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SIC Cups Water Bottle Review: It Lives Up to the Name

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As you can imagine, I get offered a lot of stuff to review.

Most of it, I pass on or let them know very clearly, if they send something, I can’t guarantee I’ll write anything about it.

Months ago, Erik the founder of SIC Cups, or “Seriously Ice Cold” water bottles offered to send me some of their golf ball patterned water bottles.

I told him he was welcome to send them over, but that I wouldn’t be able to make any promises on a review.

A week later a box showed up with 4 different styles of insulated bottles and tumblers.

When I opened them up I immediately said “oh, these look much cooler and more well made than I expected them to be.”

The indented golf ball pattern was more subtle than I expected and really well executed. The top and straw appeared to be really high quality, and it had a nice weight to it, so I had a feeling it would be well insulated.

The Four Sic Cups I received.

But then….they sat in my office for months.

You see, I have no shortage of water bottles, hydro flasks, tumblers, coffee mugs, you name it.

Literally,  we have over 20 of them – so I wasn’t in a rush to try something new.

That said, despite having all of these water bottles and coffee mugs, I didn’t love any of them.

My two favorites were a plastic Nike water bottle that I liked because it had a great integrated straw that worked well for working out. And a giant Yeti 36oz bottle, that I loved because I could carry a lot, and it kept water colder than any other bottle I’ve tried – but I wish it had a straw.

SIC Cups Water Bottle Performance

At some point about a month ago, I decided it was finally time to give the SIC water bottle a shot.

I put some ice in it, put the top on, and had a few sips.

“Oh, this is NICE.”

SIC Water Bottle

The 27oz water bottle is quite possibly the best water bottle I’ve ever owned.

I’m very particular about how I drink out of water bottles, and within one refill I could already tell that hands down this was my new favorite bottle.

The straw is high quality, folds away nicely, and is really enjoyable and comfortable to drink out of.

The carabiner built into the top is also a great design element. You can easily clip it onto a golf bag or other backpack when you’re out and about.

This bottle in particular is also a really good size. I have some hydro flasks that are narrow enough to fit in cup holders, but are too tall and tip over.

Then there is the aforementioned Yeti, which is too wide to fit in any standard car drink holder.

At 27 oz this SIC bottle has the right balance of height, width and capacity.

27oz SIC Cup

27oz SIC Cup

How Well Insulated are SIC Bottles?

One of the most important questions specifically for a golfer choosing a water bottle, is how well does it keep things cold (or warm?)

To find out I filled up the larger tumbler,  the water bottle, and my yeti with ice water and left them out for a day, periodically testing them out.

The clear topped tumbler, unsurprisingly warmed up the fastest. But even after 4 hours in my hot kitchen it was still quite cold.

The clear top on the tumbler.

The water bottle and Yeti both lasted 8 hours while staying extremely cold. So I was happy to see “Seriously Ice Cold” lived up to it’s name.

SIC Cups Final Thoughts

Personally of the 4 bottles I received the water bottle is my favorite. It comes in a ton of styles and for 20 bucks, this might be the last water bottle you ever need.

I’ve used it every day for the last month, and I’m using it as I sit here and type this review.

On the other hand, the tumbler is my wife’s favorite, and she uses that one every day.

All of the bottles were very high quality, and I feel like the price is very good for the quality and insulation they provide.

My only real regret now is that I let them sit in my office so long without trying them! 

Use the code “Breakingeighty” for 15% off any order on the SIC website.

Grab Em!

Good Things

  • Really well insulated
  • Good size and ergonomics across all cups
  • Reasonable price for what you get

Bad Things

  • Would have liked to see tumbler stay cold a little bit longer

The Breakdown

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