Bn3th Review: Is this the Best Underwear for Golfers?

So this review is about 3 years in the making and is specifically for the dudes out there.

Let’s rewind a few years and go back to the first time I was introduced to Bn3th performance underwear. My buddy Rob has a connection with them, and he’s like “you’ve gotta try them out, hands down best underwear ever.”

I got a few pairs and proceeded to wear them both day to day, and while golfing/working out. And I’ve gotta say, they were great! Super comfortable, great fit, and performed well.

However, there was one complaint, and for golfers this was a dealbreaker.

There was no fly.

So imagine you’re out on your Saturday round with your boys, you’ve had a few beers, and nature calls.

To have to undo your belt, untuck your shirt, do your business, and then re-situate yourself, is well, inconvenient.

Every time I’d wear them golfing, I’d be like “these are great!” and then as soon as I have to pee it’s like “oh yeah, I forgot about that.”

I told Rob, I love them, but this was going to be a dealbreaker if I wanted to recommend them to golfers.

He got it, and said that they were working on a new model that would be out in like a year.

Cool. Although as months went by I doubted this was actually going to be a thing.

Bn3th Review: Do they live up to expectations?

Fast forward to a couple of months ago, I get a text from Rob saying “I’ve got a surprise for you. It’s in the mail, it’ll be there soon.”

Three days later all of my under garment prayers were answered: brand new BN3TH underwear with a fly!

Bn3th Underwear

He sent me three pairs, two “Classic” and one “Pro”.

The Classic is literally exactly what I’ve been wanting in underwear. It’s a performance material made with Tencel, and is super comfortable. It feels good regardless of whether it’s hot or cold, it has plenty of support, and it has a fly.

The Pro model still doesn’t have a fly, but the way it’s constructed provides extra support for high impact activities and is a thicker performance fabric that works great when going for long runs, or doing other endurance activities when you need things to perform.

At around $30 a pair for the new models with a fly, they definitely aren’t cheap. But if you’re looking for a handful of go to pairs to have while you’re on the course or being active, these are well worth the investment.

I know it might seem weird to do an underwear review here, but I’ve legitimately been super impressed with BN3th and can now highly recommend for golfers looking for premium underwear to hit the course with.

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Grab Em!

Good Things

  • Now has a fly!
  • Fit is fantastic
  • Performance material works flawlessly

Bad Things

  • Expensive
  • Prints and style won't be to everyone's taste

The Breakdown

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