TRUE Links OG Feel Camo

TRUE Linkswear OG Feel Review: The Nike Free of Golf

At this point, I’ve reviewed and worn about half a dozen different pairs of shoes from True Linkswear.

I continue to be surprised by just how many variations one brand can create of a spikeless golf shoe.

I mean this as a compliment.

While some True golf shoes are more stable than others, none would be considered a “Tour Shoe” with traditional spikes.

And yet, with every new pair I check out – I’m finding distinct differences that set it apart from other shoes in their lineup.

This is exactly what happened with the most recent shoes I tested out: the True Linkswear OG Feel Camo.

But should you buy them? Let’s take a look.

TRUE Links OG Feel Camo

First Impressions of the TRUE Linkswear OG Feel Camo

Any time you order a pair of TRUE Linkswear shoes there’s a direct giveaway that they’re a direct-to-consumer brand: the packaging.

When you receive your shoes, they come in a very well-done reusable shoe bag. The latest iteration of this is sturdy enough that you could stack them on store shelves, but most major retailers won’t be stocking bags of shoes.

That said, it’s a nice touch that sets them apart from their competition, and as a bonus, is reusable. It’s actually a solid bag for taking your shoes to and from the course if you’re in need of a way to do so.

Out of the box, the latest reflective black camo colorway of the OG Feel is undeniably a good-looking shoe.

In fact, I think this is one of my favorite pairs of theirs to date. While I absolutely love the Lux Sport, which have been a go-to for months now, the styling is just ok for me. These? These stand out.

Not in an ostentatious way, but in a way that makes other golfers at your club stop and say “Oh, what are those?”

On a recent round, I had no less than 3 people ask me about them or make a comment about how good they look.

For Summer 2022 they released a handful of Camo colorways that are a nice change from their traditional lineup.

But what makes it for me are the little hints of purple on the laces and insole, that turn a good-looking shoe into something really special. 

TRUE Links OG Feel Camo

The purple insole with their motto of “Enjoy your walk” printed on it.

Best Barefoot Golf Shoe
TRUE Linkswear OG Feel

Want your round of golf to feel like you're truly playing barefoot? Look no further the TRUE OG Feel is the shoe for you.

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TRUE Linkswear OG Feel Performance

This is the first time I’ve worn a pair of OG Feels, and I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. 

I’ll be upfront, this shoe won’t be for everyone, and it’s not for every round.


Essentially this is True’s take on a barefoot shoe.

TRUE Links OG Feel Camo

Within a minute of putting them on, the first thought I had was “These are like a golf version of Nike Frees.”

This means they are incredibly comfortable, very flexible, and have a zero-drop heel.

This shoe will provide just about the closest experience to playing golf barefoot as you’ll find.

And when you’re walking? You definitely feel it.

For my first round wearing the True OG Feel Camo I decided to test them out on the longest round of golf of my life.

After the LIV event at Pumpkin Ridge members got a chance to play the course: 7,641 yards.

Or about 600 yards longer than the longest course I’ve ever played.

I honestly was a little nervous at how I’d feel after the 8+ mile journey.

And you know what?

I felt great. 

The shoes were super comfortable throughout the day, and didn’t cause any blisters despite being my first wear.

I will say you really notice the lack of cushioning in the heel. You don’t notice it as much when walking on the course, but if you’re walking on pavement or a cart path, you start to remember there’s not a whole lot of padding there.

It was never uncomfortable, but it can take some getting used to. 

Stability is better than I expected for a shoe like this, but don’t expect tour shoe stability by any means. 

I noticed the flex in the toe box quite a bit on drives. It didn’t really affect my swing much, but when finishing my swing, I frequently noticed some bend near the toes.

Final Impressions of the True Linkswear OG Feel

TRUE Links OG Feel Camo

Honestly? I really enjoy this shoe. I think it’s one of the best-looking shoes I’ve ever reviewed, and it’s a pair I’m happy to have in my locker.

If you’re someone who prefers the barefoot lifestyle, and you want the least intrusive golf shoes you can find? Run out and get these.

If you want a summer shoe that looks cool, and you’re not overly concerned about stability on an emergency 9 or low pressure round? You’ll love these.

If you’re buying one pair of golf shoes and you want it to do everything? These aren’t for you. Consider the Lux Sport, OG Original, or another one from our list of best golf shoes.

Want a summer shoe with a little more stability? Definitely take a look at Knit ii.

Overall though, I continue to be impressed with the True Linkswear lineup, and this new colorway is a fantastic addition to a solid lineup.

Best Barefoot Golf Shoe
TRUE Linkswear OG Feel

Want your round of golf to feel like you're truly playing barefoot? Look no further the TRUE OG Feel is the shoe for you.

Buy from TRUE Linkswear
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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Good Things

  • Incredible barefoot feel
  • Look fantastic
  • Shoe bag is a nice touch

Bad Things

  • Won't have enough cushion for many golfers
  • A little pricey for a shoe you can't use every round

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