they’re more versatile than a standard golf shoe.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t buy the FS-01 if you’re looking for the ultimate in golf performance.

But if you’re looking for that casual pair you can wear to the range, or wear out to the bars with your friends?

There may be no other golf shoe that does this as well as the FS-01.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever see the day when I’d feel comfortable wearing golf shoes off the golf course. Let alone a time when I’d actively choose to do so.

But the FS-01 have changed my mind.

They look good no matter where you wear them. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day or play 18. And they perform well enough on the course to function as a legit golf shoe.

If you’re looking for a very similar shoe that performs even better than these on the course? Consider the latest in the Future Staples collection, the TRUE FS-02 Mixed Media. I personally like the styling even more than the original.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for something a little bit different to mix up your golf footwear? The FS-01 may be just what you need.

TRUE Linkswear Future Staples 01 - Use code "BREAKING15" to save 15%!

Looking for the perfect casual golf shoe you and wear on AND off the course? The FS-01 may be exactly what you need. Use code "BREAKING15" to save 15%!

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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Good Things

  • They look fantastic
  • Super high quality materials
  • You really can wear them "all day"

Bad Things

  • Expensive
  • Golf performance is a little lacking

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