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G/FORE MG4+ Review: Are They Worth Over $200?

Over the years of reviewing golf products, I’ve always kind of admired G/FORE from afar.

Being a very fashion-forward brand, some of their products have always just been a little too in-your-face for me.

I’m not the guy that’s going to be wearing a bright purple golf glove, or super loud prints on my polos.

Even the racing stripes on these G/FORE shorts I reviewed a while back, felt like too much for me.

But if you start looking at G/FORE’s offerings, you’ll notice that it isn’t all flashy.

They have products in every category that are more subtle, yet still stylish.

And as I dug in more? I began to really like what I saw.

So for my first proper G/FORE review in years, I decided to go with one of their staples: the G/FORE MG4+ golf shoe.

I always thought the shoe looked great, but in my head, G/FORE was always a little more fashion than function.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

First Impressions of the G/FORE MG4+ Golf Shoe

I’m a little behind the ball on these, as they were first released in 2020, but they’ve been updated each season and I’m glad I gave them a look.

One thing you notice straight away is that G/FORE takes their presentation seriously. 

I received three pairs of G/FORE shoes to review and each one had a different box, with different branding and extra touches.

G/Fore Boxes

Different box styles for different G/Fore models.

For shoes that retail over $200 this is nice to see. And opening the box regardless of whether it was the MG4+, the MG4X2, or the uber-stylish Gallivanters – they all had the feeling of occasion.

Taking the G/FORE MG4+ out of the box, I was immediately impressed with the build quality. The upper is sturdy yet flexible, and is made of a waterproof outer that is very easy to clean.

GFore MG4+ Shoes

It doesn’t read as the most breathable shoe, but after playing a round on the hottest day of the year so far, I didn’t find breathability to be an issue at all (more on that below).

The “auxetic lattice” mid-sole is similar to what you’d find on an Adidas Boost shoe, and I love the lattice look. It adds just enough flair to make the shoe stand out, without being over the top.

The 3D molded heal cup sports a nice G/Fore logo, and feels very supportive. 

The back of the G/Fore MG4+

The back of the G/Fore MG4+

The shoes come with an extra set of laces, which is a small thing, but a nice touch.

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G/FORE MG4+ Performance

A lot of my friends and people I play with know that when I’m on the course I’m usually reviewing a product (or 3).

So they aren’t shy about chiming in with their own opinions on how something works or looks (sorry, Sqairz).

Wearing the MG4+ out for the first time, I had 3 people comment on them within the first 15 minutes.

GFore MG4+ Shoes

G/FORE is obviously a huge golf brand, but at least where I’m from, you don’t see a ton of them on the course.

So when you see a pair, they stand out.

And these, despite being relatively subtle in comparison to some of their other models (I’m looking at you MG4x2), just look good.

I like them even more in person than I do in photos.

And the best part? They’re among the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever worn.

The triple-density foam footbed has “massaging nubs” which I was a bit skeptical of when I first looked at them.

GFore MG4 massaging nubs

The signature “massaging nubs”

These are common among many G/FORE models, but this was my first time wearing a pair.

I kind of expected it to be more of an aesthetic thing, but you really do feel the “massaging effect” when you start walking around.

I expected this to dissipate during the round and even expected it might get uncomfortable or cause a blister.

Nothing like that happened. After a 6 mile walk, my feet felt as fresh and comfortable as ever.

It was a record-hot April day, nearly approaching 90 degrees in Portland when I tested these out. And my feet stayed dry and comfortable for the entire afternoon. 

The sole honestly doesn’t look like it would provide an insane amount of traction. It’s not quite as hard as say the Ecco Biom C4, but I’ve had zero issues at all with traction – even on a course that’s still wet in spots.

A lot of brands are coming out with shoes these days that could double as trainers or off-course shoes as well. TRUE Linkswear does a great job of that with the All-Day Knit series and Future Staples. With G/FORE the MG4X2 are the shoes designed for that, but honestly, you could wear the MG4+ out with friends and no one would notice.

They’re also stylish enough that you might even get a few compliments in the process.

I’m a size 12, and these fit true to size for me.

Final Thoughts on the G/FORE MG4+

I honestly wasn’t expecting to like the G/FORE MG4+ shoes as much as I have. It’s got me excited to get out for more rounds with the other G/FORE shoes I’ve got in my office.

I review a lot of shoes for Breaking Eighty, but my default response when throwing shoes on for a round is to grab the Ecco C4.

G/Fore MG4+ Shoes

I’m a big fan of the G/Fore MG4+ shoes.

I think those might be slightly more stable for an all-conditions golf shoe, but the MG4+ will absolutely be making it into the regular rotation. The massaging footbed was unique and more comfortable than expected, they’re waterproof, and frankly, are better looking than the “acquired taste” of the Eccos.

At $225 these are expensive golf shoes. But after spending time with them they look, feel, and perform like high-end golf shoes. So while I think it might be a little more reasonable to see these coming in sub $200, I also don’t think many people will be disappointed should they choose to spend the money.

Long story short, these shoes may be the gateway drug that has me digging into G/FORE a lot more in the coming months.

They’ve received a well-earned “Editor’s Choice” spot in my list of the best golf shoes on the market.

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Good Things

  • Very stylish
  • "massaging nubs" surprisingly comfortable
  • Great performance for spikeless shoe

Bad Things

  • Expensive

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