Nike Roshe G Review

Nike Roshe G Review: Best Golf Shoe for Under $100 in 2023?

Over the few years, golf shoes have been getting less and less traditional. Sure you can still find plenty of the typical spiked shoes, but we’re seeing all kinds of new and more casual designs from companies like G-Fore, Ecco, and Nike Golf.

A few years ago if you were playing a round at Augusta, no one would dream of wearing crazy patterned shirts, flattops, running shoes, or high tops.  Heck, Judge Smails would never allow attire like that to go near Bushwood…you know, unless you work in the CaddyShack…

But the good ol’ days are gone and fashion-forward golf looks are here to stay.

And one of the best examples of this for 2023?

The Nike Roshe G, which is quite possibly the best all-around golf shoe you can get for under $100.

Do the Nike Roshe Gs Look Good?

The Nike Roshe running shoe might be my favorite pair of running shoes I’ve ever owned.

They were red with white soles and pretty cheap compared to other Nike running shoes and damn, were they comfy.

In recent years Nike Golf has been taking some of their most popular sportswear and running shoes and creating golf versions of them.

This started with the incredibly popular Air Max, and this year they’ve followed it up with the Roshes and the Flyknit Racers.

Nike is following a formula of taking the same general shoes consumers love, slightly altering them, adding spikes to the bottom and calling it good.

And you know what? The formula is working.

The Nike Roshe G’s look great, and come in a variety of colorways that give you some flexibility to find a pair that fit your personal style.

How Does the Nike Roshe G Feel?

The soles of the shoe are pretty cool too.

It’s not your classic golf shoe with a couple of big groups of spikes, this shoe has hundreds of small mini spikes and round bumps on the bottom that grip to the ground.

It doesn’t feel like a traditional golf shoe. 

As advertised, walking in these is more like walking in a running shoe than in a golf shoe because these small spikes are wayyyyyy less noticeable than on other golf shoes.

Nike Roshe G: On Course Performance

But look and feel don’t mean much if the performance isn’t there

And while the comfort off the course was great, I thought the performance on the course would suffer because of it.

My biggest concern was traction. There’s no way a shoe this comfortable, with soft spikes I hardly notice, could actually provide the traction that golf requires.

I was wrong.

In all of my rounds wearing them I’ve never slipped, and frankly, I totally forgot that I was even worried about the grip in the first place.

In walking a dozen rounds in my Roshe’s I have yet to ever have any issues with blisters or discomfort. Honestly? I love them.

Another concern I had about the original Roshe running shoe and its correlation to the golf shoe was the outer material.

The fabric from my Roshe running shoes isn’t very stable and from time to time my feet would slide around in the shoe….well that is surprisingly not a huge issue here.

The fabric upper on the golf shoes was much, much, much more stable than the running shoe.  Though the shoe was less supportive than traditional golf shoes, it’s not enough to really bother me.

Final Impressions: Should you buy the Nike Roshe G?

The Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes are just the latest shoe in the new trend of taking casual shoes and converting them to golf shoes.

We’ve also checked out the Nike Flyknit Racer G, which is another shoe in this recent trend, that’s an even bigger departure from your typical golf shoe.

Both of these shoes we’ve liked and as a younger college student, I’m personally a fan of the trend of bringing street shoes to the golf course.

Like the Flyknits, the Roshes may not be the greatest golf shoe for every round.

You certainly lose a bit of the formal nature of golf with them. So if you’re playing at a really stodgy or uppity place, you may want to leave them in the car.

But there’s no denying that the trend of more casual golf shoes isn’t going anywhere.

Personally, I like these shoes more than some of the other casual golf shoes on the market like Ecco, Adidas, Puma, etc.

Another bonus about this shoe is relative to these other golf shoes on the market these Roshe’s are on the lower end of the price range.

At just $80 bucks you’re getting them for $95 less than the Flyknits.  You can get two pairs of Roshe golf shoes and still have money left over vs Adidas, Under Amour, Puma, or other golf shoes on the market which is a huge plus to this shoe!

So if you’re looking for a casual, comfortable, and affordable golf shoe, I have zero hesitation in giving a full recommendation for the Nike Roshe G golf shoes.

Bottom line, the Nike Roshe G have been a staple of the Nike Golf lineup for years now, and there’s a very clear reason for it: everyone loves them.

Best Golf Shoe Under $100
Nike Roshe G Mens Golf Shoe

The Nike Roshe G is a good looking, super comfortable golf shoe with better traction than you'd expect. For under $100, this is one shoe every golfer should consider.

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Good Things

  • Look great
  • Very comfortable
  • Affordably priced compared to other Nike models

Bad Things

  • Can be a little informal
  • Foot can slide around

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