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Red Rooster Golf Gloves: A High Quality Golf Glove Subscription

Over the last five years, we’ve seen a lot of small upstart golf companies start taking on the industry stalwarts.

In just about every segment of the market, we’ve seen people come along and try and make high-quality products, at reasonable prices, that are honestly just more interesting than what you get from the big boys.

Red Rooster is one of the latest examples of this.

Historically, there hasn’t been anything that interesting about golf gloves. 

Rarely did anything jump out at you as innovative, or truly different when you compare a glove from Titelist, to Taylormade, Nike, or any number of other brands.

Over the last few years we’ve started to see that change, however.

G-Fore went bold and released gloves in bright colors.

North Coast added subtle flair to their golf gloves.

And the latest entry into the market is Red Rooster Golf. 

A collection of Red Rooster golf gloves.

A collection of Red Rooster golf gloves.

Found Kerry Moher, launched Red Rooster in 2021 with a Kickstarter that raised over $75,000!

That’s a lot of golf gloves.

But what sets Red Rooster apart from everyone else? 

Let’s find out.

First Impressions of Red Rooster Golf Gloves

The goal of Red Rooster from the outset has been “Tour quality leather gloves, at fair prices.”

Glove prices are all over the map. But the retail price on a Titleist Players Glove is 30 bucks. So that’s kind of my baseline.

I received a package of 4 Red Rooster gloves, along with their signature Glove Case.

Red Rooster Gloves with Case

Red Rooster Gloves with Case

The idea for the case is you have a place to store your gloves and keep them flat, while also having a safe place to put your phone and wallet during the round.

Considering my gloves are usually crumpled up in a dark corner of my bag, I should probably put this thing to use.

The case is a high-quality canvas, with velcro on the outside of it so that you can easily put a glove on it when you’re in between shots or on the putting green.

Red Rooster Gloves and Case

The inside of the case.

Is this better than putting it in your pocket? That’s up to you to decide.

My pack of 4 gloves were all very soft and well made. 

If there was ever a doubt that you really can get top-of-the-line golf gloves for reasonable prices, companies like Red Rooster certainly put an end to that.

Red Rooster gloves are generally more on the bold side aesthetically. Most of the gloves are built around a bright red motif, that isn’t necessarily my first choice within my personal style, but there are numerous options that are varying degrees of boldness.

The Feather is my favorite glove, specifically for it’s super soft feel, while also being more minimal with the black and red accents.

My size large gloves all fit great, and have performed well across numerous rounds. They’re pretty durable, and I’ve had one get a bit wet during a round, but it was still totally usable a few days later.

As to be expected, the microfiber or spandex/leather gloves will last you a bit longer than the all-leather gloves.

This is one advantage to the glove case.  It certainly helps them to dry out better after a rainy round when compared to just shoving them in your bag.

A Unique Subscription Model

I mentioned about $30 is the baseline for a high-end leather Tour glove.

The retail price of an all-leather Cabretta Red Rooster glove is $25, and other models that throw some spandex into the mix are a few bucks less.

This is already a great price for a glove of this caliber, but they have a unique subscription model that knocks the price down even more.

If you play a decent amount of golf and like to use true Cabretta leather gloves, you’ll go through them no matter how high quality they are.

Red Rooster Glove

Red Rooster knows this, and added a monthly subscription option.

Your first order ends up being just over $32 and includes a glove case, and 1 leather glove of your choice (you can easily add more as well). The price comes down a bit if you choose one of the leather/spandex options (like the Cape model) or the microfiber option (like the Range Rooster).

My go-to is the Feather.

It’s the classic all-white, Cabretta leather Tour glove.

You can choose if you want a new glove every 1, 2, or 3 months.

And the price for each one comes down to $22.50.

So $22.50 for a high-quality glove, and to not have to inevitably pay a markup buying one at a club after you realize all of yours are lost or ruined?

It’s a compelling idea, and one that seems to be working out very well for Red Rooster so far.

Better yet? For each glove you buy, they donate one glove to a youth golfer.

Pretty good deal.

Final Thoughts on Red Rooster Golf Gloves

Red Rooster Gloves

Honestly? The gloves are great. They perform as well as any similar model from a bigger brand, and do it at a fraction of the price.

If you’re a forgetful person and always like having fresh gloves on hand? The subscription model is a great asset and one more way to make your life easier.

Even though not all of the color combos are to my personal style, there’s enough variety here that there should be something for everyone, regardless of what you look for in a golf glove.

If you’re looking for a Tour quality golf glove, at a very friendly price? Red Rooster is a fantastic option.

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