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North Coast Golf Review: My New Favorite Golf Gloves

There are a lot of products in golf that the average person might look at as a commodity.

For instance, generally speaking a golf tee is a golf tee. No matter how good it looks, or how fancy you make it, it really isn’t going to affect your game all that much.

While golf gloves aren’t quite to the level fo a golf tee, I always kind of threw them in the same boat.

You might have some Nike gloves that feel a little more tech oriented, or the very traditional Titleist leather glove – but overall, as long as it fits – it isn’t going to change your game too much.

However, the more golf I’ve played the more I’ve realized that isn’t true.

A pair of solid rain gloves will provide a far different experience in wet weather than a leather glove which can become unusable after one round.

Some gloves are more durable.

Others give you more confidence that the club won’t come flying out of your hands due to better traction.

A golf glove is a more personal thing than I’ve realized, and while many people will just buy whatever is cheapest and convenient, others will find one they love and swear by it.

Enter North Coast Golf Gloves: My Favorite Gloves

Based on this, you might expect my preferred gloves to be from one of the big, reputable brands that has been around forever.

And while many of them make great products, my personal favorite glove is probably from a company that you’ve never heard of: North Coast Golf Co.

North Coast was started a little over two years ago in Northern Michigan. 

On their website I immediately recognized the photo of one of my favorite courses, Arcadia Bluffs, and had an idea of where the name came from.

A group of friends were up north playing golf, and realized that none of them were in love with their gloves.

The fit, the style, even the performance – nothing was great about them.

So they set out to create their own, and North Coast was the result.

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I’ve been using North Coast gloves almost exclusively for the last year.

For me, it ticks all of the boxes that I look for.

First off, they look great. They’re simple, elegant, and not trying to do too much with tech materials, or color blocking that can ruin the look of a glove.

The design is mostly white, with a logo on the velcro. Some of the newer models have subtle accents of color around the base of the glove, which I think are just the right amount of flair for an otherwise traditional glove.

North Coast Golf Glove

The limited edition “Carolina Blues” from North Coast, show off some of the more subtle bits of flair on a few of their designs.

But this doesn’t mean much if the gloves don’t fit well, and perform.

I’m a solid large, and I’ve alway found them to fit perfectly. I’ve learned over the years that I vastly prefer the feel and performance of a soft, premium leather glove, than some of the other more tech oriented fabrics.

And North Coast nails this. Not only that, I’ve found the gloves to be more durable than say, a Titleist Tour leather glove.

I’ve easily been able to get a couple dozen rounds on a glove, if not more, despite playing in occasional heat and having sweaty hands.

I’ve even had some come out looking great on the other side of some light rain, which is always a surprise to me.

Final Thoughts on North Coast Gloves

Let’s be real. Is your golf glove going to completely change you game? Nope.

But can it inspire confidence in your grip and your swing? Absolutely.

Can it be a fashion statement and a compliment to your style, rather than an after thought? 100%

And for me? I’ve found North Coast to be the perfect blend of style and performance at a reasonable price, to become the glove that I use for 95% of my rounds (I’ll put these away when I’m in a torrential rain storm).

So if you’ve never heard of them? Now you have. Go check them out on their site, here.

North Coast is one of my recommended golf gifts. Be sure to check out the others if you haven’t seen them!

Buy North Coast Gloves on Amazon.

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Good Things

  • Extremely comfortable and high quality materials
  • Great design
  • Better longevity than other leather gloves

Bad Things

  • Price is on the high end of golf gloves

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