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Adidas Ultimate Golf Short Review

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You’ve gotta hand it to Adidas lately, they’ve really been stepping up their golf game.

Watching the Masters earlier this month, I couldn’t help but cringe every time they showed Jordan Spieth in his super basic, and at times ugly (did you see those shoes?) Under Armor gear.

Nike is stepping it up, Rory looked a heck of a lot better than he played – but I’ve always been a huge fan of their stuff.

However, the biggest surprise over the last year for me has been Adidas.

Jason Day looks awesome, and their boost golf shoes are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.

So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that their new Ultimate Short, does a good job of living up to the name.

Now, when I think of golf shorts, my initial thought is “well, it’s a golf short. How innovative can you be?”

Turns out very, as that’s what Adidas has done with the Ultimate Short.


For starters there is a stretch waistband for increased comfort and mobility – and there’s a silicone printed “Adidas” logo to help make sure your shirt stays tucked in.

This silicone is pretty much an essential these days for me, it makes such a big difference to not have to be constantly re-tucking in your shirt.

The material is also breathable, and water resistant – so if you sweat a lot or get caught in a stray summer shower, you can rest easily knowing you won’t spend the rest of the round entirely uncomfortable.

But you know what I like most about the Adidas Ultimate Short?

They give you options.

Have you ever had a shirt that fits you absolutely perfect, but then when you go to buy more in a different color or pattern, you find they only made them in two colors?

I’ve run into this multiple times…

Shorts and pants can be the same way, and within the Adidas Ultimate Short line there are by my count, 30 different styles to choose from.

  • Climacool Ultimate Airflow
  • Ultimate Competition Plaid
  • Ultimate Dot Plaid
  • Ultimate Heather
  • Ultimate Chino
  • Ultimate Solid

So not only do you have a few different styles of fit, but within each you have different colorways and patterns.

Basically no matter what kind of golf short you’re looking for, the Adidas Ultimate line pretty much has you covered.

Want to stand out? Grab a pair of the pink solids. Want something that would look stylish on or off the course? Snag a pair of the Ultimate Heather.

Personally I’ve played in a pair of the Solid, Dot Plaid, and Heather. All three fit in a similar way, and the fabric and build quality is fantastic.

My only complaint is that they do seem to run a little on the large side. I’m usually a 34 waist, but with these shorts I think a 33 would have provided the perfect fit.

The line ranges from a retail price of $65-75, which isn’t a rock bottom price, but it’s also certainly far from the top of the market. And if you shop it, you can find them for considerably less.

We’ve had a few warm days in Portland these last couple weeks and the shorts held up extremely well. They kept me comfortable, dry, and overall even with my pairs running just a little big – they are a joy to play in.

This summer I’ll be wearing the Ultimate Short both on and off the course, and I’ll be really excited to see what Adidas comes up with next – as their golf line over the past year has been extremely solid.

Grab Adidas Ultimate Golf Shorts on Amazon

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Good Things

  • Tons of options to choose from
  • Class leading performance
  • Silicone inside the waistband

Bad Things

  • Might be a little expensive for some
  • Run slightly big

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