Ecco Biom C4 Golf Shoe

Ecco Biom C4 Review: The Best Golf Shoe I’ve Ever Owned

Updated August 2023 to add references to the Biom H4 and Biom G5. Over a year after my initial review, this still remains my pick for the best overall golf shoe on the market.

It’s always exciting when I pick up a new pair of Ecco golf shoes, because I know they’ll be with me for a long time.

6 years ago I got my first pair of Eccos – the Biom Hybrid 2s. They’ve seen well over 100 rounds, and I still wear them from time to time.

5 years ago it was the Ecco Cage Pro.

4 years ago, with the Biom Hybrid 3, I proclaimed it was the best golf shoe I’d ever owned.

I still play 25% of my rounds in that 4-year-old shoe – it’s that good.

I’m now 3 rounds into wearing the Ecco Biom C4, and you know what?

It’s phenomenal.

No seriously. It’s really, really good.

What makes it such a good golf shoe?

Let’s find out.

Ecco Biom C4

Ecco Biom C4 on the course.

First Impressions of the Ecco Biom C4

Ecco shoes are always a little polarizing in the looks department. 

Some people love them, others not so much.

Personally, I’m somewhere in between. I like some of their models more than others, but was really pleased when they first showed off the C4, as I really like the way it looks. The color blocking is tastefully done and the pops of orange and blue on my “Concrete/Black” colorway is a nice touch.

Ecco Biom C4 Golf Shoe

As soon as you get them out of the box, you can feel the quality that Ecco brings. 

The leather is legitimately soft. Like it feels like it should be used for a handbag, rather than a pair of shoes. Ecco is always at the top when it comes to this.

This is my first pair of Ecco shoes that have vents in the soles, so that was one major thing that stood out to me. I like the way it looks, and we’ll talk about the performance below.

Overall, this is one of my favorite Eccos designs to date. I’ve already received some compliments about them on the course as well.

Ecco Biom C4 Performance

The Biom C4 is a little bit different than the last few pairs of Eccos I’ve owned. 

Ecco is the pioneer of spikeless golf shoes, and these obviously still fall into that camp. But more so than any Ecco shoe I’ve used, they feel more like traditional golf shoes – in a good way.

There’s a bit more stability, and traction was very good as well. It does this while maintaining the versatility of having a spikeless shoe.

On my recent trip to the Four Seasons Punta Mita, I was able to put on the shoes in the hotel room, hop in my shuttle to the course, play my round, come back, have lunch – all in these shoes.

It makes traveling with these shoes very handy.

One of the first things you notice about the shoe is the “exhaust grid,” as they call it. These vents allow air to flow under the sole, which is supposed to help keep your feet cool in hot conditions.


The “Exhaust Grid.” Sounds like it belongs on a race track.

At the very least, it looks fancy, but given how comfortable these shoes are, I’m inclined to believe that it truly is functional as well. My feet have always stayed comfortable wearing them.

Best Overall Golf Shoe
ECCO Men's BIOM C4 Golf Shoes

Quite simply, this is the best pair of golf shoes I've ever tested or owned. They look great, are incredibly comfortable, and is one of my most recommended products of the year.

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The MTN sole is the same found on the Biom H4 (this shoe is the true follow-up to the Biom Hybrid 3s I mentioned before. It features 3 zones to provide “stability, durability, and rotational support.”

Ecco Biom C4 Sole

And considering I have yet to slip once in these, the sole does a great job of inspiring confidence both walking the course and during your golf swing.

Are the Ecco Biom C4 Golf Shoes Comfortable?

To put it simply, these are the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever owned.

I expected them to lag a little bit behind my previous Biom 3s in the comfort department, due to being slightly beefier and more stable.

That’s absolutely not the case.

These things are an absolute joy to walk in.

The top of the shoe has some extra elasticity in the sock liner, which makes these shoes very easy to put on. I’ve loved the True Links Lux Sport as well – but I’ve found them to be a little bit harder to get my feet into.

Ecco Biom C4

It legit feels like I have pillows on my feet when walking the course in the C4s.

I’m honestly not sure what else to say about it, they’re unbelievably comfortable for a golf shoe – and they’ve stayed that way through my all of my rounds so far.

Ecco Biom C4 Durability 

One of my favorite things about these, and other Ecco shoes is the Gore-tex surrounds they have.

A lot of brands have their own names for their waterproof technology, but no name is more respected in this department than Gore-Tex.

Looking at the shoe, especially with it’s supple leather and air vents – you wouldn’t expect it to be overly waterproof.

Oh, but it is.

While I have yet to wear these during an exceedingly wet round, I have worn all of my other Eccos in wet weather, and they always leave me surprised with how dry my feet are afterward.

Ah, I should correct that. I used to always be surprised with how dry my feet were.  Now this is simply one of the joys to owning a pair of Eccos – you know you can count on fantastic water protection.

Notice the Gore-Tex logo on the back of the Biom C4.

As for durability, the soles should last you a long time. They’ll wear down a bit if you do spend a lot of time walking on pavement off course with them – but it’s very durable. 

I have noticed that over time the leather and midsole can be prone to attracting dirt – perhaps more than other shoes.  But an occasional wet rag helps in this department.

To be honest, I think that’s my only real critique. 3 rounds in, the shoes already shoe minor signs of being worn and wearing in. A few small leather creases here, some smudges there.

If this is a concern for you, then I’d consider checking out the Ecco Biom H4 which is a bit more durable. The Biom G5 is as well, and is a good choice if you prefer spiked shoes.

But despite some of those surface level, everyday wear type things, this shoe will last you a very long time. 

Final Thoughts on the Ecco Biom C4 golf Shoes

I love this golf shoe. 

Occasionally I get products in to review that just leave me excited to go out and play golf. 

This is one of those products.

It looks good, it feels good, and it’s from a proven brand that year after year puts out extremely high-quality products.

If you’re looking for a premium golf shoe, and don’t mind paying the premium of price of $230, then you’ll be thrilled with the Biom C4.

Best Overall Golf Shoe
ECCO Men's BIOM C4 Golf Shoes

Quite simply, this is the best pair of golf shoes I've ever tested or owned. They look great, are incredibly comfortable, and is one of my most recommended products of the year.

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Buy em!

Good Things

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Gore-Tex waterproofing
  • Super stable for spikeless shoes

Bad Things

  • Prone to getting dirty

The Breakdown

Presentation (Looks)
Personal Affinity

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  1. Nick

    Hey, how much higher do these sit compared to your trues?

    I use true and ecco exclusively but the venting looks like a huge rise. Do you find a difference in your swing between the two?


  2. Simon

    Hey Sean…got a pair of these after reading your review, and agree these are amazingly comfortable. Unfortunately, two months in, have to question the durability of the sole. The exhaust grid sole has started cracking on the left shoe (my lead foot). Really disappointing in a premium golf shoe. Debating whether to go for the H4 (so don’t get the sole) issue or looking at another brand altogether.

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