TRUE Mixed Media FS-02

TRUE Linkswear FS-02 Mixed Media Review: The Do-it-All Shoe?

I’ve now reviewed quite a few TRUE Linkswear shoes, and I continue to be impressed by how diverse and versatile their lineup is.

Want a single shoe to wear on a tropical vacation that can do it all? Try the All-Day Knit series.

What about a more stable all-day shoe that looks as good as it wears? The Lux Hybrid is where it’s at.

A zero drop, “barefoot” style shoe similar to the Nike Free? Meet the OG Feel.

Or do you just want a traditional golf shoe that won’t leave the course? True OG Tour.

After trying all of these different shoes that each serve its own purpose, I may have found their most versatile shoe yet: the True Linkswear FS-02 Mixed Media .

There aren’t many shoes that can do everything well, but this is one of those unicorn golf shoes.

What makes it so good? 

Let’s find out.

First Impressions of the TRUE Mixed Media FS-02 

The first thing that drew me to the True Linkswear Mixed Media FS-02 were its looks.

I love the way this shoe looks. It reminds me of a modern, golf-y take on the classic Adidas Rod Laver shoes.

As is customary with TRUE Linkswear shoes they come in a nice reusable bag rather than a traditional box. Inside there’s also a TRUE branded cloth, and the whole package is a nice surprise if you’ve never bought a pair of their shoes before.

Out of the box, er, bag, the shoes feel just as high quality as you’d expect. The two different types of leather on the toe box and the heel add a nice contrast, as do the canvas uppers.

I think the thing that surprised me most about these shoes is that they feel wider than many of the TRUE shoes I’m used to.

After wearing models like the All-Day Knit and Lux Hybrid which are pretty narrow these feel wider, especially around the heel.

They also don’t have the semi-transparent sole of the FS-01, but the all-white fits with the motif of these shoes well.

But overall, they’re just as attractive in real life as they are in the photos. I’ll also apologize for not publishing my own photos yet. I took them last month before I wore them, and accidentally formatted the card before I downloaded them – sorry about that! Will update soon.

Both the black and white options look great, but considering I went white with their previous Future Staples design, I wanted to “mix” it up and go with black for these. I’m definitely not disappointed.

TRUE Linkswear FS-02 Mixed Media Performance

The thing I like most about these shoes is that more than some of their “all-day” shoes, these really feel appropriate for just about any situation.

I absolutely love the All-Day Ripstop for instance. But on a recent trip back East I’d worn them on the plane, and the airline lost my bag.

So the next day I walked 36 holes at Aronimink and Merion wearing those shoes.

I made it through, but let’s just say, those aren’t made for 36-hole walking days. 9 holes on a cart with some beers? Absolutely? Walking a half marathon of golf? Not so much.

Fortunately, the FS-02 shoes are much better standalone golf shoes.

They’re substantial and provide more stability than the knit models, and are also far more water resistant than those as well.

While they wouldn’t be my first choice if you knew you were going out in a rainstorm, I’ve had no problems staying dry during a couple of dewy early morning rounds.

Two Things I Don’t Love About These Shoes

The first, is that despite the knit saddle, I don’t feel like these shoes are quite as breathable as I’d expected. The high-quality nubuck leather looks and feels great, but it does seem to hold in heat more than expected them to.

This has never proved to be a major concern, my feet stayed comfortable throughout walking 18 holes even in 85 degree heat – but it’s something I noticed.

The second has to do with the insole. With a few of the newer TRUE models they’re using an insole that feels slightly stickier and tackier than previous versions of the shoe.

When I was wearing them with merino wool socks during my first couple wears, I didn’t notice it at all, they fit and felt fine.

However if you wear them with more traditional cotton socks, they tend to stick a little bit and cause your socks to bunch up. It’s not a huge deal, but I’ve found them to be much more comfortable when using merino socks – which I know not everyone will be wearing.

They use a similar insole on the All-Day Knit iii, and it’s the primary reason while, despite attractive styling, I prefer the previous gen All Day Knit ii over the newer III models.

Final Thoughts on the TRUE Mixed Media FS-02

TRUE Mixed Media FS-02 in black

The Mixed Media FS-02 are among the best-looking shoes from TRUE and you can dress them up or down when you’re not on the course.

You’re probably not wearing them to a formal gathering, but I’ve worn them out to a nice dinner and they look just as classy as they feel.

I’m a big fan of these shoes, and they’ve made it into my regular rotation.

When it comes to “All Day” style golf shoes, I give the edge to comfort and performance to the G/FORE MG4x2 shoes which I love.

But when it comes to style and flexibility off the course, I have to give the nod to the TRUE Mixed Media FS-02.

Save for playing in real wet and soggy conditions, these are among the most versatile shoes out there, and definitely perform better on the golf course than TRUE’s All Day knit and Ripstop models.

They perform about the same as the TRUE Lux Hybrids, so if you’re looking for more of an athletic-looking sh0e, then you might consider that one.

However, if you want an excellent shoe with classic good looks for both on and off the course? Definitely give the TRUE Mixed Media FS-02 a shot.

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Good Things

  • Fantastic, classic looks
  • High quality materials
  • Perform better on the course than some other TRUE "All Day" models

Bad Things

  • Expensive for a non-dedicated golf shoe
  • Not the most breathable shoe

The Breakdown

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