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Voice Caddie TL1 Review: A Wonderful Golf Rangefinder

I’m not gonna lie, it’s getting more and more difficult to review golf rangefinders these days.

Not because of new or more complicated features, but rather because there are simply so many good products out there now.

So differentiating between them, and deciding which ones are better than others is getting to be an increasingly challenging proposition. 

But, someone has to do it!

Today we have the Voice Caddie TL1, which is their flagship standard rangefinder.

I recently reviewed their top-of-the-line SL3 rangefinder, which is unique in that it has GPS data built into it.

It’s crazy cool for the tech nerds out there, but most golfers are simply looking for a reliable rangefinder that can quickly and accurately give them the distances they need.

And that’s exactly what Voice Caddie set out to do with their TL1.

But were they successful? Have they created a product that’s actually worth spending money on, in an increasingly crowded field of great golf rangefinders?

Let’s find out.

First Impressions of the Voice Caddie TL1 Rangefinder

I’ve been consistently impressed with the products that Voice Caddie/Swing Caddie have been putting out lately.

The SL3 is a unique product that performs well. Both the T9 watch and SC4 launch monitor are fantastic.

So I had no doubt that the TL1 would be another impressive product.

In the box, you’ll find a white leather carrying case, a carabiner, the TL1 itself, a microfiber wipe, and a small instruction book. Nothing surprising here.

Voice Caddie TL1 Rangefinder

Voice Caddie TL1: What’s in the Box.

The case itself isn’t quite as nice as the one that comes with the SL3, and the bold white color with red lettering is going to be polarizing for a lot of people. I kind of wish it was a bit more subtle, but considering I usually use a Vessel Bag with a built-in rangefinder pocket – it doesn’t matter much.

Voice Caddie TL1 Case

The TL1 Case.

The build quality of the rangefinder is great. It doesn’t necessarily feel quite as robust as more expensive models like the Bushnell Pro X3 or Cobalt Q-6 Slope – but it’s certainly very good. The included silicone case is also a nice touch as it makes it even easier to grip and provides a little bit of added durability and water resistance. While the color yellow may not have been my first choice, it’s at least very visible which can help make sure you don’t lose it.

There’s a discreet slope switch on the side which is a great touch, and I really like how it’s implemented.

Overall, this is a very high-quality rangefinder and one that seems worthy of its $450 price tag. 

Worth noting, should you decide this is the device for you, you can use the code “B80-VC50” to save $50 when you buy the TL1 through Play Better. This really makes this an incredible value when you consider everything this unit provides.

Voice Caddie TL1 Laser Rangefinder - USE CODE "B80-VC50" to save $50
$399 (With Code)

The Voice Caddie TL1 is an excellent premium rangefinder that has pretty much all the features you'd expect on a high-end device. Highly recommended.

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Voice Caddie TL1 Performance

One of the first things you notice when you use the Voice Caddie TL1 for the first time is the beautiful OLED screen within the viewfinder. 

This is one of the few units I’ve tested that has a dual color red and green screen, and it looks wonderful.

The contrast of the green and red lends itself to excellent visibility, and the layout of the information on it is very good as well.

The data is displayed in a very clear, easy-to-read manner. Even with the slope turned on, it gives you all the pertinent distance information without feeling busy or overwhelmed – something that happens a lot with more budget devices.

I’ve found the TL1 to not only be extremely fast, but it’s extremely accurate as well. Not just in terms of distance readings, which have always been spot on, but in terms of lasering the correct target.

Their Pin-Tracer technology does a great job of locking onto the flag, and not picking up trees or other objects behind it – unless that’s what you’re shooting for.

The vibration technology is well-implemented and most of the time only vibrates when a true flag lock has been detected. There have been occasional times where it vibrated at other objects, but not in a way that was distracting or questioning the accuracy of the device.

When a flag is detected the viewfinder lights up green, which as mentioned is a nice touch. I did receive a comment recently from someone who is colorblind and has had issues with red and green displays. So if this is something that affects you, then you might look at a device that just has a crisp black display instead.

Comparing the TL1 to Other Similar Models

The Voice Caddie TL1 has pretty much all of the high-end features you would expect on a rangefinder over $400 – except one.

The only major feature that the TL1 is missing when compared to premium models from Cobalt and Bushnell is 7x magnification. The TL1 is only 6x, and a very good-looking 6x at that, but I personally prefer the expansive feeling you get from 7x lenses.

This puts the TL1 right in line with the Bushnell Tour V6 Shift, as both are premium devices around the $400 mark, that have 6x magnification.

When compared to the Cobalt Q-6, which has been my preferred model this past year, it stacks up very favorably.

Voice Caddie TL1 Magnet

The magnet on the TL1

While the optics aren’t quite as clear, the dual-color OLED display still makes it pop and is a joy to look at. The TL1 also has a built-in magnet which the Q-6 does not, and the ability to see both slope and actual data at the same time – which the Cobalt can also not do.

The TL1 outperforms pretty much every other mid-range device I’ve tested in the $300 range. It’s faster and has a better display than the Cobalt Q-4, has more features than the standard Bushnell Tour V6, and has better build quality and pin-seeking technology than the Precision Pro NX10.

I think for most people the biggest decision will be whether or not to go for this over the Bushnell Tour V6 shift. The display is better on the TL1 and the silicone case is a nice touch, but it’s tough to argue against the reliability and name brand of Bushnell.

Final Thoughts on the Voice Caddie TL1

Overall the Voice Caddie TL1 performed extremely well and lived up to my expectations after having positive experiences with other Voice Caddie products.

Personally, for as cool as the GPS features of the SL3 are, I’d save the $200 and go with this model. It’s a premium laser rangefinder that works exactly how you’d expect and hope it would. It gives you very fast and accurate data exactly when you need it – and that’s the single most important thing a golf rangefinder can do.

I have a few concerns over the responsiveness of customer service with Voice Caddie when compared to other known brands like Bushnell, Cobalt, or Precision Pro – but if you buy through Play Better, that negates the concern as their customer service is excellent.

The TL1 is one of the best rangefinders I’ve tested, and if its feature set speaks to you over other models on the market, then I’d have absolutely zero concerns about picking one of these up. I think you’ll be extremely pleased with its performance.

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Voice Caddie TL1 Laser Rangefinder - USE CODE "B80-VC50" to save $50
$399 (With Code)

The Voice Caddie TL1 is an excellent premium rangefinder that has pretty much all the features you'd expect on a high-end device. Highly recommended.

Buy from Play Better
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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Good Things

  • Great feature set
  • Very fast and accurate
  • Good price for features/performance

Bad Things

  • Case styling won't be for everyone
  • Only 6x magnification

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