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TRUE Linkswear Lux Hybrid Review: An Instant Classic

I’ve written about quite a few different TRUE Linkswear shoes lately, and you know what? It hasn’t gotten old.

TRUE has done such a good job of putting out shoes that each fill its own unique niche in the world of golf and lifestyle footwear.

And guess what? The Lux Hybrid is no different.

I once said in a review that the Lux Sport was my favorite pair of TRUE shoes. They’re fantastic on the golf course, providing more stability and water resistance than I expected in what appears to be an all-mesh shoe.

Other pairs of TRUE shoes that were geared towards lifestyle just as much as golf, like the Knit II and the Future Staples – are awesome, but lack the day-in, day-out support you need in an every-round golf shoe.

Which is why I’m so stoked about the Lux Hybrid.

After a couple of rounds wearing them? I’m impressed.

But impressed enough to recommend you shell out $200 to buy them?

Let’s find out.

TRUE Linkswear Lux Hybrid

First Impressions of the TRUE Lux Hybrid Golf Shoes

Pulling out my “white high vis” Lux Hybrids from the box, errr, bag, it was love at first sight.

The Lux Hybrid takes some design cues from the OG Feel, which up until now have been my favorite looking TRUE shoes out there.

There’s a very subtle camo print on the leather saddle, that you might miss if you’re not looking closely. But it adds just enough flair to make these stand out. The blend between leather and mesh work really well together, resulting in a shoe that looks really nice regardless of your chosen colorway.

TRUE Linkswear Lux Hybrid

A look at the subtle camo on the leather saddle.

The shoes these most remind me of are the Nike Airmax G. They feel and wear similar to the retro-styled Air Max, with a bit more of a modern look.

How Do the TRUE Lux Hybrid Shoes Perform on the Course?

Both the All-Day Knit ii (and iii) and the Future Staples are perfectly capable golf shoes for casual rounds. If it’s a dry summer day and you’re with friends, they’re awesome.

But if you’re looking for the pinnacle in confidence-inspiring stability and traction, they’re just not going to do it for you.

And honestly, the Lux Hybrid isn’t necessarily the pinnacle in that department either. The Ecco C4 continues to be the winner in terms of sheer performance and comfort when it comes to a spikeless golf shoe.

But the Ecco shoes? They’re not exactly the most stylish shoes in the world.

And next to the TRUE Lux Hybrid? The difference becomes even more stark.

The Lux hybrids look fantastic. Despite not quite hitting Ecco levels of performance, this model gets much closer than the other “All-Day” models I mentioned above.

And I should clarify, these are really good golf shoes. Sometimes I’m a bit hard on TRUE shoes in the golf department, but these really deliver both in terms of comfort and performance.

The weather is still a little dicey here in the Pacific Northwest and my first round in these shoes took place on a course that was still saturated.

To my surprise, however, not a single slip. I felt confident in my swing. Ok, maybe not so much in my swing itself – but that’s not the shoe’s fault.

They performed really well, and is a shoe I’d feel totally comfortable walking 18 in – or 36 for that matter.

With much of its construction mesh, these don’t look waterproof – but they very much are.

I’m a size 12, and these fit true to size. The toe box feels a little bit wider compared to the Lux Sport, and the patented “Wanderlux” sole performs as well as it always does.

Final Thoughts on the Lux Hybrid

Simply put, this is a fantastic golf shoe.

While yes, I think the Ecco outperforms it in terms of stability and arguably comfort (but not by much), these shoes look better than the C4.

Throw in the fact that they’re also $50 cheaper, and I think this is poised to become the best-selling TRUE shoe yet. They’ve taken performance and styling cues from a few different models and put them in a hybrid model that is greater than the sum of its parts.

TRUE is a brand that made its name by having high-quality lifestyle golf shoes and apparel. And these are no different. If you wore them off the course, not only would they be comfortable and look great – most people wouldn’t even know they were golf shoes.

And I mean that as a compliment.

TRUE Linkswear Lux Hybrid

But when you’re wearing them on a golf course? For my money, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a shoe that looks as good as these and performs at the same time.

I now have over half a dozen pairs of TRUE shoes, but if you told me I could only have one pair? I think I’d have to go with these. They perform as well as the Originals, and I think look even better. Throw in the option to wear them casually around town, and you have a shoe that can truly do a little bit of everything.

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Good Things

  • One of the best looking shoes on the market
  • Performs well, even in damp conditions
  • Versatile for on/off course wearing

Bad Things

  • Expensive

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