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GFORE Golf Review: Modern Shorts for the Modern Golfer

Over the last few years GFORE golf has carved out a nice little niche for high end, tailored clothes that pop.

It’s a very specific market, but I’m not sure there’s a better brand in the business for the golfer who is very particular about their tailored look, and also wants to stand out.

Most of the time I see friends wearing GFORE on the course they are rocking their colorful gloves, or their beautiful shoes.

But for my first GFORE Golf review, I wanted to go with something less obvious.

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of shorts for awhile.

GFORE Maverick Hybrid Golf Shorts.

GFORE Maverick Hybrid Golf Shorts.

In a perfect world, this is a pair of shorts that fits well, provides plenty of mobility on the course, and ideally is something I can easily wear off the course as well.

I took one look at the GFORE Maverick Hybrid shorts and said, “I think these might be the pair.”

Did they live up to expectations? Could I pull off the high class, tailored look at that GFORE is known for? Let’s see.

First Impressions of the GFORE Golf Maverick Hybrid Shorts

Upon receiving the GFORE shorts in the mail and taking them out of the packaging, you immediately notice these are high quality shorts.

I picked them up on “Onyx” which is dark grey, and the color is exactly what I’d hoped for.

The material is a poly/spandex blend, that still looks like a traditional short, but clearly is a performance fabric once you feel it.

This is what I was hoping for. A pair of shorts that has the look of being cotton but actually performs better on the course.

The trademark logo of 4 Gs is highlighted on the back in a way that is tasteful and done well.

GFORE logo

Upon pulling them on, it took a second to get used to the 9.5 inch inseam. These were an inch or two shorter than the golf shorts I’m used to wearing, but frankly is what I wanted.

I feel like I’ve had some of my golf shorts for awhile now, and in many cases they feel dated and don’t fit my style. Like these Adidas shorts feel like they’re from another era due to their length that sits below my knees.

They fit wonderfully, and the waistband has a little bit of stretch, which is always something I appreciate not just in golf pants, but any pants these days.

GFORE Golf Maverick Shorts: Real World Wear Test

I’ve now worn these about half a dozen times, and I’m extremely pleased with them.

On the course the deep mesh pockets have actually been more of a benefit than I expected them to be (I mean, who cares about mesh pockets??). Despite being shorts that are on the short end in-seam wise, the deeper pockets still allow me to easily carry tees, balls, my phone – or anything else that I don’t want to risk falling out.

GFore Golf Shorts

Mesh liner in the pockets.

Being more of a modern fit, I’ve felt comfortable throwing on flip-flops and wearing these around after the round without them screaming “I just went golfing” which is nice.

I honestly think there’s only one major complaint I have about these shorts, and this is more of a personal preference thing.

With GFORE you can expect nearly all of their clothes to have some element of “pop”, something that is going to stand out and be a little bit different than the competition.

On the Maverick Hybrid Shorts, this piece of pop is the racing stripes on the side of the pockets. It’s not that in your face, but it’s just enough to say “hey, these aren’t your average shorts.”

The racing stripe pockets on GFORE Maverick Shorts.

Personally, I could do without the stripes – but for the average consumer who wears GFORE, they want to stand out a little bit.

Final Thoughts on the GFORE Maverick Shorts

Overall, these are one of the best pairs of golf shorts I’ve worn. They have a modern fit that rests just above my knees, the material is comfortable and gives you all of the mobility and comfort you’d need on the golf course, and they’re stylish enough to wear off the course as well.

With a retail price of $145, they certainly aren’t on the cheap end of golf shorts, but at this point in my life, I’m always choosing fewer, higher quality things, than buying 6 pairs of $20 shorts that I’ll only wear twice before needing to throw out.

Buy the Maverick Hybrid Shorts on the GFORE website here.

As I review more GFORE products I’ll continue to add them to this page.

Buy em!

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